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The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation...

The  Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will be hosting a national Common Assignment Study (CAS) demonstration day in Thompson School District! Due to our incredible and growing implementation of CAS, Gates wants to showcase how CAS can be implemented systematically and with great success for students and teachers. 166 more words


Battalion 1944 announce the comeback of WWII shooters?

Good old days, when WWII shooters were a thing and none even care about modern or futuristic shooters, but then, with introduction of COD 4: Modern Warfare, everything changed. 277 more words


Giving Your Child the Gift of a Second Language

The Thompson School District offers Dual Language Immersion Programs in Spanish in two schools in Loveland: Truscott Elementary School and Cottonwood Plains Elementary School. A 50/50 program is a team approach where instruction is delivered 50% of the time in English and 50% of the time in Spanish by two qualified teachers. 177 more words


Top Horse Photobombers

Horses are extremely clever animals and recently they’ve demonstrate that in a new way, sneakily photobombing stranger’s photos.

One horse, Betty won a £2,000 competition and the other made international headlines, appearing to giggle behind a little girl. 184 more words


The Prompt Payment Rollercoaster

This past year we wrote about a case involving California’s prompt payment laws and the current state of confusion with the prompt payment statutes which are… 1,164 more words


Brunch at Colette

When it’s your friend Michelle’s birthday and you love her enough that all you wanna do is stuff her with brunch and cappuccinos, but you also care about the lighting for all your possible instas, there is only one place to go where you can appease your stomach and your disgustingly shallow vanity. 284 more words