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I just have one thing to say…..


A thong bikini? No problem! But this?!?!?

You can’t pull this off without looking trashy. Is this what we call clothing now? 6 more words


Nice fanny..................now cover it up.

I am not a prude.  Yes, I am conservative.  Yes, I try to act lady-like in public.  Yes, I believe a man should open a door for a woman.  484 more words


Woman Arrested For Wearing Teenie Weenie Thong Bikini

Via Newsone:

How skimpy is too skimpy when it comes to swimwear?   Read more

Via Newsone:


Sexy Bikinis for Our All Girl Cruise Adventure

I will finally be graduating from college this year. It has been a long and challenging four years that I am very happy will be over in a couple of months. 474 more words


America's Real Security Problem: Sluts in Airports!

This is just too much to believe:

(screen shots in case President Obama tells youtube to nuke the video)

Can you believe this? We need morality patrols at the airports, NOW!

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