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Time to Take Off the G-string!

There have been a few articles, blogs and commentary about the recent decline in G-string sales around the globe. Apparently sales have dropped significantly enough to warrant many to speak up and show their concern for what could be the end of the tiny triangle so many of us have tangled up in our underwear draw. 540 more words


The Fashion Alphabet


For this post I’ll be discussing something that all (well hopefully all) women wear. They come in different styles and suit different needs and different women for a variety of reasons. 704 more words


Ellen DeGeneres and the flip-flop issue

I was reading Ellen DeGeneres’s “Seriously… I’m Kidding” the other day. Yes, I know, it took me a while to get round to it. I can’t believe it came out in 2011! 582 more words

21st Century Life

The Thong Shack

Round Australia Road Trip #14

There’s a shrine on an isolated beach not far from the little coastal town of Denham. It doesn’t honour a deity and worshippers do not come on pilgrimage here. 84 more words


Leave your Thongs Here

Take Your Pick

Seems to be a thing to leave your thongs on the last step to the sand.


The Flip-Flop-Clop

Over the summer we had several people who emailed us about a problem they were having with their sandals. The sandals were drifting slightly to the outside of the foot and in the case of the Pah Tempe models, the foot was coming off the front. 742 more words


Wearing Thongs And Going Commando NOT Such A Good Idea, According to Experts!

According to Huffington Post, we have been wearing underwear wrong your whole life.

Here are six underwear mistakes you might be making, and the health problems they cause. 154 more words