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The Flip-Flop-Clop

Over the summer we had several people who emailed us about a problem they were having with their sandals. The sandals were drifting slightly to the outside of the foot and in the case of the Pah Tempe models, the foot was coming off the front. 742 more words


Wearing Thongs And Going Commando NOT Such A Good Idea, According to Experts!

According to Huffington Post, we have been wearing underwear wrong your whole life.

Here are six underwear mistakes you might be making, and the health problems they cause. 154 more words


Clothes in Australia and the lingo visitors need to know

I have a friend that is visiting Australia soon and she has lots of questions. This one I though I’d answer in my blog.

Her question is: “How do we dress so we won’t stand out as Americans? 558 more words


The Kingdom of Ipanema

Ipanema is easily the most charismatic beach one could visit. It exceeds your expectations of hot bodies when you arrive. Not only do you finally get to see the apple bottoms that are unique to Brazil, in almost non-existent thongs, you get a bonus of a beautiful backdrop of the mountains and charming skyscrapers of Rio de Janeiro. 294 more words


Pants .... of the backwards variety ..... and curricular change.

It’s been a while. The good intentions of writing a blog regularly to release stress and lay bare my innermost thoughts (and have a bitch basically) have faded along with the lie ins and stress free times of the summer holidays. 525 more words


Man Clues--The Non-Verbal Cues of Undies!

They say clothes make the man. To a degree they are right. Based on what a man wears he can be labeled a professional, Classic Man… 622 more words

Hey Mikey

Thongs or Granny Panties...Whose Business Is It Anyway?

Whatever bras and underwear one chooses to wear is obviously a very personal decision. Or rather, it should be. Even in the few years I’ve been working at Derriere de Soie I’ve noticed a shift from women coming in to buy something to wear for someone else to them coming in for something that makes them feel and look good for themselves.   278 more words