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A Creepy Craiglister Is Trying To Sell Emily Ratajkowski's Used Thong For $50

A Craigslist ad posted from a budding underpants entrepreneur in West Hollywood on Wednesday night is offering actress and model Emily Ratajkowski’s used panties for just $50. 204 more words

Web Culture

Fads that are just WEIRD

Fashion wise, Me and my great grandmother could have easily been mistaken as being brought up in the same decade. Some days while shopping, I spend hours figuring out if I’m holding a top or a dress or a skirt. 291 more words


FASHION CONFESSION: I Cannot Wear Thongs--the Feet Variety

Sometimes I need a break from serious and lately I have noticed there are a number of bloggers out there who share “what they wore this weekend” or “what I wore to workout.”  Then they post pictures of their tiny twenty-something selves wearing said outfits.   482 more words

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6 Occasions When You Need To Put The Flip-Flops Away

The term “Florida Formal” seems more like an excuse to be comfortable and wear flip-flops to weddings and formal occasions. While we are The Sunshine State, there are six occasions where it’s not a good idea to wear your Reefs… 288 more words


Workout Underwear Review!

After struggling for years to find the Perfect Workout Panty (TM), I’ve grown quite the collection of fitness underwear in my dresser drawer, and I can’t help but feel like a bit of an expert on the subject. 267 more words


Pearl panties that I like

At first chance I got my brand-new pair, I actually have worn them throughout the house together with my blouse on and my husband could not even notice them, however, when I shown him he without a doubt had to have a riff while using the pearls for a bit of greater joy.But bear in mind, the pearls could possibly be pretty obvious thru those pants! 116 more words