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Patriotic Panties!


Check out my yummy patriotic panties! Ok, so technically the colors on this thong blue/purple and red/pink, but it’s the closest thing I have to have a patriotic panties to get in the spirit for Independence Day so I hope you enjoy them! 121 more words


The No-Show Thong That Delights Women, Disappoints Rapper Sisqo

These delicate lace thongs are the antidote to panty lines and the peek-through problem. Whether you’re dressed in jeans, a tight fitting dress, or a clingy skirt, they’re specifically designed to remain invisible to the world. 37 more words


Me Want One Wednesday: I'm A Good Woman Wear

Are you a good woman? Do you know a good woman? Did you know that I’m A Good Woman has merchandise for sale. Well, you do now. 54 more words

Jae Henderson

Black thong



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1-day wear $252-day wear $353-day wear $70

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1 playtime $102 playtimes $20

Workout $10

Extra Photos $5

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A "family affair"

Sorry I haven’t posted much this summer, but about with my step-mom, her plans came out well and it was pretty freaky. So she brought some family into it, such as my older sister Kayla. 392 more words


The Top 4 Ways To Prevent Flip-Flop Accidents

It’s summertime in Texas, which means we’ve all busted out the flip-flops. Oh, who are we kidding, we’ve had them out since April!

I love flip-flops! 175 more words


An Ode to wearing thongs everyday, all day.- By Gina

Thongs have got a bad rep as of late – what with sales being down, and granny pants being hailed as the new saviour of butts, but I’ll defend them to the death. 686 more words