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Kon-Tiki 1947

Kon-Tiki 1947

I got this pin in May, 2015 at the Kon-Tiki Museum in Oslo, Norway.

On August 7, 1947, Kon-Tiki, a balsa wood raft captained by Norwegian anthropologist Thor Heyerdahl, completes a 4,300-mile, 101-day journey from Peru to Raroia in the Tuamotu Archipelago, near Tahiti. 413 more words


Quote of the day

Progress is man’s ability to complicate simplicity.  – Thor Heyerdahl who was born on this day in 1914.

He also said:

One learns more from listening than speaking. 27 more words

October 6 in history

105 BC Battle of Arausio: The Cimbri defeated the Roman army of Gnaeus Mallius Maximus.

69 BC Battle of Tigranocerta: Forces of the Roman Republic defeated the army of the Kingdom of Armenia led by King Tigranes the Great. 572 more words



Preparing my trip to Easter Island, memories of Kon-Tiki leaped into my mind, one of the first travel/adventure books I read. Thor Heyerdahl and his crew did not sail to Easter Island in 1947, but further north, yet the underlying question if the islands of Polynesia were settled from Asia or from South America concerns all of the South Pacific. 295 more words



The same thing takes on different meanings at different moments.

Thought For The Day

Rafting Across the Pacific and Other Impossible (But True) Voyages of Thor Heyerdahl

I almost overlooked the Kon-Tiki Museum in Oslo completely because, although it’s a highly-rated attraction, I had never heard of the incredible expeditions of Norwegian researcher Thor Heyerdahl. 759 more words

Adventures In Scandanavia

Inspiration by text

A quote to inspire a personal story can be a key to thinking about what has inspired and influenced us in life. As such, it is useful to writing memoir… 862 more words