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She Got 99 Problems But A Thunder God Ain't One

So as per the sensationalistic cover (below the jump), Journey Into Mystery #113 features Thor revealing his secret identity to long-suffering nurse Jane Foster – for realsies. 1,242 more words

60s Marvel

Music Video of the Day: Anger by Thor (1983, dir. ???)

Since yesterday’s music video turned out to be an epic write for me, I decided to go with something fun for today.

Before Chris Hemsworth and even Eric Allan Kramer, there was Jon Miki Thor. 317 more words

Music Video

How Doctor Strange Solidified the MCU

This article may contain spoilers.

When Marvel announced a Thor movie, I was in shock. Ironman was already a hit. The Hulk is always a classic. 646 more words


Grief-Stricken Egill Skallagrimsson

I’ve come to admire the pre-Christian Germanic peoples, particularly their acceptance of fate and things they cannot change.

But recognizing that one’s destiny is often outside our control, that order and chaos are locked in an eternal cycle of death and renewal, does not necessarily remove emotion from one’s life. 1,017 more words


Batman's New Career

New Superconnectivity Podcast!


Charlie Esser and I discuss various Marvel and DC Comics topics including:

-Possible Thor: Ragnarok leaked art
-Agents of Shield spoilers… 37 more words


Comic Book Review - The Unworthy Thor #2 (Marvel Comics)

Our pal Kit reviews comics for us! This is one of those reviews.

Warning: minor spoilers.

“Now his friendship is clearly yet another thing of which I am no longer worthy.” – Odinson… 537 more words


Thor Ragnarok Poster

The hype train for 2017 Comic book movies is well under way. Now it’s the turn of Thor to get in on the action.

At SDCC 2016 we got a little sneak peek and something that will be featured in… 236 more words