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I think by this point it has already been made more than clear that my mind settles on strange things. I don’t exactly write about texts or events in any logical order or with any discernible structure, so there is no point in looking for any kind of link between one post and the next. 1,121 more words

Part Time Job Metal Factory

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Thor review

ThorĀ is a 2011 Marvel film andĀ Thors first live action outing, directed by Kenneth Brannagh, it chronicles the story of Thor in the MCU and sets him up as a strong, formidable character, we see his childhood and upbringing in Asgard, growing up with his mischievous brother Loki, the two of them growing to have a rivalry in wanting to please their father Odin (Anthony Hopkins). 526 more words


The Direction of the Marvel Cinematic Univese

Over the last eight years, Marvel has slowly built up its brand to rival that of Pixar. Beginning with Iron Man in 2008, Marvel began to set the stage for an unprecedented superhero mash-up unlike anything we had seen before. 620 more words


As a Deity associated with storms, rain, and thunder, He still appreciates being hailed during those weather events. In a manner similar to how Frey helps the sunlight (indiscriminately shown upon everyone) to reach plants (described here), I think Thor can do something similar with the rain. 358 more words