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Mets Need To Finish Strong

Final Score: Mets 12, Marlins 1

The Marlins were emotionally drained after Monday’s game, and it showed last night. For the most part Thor cruised, and the Mets put up 12 runs against the Marlins pitching staff. 572 more words

Links I love V

Links I Love: Part V

First of all, we must discuss the big #Brangelina split. I think we all like to pretend that we’re just involved in our own lives my own life and couldn’t give jack shit about celebrities, but let’s just drop all of that for a few and focus on this. 322 more words


We all have expectations in life.  We expect good in our lives.  We expect happiness.  We expect fun.  We expect success.  We expect respect.  We expect love. 750 more words

The cast of "Thor: Ragnarok" is getting INSANE

Thor is the God of Thunder, but he may also be the God of Attracting an Incredibly Talented Cast, as well. According to an article on Marvel.com, the cast for the next Thor movie, Thor: Ragnarok is going to be absolutely epic.

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‘Thor: Ragarok’: Sam Neill Confirms He Has Joined the Cast!!

We’re always thankful to actors who accidentally say something they aren’t supposed to, giving us a slight hint into what might be coming in these hush-hush… 348 more words


No Closer to Understanding Whales

“A whale can injure another whale with its sonar. A whale can speak to another whale across sixty miles of ocean. A whale is as intelligent as we are, just in a way we can’t quite measure or understand. 1,037 more words
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