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Thor:Ragnarok Fanart

Thor: Ragnarok Fanart 9×12
Pencil with Ink (traditional) and Digital Rendering by Me

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Mjolnir- Thor's Hammer

#Exploring wise lines by #20thCentury #Thor 😝 Give me a shout if are able to #read them…🔨🔨 #Marvel #Collections
#Thor’s #Hammer #35mm2HD #Mjolnir (aka #Grinder)



“The only time I like you sleeping is when you’re by my side.
Arms draped over me and breath steady and low.
Keeping time with my own. 156 more words
Home And Garden

Double standard, anyone?

The other night, my wife and I watched Thor: Ragnarok. I’d seen it in the theater when it was released last fall, but Sue had never seen any of the Thor movies. 1,862 more words

Thor: God of Thunder, Vol. 4: The Last Days of Midgard

With the aftermath of Malekith, once again we go back to the fundamental principles of what made this series great as readers get to see Present Thor, and Future Old Thor trying to protect the Earth. 477 more words


रशियन आर्टिस्ट के इन 11 इलस्ट्रेशन्स में आप देखेंगे कि सुपर हीरो और फेमस करैक्टर्स बूढ़े होंगे तो कैसे दिखेंगें,Thor वाकई cute है

वक्त बहुत तेजी से निकलता है साल महीने दिन कब पूरे हो जाते हैं पता नहीं चलता आइए देखते हैं सुपर हीरो और फेमस कैरेक्टर्स जब रिटायर होंगे या बूढ़े होंगे एक आम इंसान की तरह तब कैसे दिखाई देंगे.

Captain America