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I may bend but I will never break. Through all things, I endure. Though I am scarred and ripe with bruises, I have survived, while the storm that assailed me has died away. 832 more words

Creative Writing

Drury Lane

KITE – The Hexia Hall (Limit8)
Drury Lane buildings & street set
Schultz Bros. 14. Delivery Truck – RARE (Old Brewery gacha)
Vintage Cigarette Machine… 61 more words

Garden Decor

What Fool Flyts with Thor?

As I’ve discussed previously, flyting is a rich Northern European tradition of poetic insults, where antagonists use their ingenuity to come up with rhymed verses where they say disrespectful things to one another, and, in most cases, things escalate with each exchange. 2,003 more words


Leaky Window | No Battery Power

Anyone with an RV will tell you that there are always things that need fixing or maintaining–after all, you’re driving around with your house on wheels, rocking and rolling through potholes and bad weather. 999 more words


COMICS: Marvel Officially Reveals The Third Thor's Identity

Earlier within the year, Marvel gave the incredible revelation that the hammer belonging to the Ultimate version of Thor had made its way into the 616 universe and an image of an unknown character in Thor garb wielding it. 119 more words


The Team is In Hot Water - Literally!

A new page is up and in this section, 8.0 Marine Pursuit, we follow the band of heroes as they contend with the treacherous Captain Gracholm and his forces! 12 more words


Here’s One To Inspire At Least Some of You.
(You know who you are. )
And I must say, it worked for ME.


Okay, maybe one or two less fangirly ones! 26 more words