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Ghost World (2001)

Dir. Terry Zwigoff. Starring Thora Birch, Steve Buscemi, Scarlett Johansson

While I was in college, one of my professors referred to a mutual acquaintance as an “LSEOR” (ell-see-or), which stands for “low self-esteem overreactor.” Enid (Birch) must be able to see the relevance of that acronym to her personality, but the true LSEOR would overreact defensively; no doubt Enid would reject the term with prejudice. 1,518 more words


GHOST WORLD: "Well maybe I don't want to meet someone with my interests. I hate my interests."

Ghost World – 2001 – 112 minutes – ★★★★1/2

Directed by Terry Zwigoff

Starring Thora Birch, Scarlett Johansson, Steve Buscemi, Brad Renfro, Illeana Douglas, Bob Balaban. 1,092 more words

Scarlett Johansson

"American Beauty" à travers les yeux des cinéphiles

Les fidèles du ciné-club NDU ont inauguré le mois de juillet avec la diffusion du film « American Beauty »qui est titulaire de 5 oscars notamment oscar du meilleur film, meilleur réalisateur et acteur. 165 more words


Genre Grandeur - Ghost World (2001) - Moody Moppet

For this month’s first review for Genre Grandeur – Graphic Novel Film Adaptations, here’s a review of Ghost World (2001) by Reut of Moody Moppet… 612 more words

Genre Grandeur

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Time for another one of Movie Rob's Genre Grandeur. May's the month of graphic novels adaptations to movies. Feel free to head over and check out all the cool entries. Here's mine. Welcome to Ghost World.

Film A Week Podcast Episode 30: "Ghost World" (Criterion of the Month)

“I think only stupid people have good relationships.”

Host Patrick Raissi returns to talk with Serg Beret about the graphic novel-based cult film “Ghost World” for their Criterion of the Month in advance of its Criterion release on May 30. 104 more words


#872 Ghost World (2001)

#872 Ghost World

2001 // USA // Terry Zwigoff

Criterion Collection (LINK)

1% Relatable

Terry Zwigoff’s Ghost World, his first feature-film debut after making two fascinating documentaries… 449 more words

Criterion Collection