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#0894: Spartan Thorne



The main character of the Halo series is John-117, aka Master Chief. Well, he’s the main character in the main games in the series, anyway. 434 more words


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He has always conducted himself as an American citizen.

Wilson native Isaiah Prophet Thorne‘s peripatetic lifestyle criss-crossing Europe as an entertainer required that he periodically apply for passport renewals and demonstrate his continued allegiance to the United States. 547 more words



“Are you sure there’s no net access here?” Kai asked for the tenth time. Cinder rolled her eyes and shoved him in the shoulder. “Yes. Your port will be as silent as Thorne’s brain.” 1,326 more words

The Angel and the Badman

Thorne listened to the strains of the now familiar opera floating from the back of the ship as he sat in the cargo bay filling up water balloons. 1,073 more words

Stars, Wolves, and Flowers

Winter tripped across the large, airy room in Artemisia Palace, her hand on her stomach. Although she and her husband, Jacin, had found out a quite a few months ago about the baby she carried, they had just now begun on the nursery. 1,276 more words

Wolf Cubs

“Awwww! Look at this one!” Cress held up a tiny little gown of white, and a round of oohs went around the living room where the girls sat. 1,571 more words