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Why is Magnesium Important?

The body contains several major minerals and some trace minerals. Trace minerals are minerals that are found within the body usually due to diet, but are not vital for a healthy body. 469 more words

Thou Shalt Not Wear Stilettos-Part II

In the previous blog, we discussed and provided some of the most common reasons for why stilettos shoes are the worst type of shoe gear for women. 603 more words

Thou Shalt Not Wear Stilettos-Part I

Since Martha Washington, stilettos and shoes similar to stilettos have been worn by women of all ages. Stilettos are classified as a shoe that has a very narrow heel that is 3 inches or higher, the sole of the shoes will be very thin, and the shoe is very narrow at the toes. 601 more words

High Arches

The area between your heel and the ball of your foot is commonly referred to as the arch of your foot. The height of the arch will vary between patients. 644 more words


Valentine’s Day is not the only day for cutting out perfect hearts, wearing red and showing love, because the entire month of February has been dedicated to the heart. 484 more words

That Pain in the Rear..........Sciatica

Are you experiencing pain that begins in your back and travels down through your buttock muscles, thigh, leg, and into your foot? Is the pain only on one side of your body? 495 more words


Happy New Year! With it being January 2013, this is a perfect time to make your New Year’s resolution to lose weight. Losing weight makes it on the list of the 10 most common New Year’s resolutions; however, it is also listed on the most broken New Year’s resolutions. 514 more words