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Some Plumsville kids and the Richter scale of Roguishness (Part 3 of 3)

We have already discussed the antics of some of the kids we encounter in Plumsville. Barring Edwin the Boy Scout and Ogden Ford, we have failed to meet anyone who can aspire to rise to the same heights of roguishness that Master Thomas achieves. 1,737 more words

P G Wodehouse

Some Plumsville kids and the Richter scale of Roguishness (Part 2 of 3)

Bingo Little Junior and Prudence Baxter earn a negative ranking on the Richter scale of Roguishness. However, there are several others who deceive us with their apparent innocence – Kid Clamentina, Oswald and Peggy Mainwaring, to name the ones we have covered in the last post. 1,810 more words

P G Wodehouse

This Haiku: I'm With Him

It is by Your grace
Health and strength live in this frame
May it honor You

When Masters Thos, Bonzo and Moon rise in love!

Some residents of Plumsville may like to join me in recalling our pre-adolescence days. Our first ever encounter with Cupid’s arrows. The time when innocence slowly started giving way to half-baked romances of a transient nature. 1,512 more words

P G Wodehouse


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