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I can never thank you enough for being you...

On June 3, I read this on Pepper’s blog and I could not stop myself from commenting. When I used to be an “active blogger,” I followed a lot of bloggers — all of whom I still do; only, I’ve stopped commenting on their blogs — because I sometimes read posts in bits and pieces and most times, I cannot comment because of lack of time or connectivity or some such. 1,204 more words

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The pitter-patter of love

These days, I barely get time to myself. I shifted house recently, and there are so many pending chores, which I must get done but don’t find the time for, I’m beginning to get really annoyed at myself!  602 more words

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After 8 long years...

…after several instances of misgivings

…after wishing I’d not let interruptions stop me

…after cursing self for giving it up

…after agonizing over having lost it forever… 121 more words

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When Pumbaa met Khloe...

…we anticipated much circus — jealousy, aggression, mad barking, general crazy behaviour. Only, nothing happened.

…has not changed. He is still scared of other dogs. 986 more words

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Licensed to kill


It’s been over two-and-a-half years since I resolved to learn driving. I wrote here how I joined driving classes and had managed to attend almost every class. 1,098 more words

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Some more Pumbaastic updates :)

It’s been long since I wrote this about him; and boy, has he changed!

  • He is now a year and 5 months, almost; a grown(p)up ;) but he refuses to acknowledge that.
  • 1,045 more words
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What's your dream?

Dreams…who doesn’t have them? What makes the difference, I suppose, is what we do about them. If we believe in them enough to make it more than just a dream — rather, a dream come true! 606 more words

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