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#CPR x 2 [or how #goodbiz needs to join the battle for democracy's soul]

CPR is a well-known medical technique for saving people’s lives. It means cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

This morning I tweeted the following challenge:

Do we conclude when…

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S[oft] / N[ever] #ConnectTheDots #RightNow

When we discuss things like compassion, we say how better society would be if there more of them. Kindness, the abilities to listen, coax, understand and empathise … the facility of negotiation, of just being and holding. 407 more words

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Grief is NOT a 21st century thing

I posted the following Facebook late last night, as the pressures of aloneness and changing city weighed rather heavily down on me. The frame I gave my thoughts, and repost, on Twitter this morning is at the bottom of the tweet here, so the screenshot referenced “below” should now read “above”. 72 more words

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The a-legal: where the real crimes of the century - and of the powerful - are being committed #criminaljustice #zemiology #neoliberalism #democracy

The following Guardian story popped up in my inbox just now.  I tweeted it thus:

Surveillance firms spied on campaign groups for big companies, leak shows:

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#BigData: the commercialisation of everything #Snowden condemned? #thoughtexperiment #surveillance #NSA #GCHQ #businessmodel 

Here’s an idea which has been gnawing away at me for a couple of years.

Since my Master’s dissertation on surveillance this year, and my growing familiarity with the concepts of both Big Data and Open Data (I am currently unclear if the latter’s supporters deliberately do not capitalise the term!), as well as commercial work I have recently been doing on the concepts, I have had the opportunity to wonder whether all is right in the commercialisation of data: in particular, Big Data; in particular, the philosophies underlying its harvesting and posterior processing. 378 more words

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Village gossips / Global village gossips #citizens #states #democracy #surveillance #cybercrime 

Imagine the situation: a small village, somewhere in England. The England of one’s home is one’s castle; of innocent until proven guilty; of privacy; of libertarianist disavowals of all things theoretical and curveballed. 420 more words

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What democracy needs [and really ain't got]: separating public spaces of debate from very private ownerships 

Information and its circulation are key to understanding, creating and sustaining healthy democracy.

We have always regulated the different systems and channels used to ensure transparency – as much as this has been practicable, anyway. 536 more words

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