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The Relative Value of Things

I studied philosophy at Oxford University in the late 1970s (and knew less at the end of three years than at the beginning, though there was, I suppose, some consolation in knowing why). 585 more words

If you were the Yankees GM, which of their long-term contracts would you dump this winter if given the opportunity?

With $434.4 million in future obligations, New York has the third most cash committed to their current roster in MLB. While things were looking great for a while this year, with this recent slump and rash of injuries, we are now seeing some of the downside to having so much money invested in talented but brittle and elderly former stars. 1,046 more words


Thought Experiment: Karma & Samsara

Quick thought experiments & notes.

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  • To figure out a way to allow for meaningful karma & samsara without speculating about life after death – focusing on a single lifetime.
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Could a politics which didn't blame even work?

I’ve been thinking about blame over the past few days.  When horrible things happen, or when people want to get things done quickly, we often blame others – and in the process feel quite a bit better. 766 more words

Thought Experiments

The kidnapping of money - and what to do

Those of you who read what I write will realise I’m on a journey; in fact, always have been.

The journey involves the development of ideas – following them to their logical conclusion; or perhaps, better, to their logical continuation.   1,162 more words

Thought Experiments

[Thought-] Experimenting on Women: Possible Problems and General Recommendations

There has been an apparent trend in philosophy to try and adopt the practice of using female-associated names and pronouns for protagonists in examples and thought experiments. 1,924 more words


TRLOR: The Real Life Onion Router, Part One

I have been thinking more and more about privacy, and the great lengths some of us go through trying to gain anonymity on The Internet, and even in the real world. 388 more words