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Duties at the End of the World

You might have realized by now that I am a weird person who thinks about strange things.

From some of my other articles you might also have deduced that I am a… 915 more words


It's only Monday if you think it is

This post is one of my occasional philosophical departures from my usual subject matter. Although it isn’t specifically about rational thinking (which I’ve written about in previous posts), it… 937 more words


Legacy System


This paper proposes the creation of what I call the “Legacy System,” a system whose design begins, in phase one, with a person’s systematic capture of their own personal data. 2,269 more words


Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey

So I’ve had this idea for a time-travel story for a while now. (Alright, it originally started as a Harry Potter fanfiction idea, but it could be adapted easily.) 722 more words

Thought Experiments

Another Dose of Reality Ensuing

More superpowers and how actually having them would mess you up! Hope you’re not tired of them.

First, though, something I forgot to mention in… 695 more words

Thought Experiments

I think way too much about superpowers

But here’s a doozy for you: where did Superman learn empathy?

See, I had an idea for an invulnerable superhero a while back. High-bravado, gets-thrown-the-length-of-a-football-field-without-a-scratch kind of superhero. 344 more words

Thought Experiments

Superpowers that are kind of not

So how cool would it be to have wings?

Winged humanoids are kind of a thing that captures popular imagination a lot. Beyond just the superpower of flight, which has been a staple of popular superheroes since Superman introduced the genre, you have heroes like Hawkgirl, Hawkman, the entire Thanagarian race, multiple Angels, Warhawk, Songbird, Birdman, and probably at least half a dozen X-Men. 978 more words

Thought Experiments