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´╗┐What if the books in the Old and New Testaments had never been formally amassed into The Bible we have today? Could we still be Christians, even without the Bible?

On Being Christian

The Lit List: The Trolley Problem

Name: The Trolley Problem or Would You Throw the Fat Guy Off the Bridge?

Best Features: Intriguing ideas, short read, leaves you thinking, sheds light on different philosophical and ethical thought processes… 222 more words

Thought iksperiments

Sometimes when there is no way of doing the real experiment we do thought iksperiments.

Sometimes we do thought iksperiments because 597 more words


There's Something About Mary

Galen Strawson revisits Frank Jackson’s thought experiment in a final draft made available here. For those not familiar with this thought experiment, Galen sets it up quickly and clearly. 81 more words

Philosophy Of Mind

What if ...? / What then?

What if your only way of learning was to ask the question?

What if your only way of seeing was to ask the question?

What if your only way of doing was to ask the question? 26 more words


What is 'The Drowning Child Problem?'

The ‘Drowning Child’ thought experiment was first posed by philosopher Peter Singer to challenge his students to think about the ethics of what we owe to people in need. 523 more words


cosmodicy of local systems (a thought experiment)

“problem of evil”? no problem. evil doesn’t exist. neither do omnipotent, omniscient, omnibenevolent beings.

to say that “evil doesn’t exist” means that “evil” doesn’t exist as a standalone generic category (or “universal”) or as a mysterious cosmic force. 701 more words