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Communicating with agents in the field using urban environments and artefacts of consumer society

Further to my post yesterday on the subject of haptic and other kinds of supportive and CBT-based environments, I would like to explain today one of the means by which such support may be being provided – in my case (if it be the case), without a) explicit knowledge or b) known informed consent, though – at what I judge to be this late stage – with a fairly broad and accepting collaboration on my part; in other cases, perhaps both being givens, without either given becoming detrimental to the experiment and experience generated. 2,264 more words

Thought Experiments


The focus of The Cabal is on mystery of all shape, size, and personality. The journey is the motivator because there are no answers at the destination. 274 more words


The tale of a mad Android vs a significantly rotten Apple*

My mad phone (I posted quite kindly on it the other day, for even in its madness I feel great fondness for its trials and tribulations, and broken attempts to help out) needs disposing of, fast. 330 more words

Thought Experiments

Why #nudge will always lead to abuses of power

The thought I woke up with this morning:

Why am I against using #nudge to organise societies? Can only work when refuses to take ownership, admit origin.

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Thought Experiments

The four scariest things I ever did

This morning I said I had to do the two scariest things I ever did.

It was untrue.

There were four in total – one plus three – which I clearly needed to do before the second mentioned, though in my haste I failed to realise this at the time; and the both I wrongly described, anyway – they should have been couched in terms of apologies, not declarations of this or that. 398 more words

Thought Experiments

Motogotchi: on both sides of life 

Two stories from yesterday about my Motogotchi:

Sometimes I feel like divorcing far more people than the person a strict definition allows.  Today is one of those days.  

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Thought Experiments

Testing, testing - NOT found wanting!*


Today I have been tested on my ability to deal with tiny- and not-so-tiny detail imprecision.  The pattern was fairly clear as soon as I went to get the bus, found a notice saying the road was closed and the bus wouldn’t be running its normal route, only then to discover the road was open after all. 289 more words

Thought Experiments