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Oversimplifications Are Always Dangerous

With thanks to Warimu Gitau

“Imagine you are a thoughtful 22-year-old college graduate who wants to make a great difference in the world, he said, invoking one of his many thought experiments.

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Fresh Look

Rhino Vs Cow

I intend for this blog to be mostly related to architecture (as that is what I do) however I am starting with something which at first seems far removed from design. 299 more words

Human Values

Chapter: ∞

The cold morning sun lights up the gray sky high above the gray square buildings and a thousand students pour into the unchanging gray campus. A thousand shuffling feet and a thousand sleep-filled voices echo off the colorless walls. 547 more words

Thought Experiments

Trust (as an inalienable right)

Over the past few months, as (in hindsight) I emerged from a cocoon which I had occupied since I left the huge corporation I’d worked for during nigh on seven years, I’ve been able to realise the importance of trust. 604 more words

Thought Experiments

Sousveillance and human rights (or watching the watchers watch the watched)

Sousveillance means this (the bold at the end is mine):

Sousveillance (/sˈvləns/ soo-VAY-ləns) is the recording of an activity by a participant in the activity typically by way of small wearable or portable personal technologies. 540 more words

Thought Experiments

How to BS Your Way To An A

Now this is important.

The secret to a great student is the ability to create something worth a good grade out of practically nothing. Effort and time commitment are the enemies of a stressed out student with too much on his or her plate. 532 more words

Thought Experiments

Environment and writing

I posted yesterday over at my blog blinkingti.me on the idea of researching an “editor’s algorithm” (reblogged here today) – essentially, working out what great editors of newspapers have done and do, and then bottling it for perpetuity; maybe, too, for the benefit of other purposes. 550 more words

Thought Experiments