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Consciousness is an Inevitable State of Matter

Evan Warfel
University of California, Berkeley

Hello, this is your brain, reading about your brain, reading about your brain.

Consider the following question: Why are we conscious? 4,670 more words


Horizontal Immortality

Some people are good at making you think. Not because they say something special. That’s secondary. It’s because they say something that you will find worth thinking about. 761 more words


Is it just illegal, or super illegal?

Instead of saying “cannot” or “why cannot”, think about “how can we make this work”.

Location: Singapore
Date: February 2016

When I first moved back from India, one of my friends said: yeah, (something) has become illegal in Singapore.

478 more words

The Good, the True and the Undefined

When you read a lot about philosophy and history of philosophy there are a few ideas you come across often enough that they start to feel like old friends. 3,962 more words


Elementary, dear C ...*

* It just has to be C.  K told me quite forthrightly to piss off.  And if it was a fake K, it wasn’t K anyway.   425 more words


Torture, free speech, and how the questions we ask might be making us dumber.

Recently I heard a clip from an interview where someone was arguing that hate speech shouldn’t be protected. It was an interesting argument and an opportunity to think about something that I had never really questioned. 668 more words


The Definitive Guide to Writing and Presenting a Top-notch Philosophy Paper

  1. The title

Ignore what they might have told you about having to leave the title till the end. To get a grip on the paper’s spirit, you need to kick it off with a fancy-sounding, jaw-dropping title that would leave the audience mesmerized. 469 more words