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Why I Wouldn't Kill Hitler with My Time Machine

So, it’s a pretty classic thought experiment: If you had a time machine, would you go back and kill Hitler before he had a chance to start WWII? 756 more words


Why bad news is bad news - and how Silicon Valley needs to drill down to local

This is a telling observation:

Why do we pay more attention to negative news than to positive news? http://t.co/Bop8Ja4yGe pic.twitter.com/m1WRHv8FtQ

— LSEUSAblog (@LSEUSAblog) May 27, 2015…

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The inverse-paranoia machine - and its importance for network-trust

This is wonderful:

Me too 💐🌸🌷🌹 pic.twitter.com/ih8cL2guJ5

— TheDragorSeries™ (@JuliaSuzuki_uk) May 4, 2015

Inverse paranoia.  That is, seeing everything that might happen to one as being a positive: an opportunity, in fact – not in the sense of being able to trample over others but rather to enrich both oneself and one’s surroundings.  

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Purgatorial Hell FAQ

Welcome to the Purgatorial Hell FAQ.

This is a tour through the issues and questions related to hell’s duration being finite rather than infinite.

It isn’t absolutely comprehensive, but I hope this is dense enough that you’ll feel that the case is made and that your questions have answers. 8,776 more words

Thought Experiments

A Warm Up

Stand in front of a mirror, feet bare on the hardwood floor, relaxed.

Wrong. Ugly. Graceless.

Breathe in and out: turn out your legs exposing your inner leg line to the unforgiving mirror. 631 more words

Thought Experiments

Heteroglossia leadership - a way forwards in a complex world?

I went, unusually, for a beer at midday yesterday.  I met up with someone far more erudite and accurate than myself.  We spoke for a couple of hours on world history, politics and more.   538 more words