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An Open Ended Question or Not?

Would You Kill the Fat Man by David Edmonds

This book delves as deeply as a book can into trolleyology. Trolleyology, pioneered by Philippa Foot, is a study of a set of dilemmas imposed by variations on what is commonly known as the trolley problem. 1,150 more words

David Edmonds


The one whom I aspire to be like…a grumpy yet successful diplomat. Oh thank you @GrumpCat :)


Determinism Doesn't Mean a Micromanaging God

“Durdle Dwarves” is a simulation where little “Dwarf” pixels dig-through and build rock-like structures. They do this according to a set of 20 rules. A rule tests a Dwarf’s vicinity and provides a response. 946 more words

Thought Experiments

Rehab en Francais?

I have made a bold decision: I am heading to Quebec for the weekend to commence an impromptu intervention aimed at my addictions.

I have had it with my wishy-washy, undisciplined self.   137 more words

Thought Experiments

Marriage is Gay

I stopped myself and realized why I don’t understand why gay marriage is a problem for some people: I don’t understand marriage. It seems that marriage is meant to solidify by human invention what is essentially already visible in nature, that being the pairing of individuals within specific species. 168 more words

Stay Another Day

TE7: Positive Thinking

Is one’s attitude the crux upon which society functions? Obviously society does not revolve around the emotions and actions of a single individual, but it does revolve around the complex network of relations formed within a community. 122 more words

Thought Experiments

Me and the Millenials

We post daily and check the notifications up to twenty or thirty times a day. Checking for likes, checking stats, checking chequing on bank accounts. We spend so much on fast food because it’s ‘cheaper’ than groceries when we can easily live on less. 24 more words

Thought Experiments