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Goodmorning!Pulloutyourhomeworkanyquestionsontheproblemset?Yes?Eleven?Right.SodidyougetpartAordoyouwantmetodothatontheboardforyou?Nonothat’sfine.Oksoitgivesusthevaluesfor…                                                                                                                           The drone continues. Why pay attention? Because you will need to know it for an hour in the future. Is it worth it? Unfortunately it could affect your grade in the class, your transcript, your college acceptances, your university, your job, your whole future. 447 more words

Thought Experiments

Death I suppose.

What if when you died you were instantly transferred to another dimension. Where dance, play and laughter were existences only intention. Can you visualize

What if when you died you were just regurgitated for more and you once again found yourself at life’s door blinking with brand new eyes, wouldn’t it be a surprise… 263 more words



Sometimes I feel numb inside not like I’m mad, sad or any other emotion really. I feel nothing, think nothing, I become nothing. I remember getting frostbite as a kid and momentarily not feeling anything in my hand and then came pain, excruciating pain as my hand came back to life. 33 more words


A Simple Thing

*Note: this is was from a few years ago, and I don’t want to mess with the integrity of my middle school writing*

From the hand or from the mouth, 108 more words

Thought Experiments


If you played your art as nimbly as you played your whoa’s

If when you danced it was graceful never stepping on toes

If the words you spoke sprang to life like a song… 144 more words



It’s in moments like these when I begin to imagine

What it would be like to feel you

To feel the breath of your heartbeat…

90 more words

Background of the World of Unlocking Godhood

I do a lot of world building when I write a story – even if it is as short as 1000 words. Since my most recent composition ( 2,104 more words

Thought Experiments