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Slavery still exists same story different games

Oppressor still oppressin just management changed

People still working beatin down backs

Exhausted trippin over the smallest sidewalk cracks… 385 more words


Defining A Game

So, I’ve been doing some thinking about this, as it is something that has been very prominent in recent years with regards to PC gaming specifically, and I think its still a very subjective topic. 843 more words

Adam Gaffney

The Sun Also Rises (or, the Heterophroneo of Everything)

Today we’re going to talk about one of the biggest “bugs” in theology, which cascades down into conversation & contemplation bugs in soteriology, eschatology, metaphysics, and more. 1,403 more words

Thought Experiments


There are many questions in the world;

Every answer seems to make another.

There are people who solve the mysteries,

But mysteries make our world, 35 more words

Thought Experiments

More Philosophy of Mind at the Movies

My last post on the philosophy of mind dealt with substance dualism and materialism, but there are other approaches to the philosophy of mind prevalent in contemporary philosophy – such as functionalism. 427 more words


Invoking the Universe

Break Time

A while back, my wife and I attended a small family reunion, and observed the behavior of some little humans to which I am related. 1,283 more words

Good Decisionmaking