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!! Thought Experiment !! Location, Location, Location - Picking the Best Place to Live Voluntarily Homeless!

There are many choices to consider and decisions to make as I set off on my Thought Experiment, living a voluntary homeless lifestyle. As with most everything else in life, Location is most important. 1,293 more words


!! Thought Experiment !! What questions first come to mind when going Homeless?

In this post, I’ll be providing a roadmap of the major issues pertaining to this Thought Experiment, and will attempt to provide cursory answers to the specific questions each issue poses. 1,000 more words


!! Thought Experiment !! Voluntary Homelessness - All the Cool Kids Are Doing It !

In the 20’s the Beatniks ran the scene. In the 60’s the Hippies cornered the market on what was groovy.

Is homelessness today really all the rage? 736 more words


After the Dark Review

After the Dark is a philosophy film that causes the viewer to think and challenges presuppositions. The film takes place on the last day of a philosophy class in Jakarta where the instructor, Mr. 962 more words


Weekend Funnies: 1

Happy weekend all. I don’t know about you, but this week has been HELL.

To celebrate, I thought I would share some of my really terrible art. 106 more words

Thought experiments: scientific parallels

I’ll be giving a controversial paper at two conferences: the American Political Science Association (Sept 1-4, in Philadelphia), and the European Consortium on Political Research (Sept 7-10, in… 329 more words


Rene Descartes, Cartesian Dualism and “I Think, Therefore I Am”

“Cogito ergo sum” or, “I am thinking, therefore I exist” or, “I think, therefore I am” are some of the most famous phrases in western philosophy, but where did they come from? 722 more words

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