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Thought for the day - on great temptation

We are all wounded pilgrims, in our own way. Life’s duties require us to pretend otherwise much of the time: it is important never to pretend otherwise to ourselves.

The Way We Live Now


What if we realized that we could very easily be the person we despise the most had we walked in their shoes? Love means we have compassion and remember that we are part of one human family.

Thought For The Day

Hidden treasures

Tucked away behind a FedEx office in Flagstaff, Arizona, just past the garbage dumpster, two trees had grown up together, eventually braiding the two trunks into one tree. 296 more words

My Spiritual Journey: Following A Prophet

July 30th - Endurance Verses

I was unable to wake up for more than a few minutes yesterday, other than during care visits, literally sleeping until moments before the 9pm alarm. 273 more words

Thought For The Day