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Obeying God

Like the nations the Lord destroyed before you, so you will be destroyed for not obeying the Lord your God. Deuteronomy 8:20

This verse in the Christian Bible and Hebrew Torah haunt me lately.

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Human Action

“Everything done in history is the result of an action being DONE.  Not a thought.  Not a word.  Only actions are recorded by the scribes of humanity.” -James Altucher

Thought For The Day

Daily thought 

Sometimes you have to just pick yourself up and carry on


why do you continue to act out in ways that go against your value system and all that we stand for? Explore your shadow self and live in a greater congruency

Thought For The Day

No Picture, Just Pieces

I gave my neighbor a bag of jigsaw pieces.

Without the box.

No picture, just pieces.

“Where’s the picture?” she said.

“What’s the point of a puzzle, if you already know the answer?” I replied. 218 more words


Deal with it

Atheism is the end result of intellectual bankruptcy. It is the result of substituting theories for facts. It is dishonest at every level of logic, reason, history, common sense, science, and proof. 197 more words

Unbelief (ahem: Atheism)

Just like the real thing…

Do you want to build a model that accurately represents reality in miniature? Then your first step is to look at the real thing!

“Attention is never paid to trends or products du jour, because that would determine the route a build would take and that’s simply not something that is of any interest to me” 1,361 more words

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