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Asking #4

An Asking: Undated, sometime in late-2014

Show me what I am avoiding. I am consciously choosing to stop numbing out. Help me see and understand the things I have closed my eyes to. 78 more words


Higher Self, Thought Forms, Spirit | A QHHT Session by Tai Ashley-Jones (Part 1) ~ March 9, 2017

Well…this article, which I found on transients.com is pretty long and pretty deep…but that’s who I AM! This article was prompted by two who use the techniques of Dolores Cannon to explore the “Higher Self” spoken about by so many in the spiritual world.

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Sheer Music presents... Thought Forms

Wiltshire promoters Sheer Music are delighted to announce that Wiltshire come-Bristol based post-rock band Thought Forms will be performing at Swindon’s prestigious Level III venue.  378 more words


Archons, Dominions and Thoughts that Run Wild

Source: Metaphysical Research Group | by Julian Websdale

There is a simple premise in esoteric literature: thoughts have power. Even modern science accepts that behind the structure we know as the material world is a web of energy, and the interactions between different types of energy create the semblance of solidity we call matter. 1,563 more words


F Words



Fear into


Which is quite

Funny when you get over it


Live Review | 65daysofstatic @ The Islington Assembly, London

Words & Images by James Birchall

65daysofstatic have for a few years now been a band at the sidelines of my music selection, often suggested to me by spotify and YouTube due to my similar choices in music such as… 764 more words