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Chrysalis Monday Meetup 31/8/15

Topic: Changing Perception Creating New Minds

We exist in a creative Universe. Thought-forms are being created, solidified and/or expanded every instant. New minds are being created every day across the active Universe. 1,016 more words


Were you born, projected, or... ?

My current limited vu perceives thoughts turning into forms, turning into structures, and occasionally turning into people. At least for this blog post I’m using ‘people’ as any self-aware consciousness – birds, bees, flora and fauna. 465 more words


What Are Thought Forms and How Do They Affect Us?

Are you aware that we exist in a sea of consciousness, also referred to as the quantum field? If you have seen the movie “What the Bleep Do We Know!?” you may already know these terms. 739 more words


Two Christs

With same-sex marriage legal across all fifty states, there has recently been even more noticeable dissent in Christian communities about what is just. There are two main factions: the first is almost constantly spewing racist, sexist, and homophobic commentary about how the nation is sliding into sin led by those outside their faith, and the other is hearing the former and stating that God is love. 400 more words


How we create our future with our own Thought-Forms (car headlight analogy)

Here are two instances where Robert explains how our future is deliberately created by our own thought-forms

Saesneggar asked Robert how can the future be known… 1,602 more words


Empaths & Anxiety

Many empathic souls suffer from anxiety, and this video is just a few tips to help them adjust more easily to the Earth Experiences.

Energy Work

Litany of Lies

“Could it be SATAN?” Dana Carvey used to ask as Church Lady on “Church Chat”, the hilarious SNL skit that ran in the late 80’s. Satan was attributed to every evil conceivable and Carvey played the kind of Christian that pointed fingers at anyone and everyone committing sins. 829 more words