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Desire Elementals 6: Mind Meld with Another Person's Elemental Essence ... by Alice ..

Dear Ones,

This is the sixth in a series of videos on the Desire Elementals. This video is about mind melding with another person’s desire elemental (elemental essence). 276 more words

Mastery Of Mind - Subconscious - Unconscious Mind

Re-Blog: Tulpas, Thoughtforms and Monsters, Oh My!

This is a blog that I wrote back in 2013 but, given some of the rumblings about thought forms I have been hearing on-line, I thought this was a good time to re-post it.   1,043 more words


The power of our thoughts


Dear reader let me just say that I’m not a professional writer so if my writing style seems a bit rough around the edges please overlook it and simply try to get the message that I’m trying to share. 495 more words

Body Elementals Trapped in Us ... by Alice ..

12 August 2015

Dear Ones,

This is a new way of looking at the thought forms sometimes called karmic miasmic distortions, Soul wounding, or the lost children of the Soul. 72 more words


Moments That Reveal A Divine Presence In Our Lives

Every once in awhile in our otherwise normal lives something happens that defies the average or expected. A moment or an incident that challenges the physical rules or the anticipations of our shared reality. 864 more words



Compulsive self expression, that’s me.

Compulsive expressionism.

Expressionistic duplicity.

Creative modality.

Expressionistic transference.



Charged feelings put out.

Only one sees behind the screen, that is me. 37 more words

Mental Health

We Reap What We Sow

We are what we think;

We become what we think;

We create according to our quality of thought.

The law which states that ‘Energy Follows Thought’ … 62 more words