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Thought Forms

I listened to the latest Fade to Black in which he interviewed Nick Redfem talking about his latest book., about this thought form that seemingly has come to life. 245 more words


The Spirit: The hub of the Four Elements wheel

Deep within all of us is a universal thought-form that influences virtually everything we do, believe or think we know. This form, feeling, or image is expressed in a myriad of ways at our most unconscious level. 590 more words

The 13 Goals of A Witch: 7) Keep Your Thoughts in Good Order

Here we are again…Ready to work on something more? Something deeper and most of the times, not so obvious? This one is about thoughts. I know we have mentioned this again in previous posts, but this time it is this and this alone! 434 more words


The 13 Abominations:

  1. Anxiety ZUAXU
  2. Depression DUNU
  3. Stagnation SUFU
  4. Delusion TUBU
  5. Hopeless KUEZU
  6. Insecurity CUIYU
  7. Doubt MUHU
  8. Frustration JU
  9. Worthless NUO
  10. Dependent RUPU
  11. Guilt GUQU
  12. Vulnerability LUU
  13. Anguish WUVU…
  14. 404 more words

Astral Temples

Before you is a garden full of colorful flowers. You walk in the beauty of the fragrant lilies and roses. Giant guards wearing white and gold armor appear; all are standing still, flanking the sides of the pathway. 675 more words


Community Health: Update on the HIV Pandemic ... by Alice B. Clagett

    • Annual Medicare Tests Available
    • Decrease in Criminal Penalty for Intentional HIV Transmission in California
    • Surge in HIV Home Testing After Charlie Sheen Show in 2017…
  • 898 more words
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On Clair Hearing Nature Spirits in Urban Natural Areas ... by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 18 January 2018

Dear Ones,

Here’s a short video about a hike during which clair hearing shifted from hearing human voices to hearing nature spirits’ voices. 240 more words

Unconscious Thought Cloud Of The World - Noosphere