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Sheer Music Present... Alpha Male Tea Party (ArcTanGent warm up) w/ Hoggs Bison

Ex-Devizes, now-of-Trowbridge based promoters Sheer Music are delighted to be bringing their first full-electric band show to Trowbridge’s esteemed Village Pump venue, when Liverpool based noise-monster Alpha Male Tea Party perform on Wednesday 16th August. 370 more words


Unwanted Visitor

I sit and contemplate my tortured fate…..wait….

Is it really?

No not at all.

Then why do I feel like this yet again?

It is there again that familiar anger and frustration. 497 more words

Experiential Realizations

Scorpio Full Moon

The Moon is Full in Scorpio on Wednesday, May 10th at 2:42 p.m. San Francisco time. This Plutonic Full Moon can be thought of as a “dangerous opportunity” for clarity around themes of sex, death, the occult and transformation, prepare for diving into the psychological depths. 163 more words

Asking #4

An Asking: Undated, sometime in late-2014

Show me what I am avoiding. I am consciously choosing to stop numbing out. Help me see and understand the things I have closed my eyes to. 78 more words


Higher Self, Thought Forms, Spirit | A QHHT Session by Tai Ashley-Jones (Part 1) ~ March 9, 2017

Well…this article, which I found on transients.com is pretty long and pretty deep…but that’s who I AM! This article was prompted by two who use the techniques of Dolores Cannon to explore the “Higher Self” spoken about by so many in the spiritual world.

27 more words

Sheer Music presents... Thought Forms

Wiltshire promoters Sheer Music are delighted to announce that Wiltshire come-Bristol based post-rock band Thought Forms will be performing at Swindon’s prestigious Level III venue.  378 more words