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How we create our future with our own Thought-Forms (car headlight analogy)

Here are two instances where Robert explains how our future is deliberately created by our own thought-forms

Saesneggar asked Robert how can the future be known… 1,602 more words


Empaths & Anxiety

Many empathic souls suffer from anxiety, and this video is just a few tips to help them adjust more easily to the Earth Experiences.

Energy Work

Litany of Lies

“Could it be SATAN?” Dana Carvey used to ask as Church Lady on “Church Chat”, the hilarious SNL skit that ran in the late 80’s. Satan was attributed to every evil conceivable and Carvey played the kind of Christian that pointed fingers at anyone and everyone committing sins. 829 more words

Please understand that every thought has form.

Please understand that every thought form remains in existence. So called Negative thought forms of a denser vibration  form clouds of energy.

To a ‘sensitive’ it feels like walking though a heavy cloud, the energy pressure drops and the ‘sensitive’ may suddenly feel a headache or the like. 145 more words

30 Days Of Happiness

Working with Body Elementals to Open the Heart ... by Alice .

Dear Ones,

This is about working with my own body elementals to clear and open the heart chakra.

In love, light and joy,

…………………………………… 1,512 more words

Ascension / Great Awakening / The Shift

Happiness 1 - Ripples in the Lake Analogy

If someone around us is unhappy, should we change our thoughts to happy to influence them for happy? JP 26.8.14

A rock has ripples when it hits the water. 1,013 more words

Inner Being

Other Dimensions (Environments)

For an explanation of Robert’s use of the word ‘environment’, see Theme 5

How many dimensions are there? WMG 24.6.14

There are many galaxies, as you call them, and many environments in each of the places, like this one you are calling home. 540 more words

Inner Being