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How disruptive technologies are transforming education

How is your spelling? Or rather, how is your spelling when you are lying on your back remote-navigating a virtual paper aeroplane? This integration of the motor senses with learning is one example of technology challenging traditionally accepted teaching methods. 603 more words

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Leading Change: University transformation in South Africa

In recent times the movement towards mass and universal higher education, along with the emergence of the ‘multiversity’ (a university with various constituent and affiliated institutions such as separate colleges, campuses and research centres), has heralded a categorical shift in the traditional idea of a university and its mission. 622 more words

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The quantum marketing skills challenge.

Most of the marketing tasks that once took highly-skilled teams weeks to accomplished can now be actioned in minutes by an individual with a smartphone. Even the most complex programmatic campaigns are triggered, delivered and dynamically optimised in milliseconds. 1,443 more words

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Higher education needs dusting off for the 21st century

Our world is only at the start of a massive, long-term disruption cycle. Globalization is one driver, but new technologies are set to bring even more change. 774 more words


Play the ball, not the man!

There are valuable life and business lessons to take out of this article. For me, it is “Fail fast, get up and bounce forward. Also, play the ball, not the man!” 168 more words

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A Note from Fred Swaniker – Chairman & Founder of African Leadership University

Just get started…

A familiar story I often hear from young people in Africa is about how there aren’t enough opportunities–not enough jobs, not enough capital to start a business, not enough scholarships, etc. 1,078 more words

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