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Worldbuilding Part 4

Back in December, I finished up a world-building series at The Story Reading Ape. Then the holidays invaded and things got a little crazy! I’m delighted to finally share Part 4 here. 339 more words


The Partial

Don’t know how to say this out loud,

Just want to be a part of that crowd.

When you couldn’t hear once, friend, you threw the speaker out, 277 more words

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Welcome To The World Of The Individual

Demographics Are Dead: Welcome To The World Of The Individual 

Since the mid 20th Century, consumer targeting meant broadcasting out to a specific group of people based on gender, age, and location. 430 more words

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What is this f#ckery called retargeting?... Is it effective?

Remember when you were in the market for a fresh pair of kicks or a new top to impress that not so special someone on your recently memorable for all the wrong reasons tinder date? 530 more words

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Take a video... it will last longer!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words… well then what’s a video worth?

Last year I snapped a picture of a little girl I met in India called Angel. 467 more words

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The Power of Art Direction

A picture is worth 1,000 words

As an art director, you’re in charge of the imagery and layout of an ad all together. You need to make sure that the message you want the audience to receive is portrayed correctly. 536 more words

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Prostitution - Taking Our Blame

We are trained all our life to be hypocrites. This training is not conscious, mostly, but a sub-conscious one. We are asked or expected to believe in and support something, and yet when it’s our turn to apply that to our lives, we are expected to turn away from it. 833 more words