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So Long


So, how are you feeling today? How are you feeling lately? I never got the chance to actually know how you felt. I never knew when you felt happy, when you felt overwhelmed by deadlines and exams, when you felt sad, when you felt empty. 308 more words

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Easter Sunday

There’s healing after every pain.
There’s sunshine after every rain.
There’s laughter after every tear.
There’s courage behind every fear.

Easter reminds us of our Lord’s victory over death, over sin, over doubt. 8 more words

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The Devil

Does it exist?

Because if it does, it should’ve come rushing to me as my redemption from this desolate life. It could’ve made me do whatever it takes just to escape from where I’m stuck in now. 25 more words

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Restless Heart

My heart is heavy, and my soul is tired.

I have lost my appetite. Not just for food, but for life.

I have always feared to live just to die. 219 more words

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I wouldn’t have had regrets if you’d been the Summer to my Tom. I somehow wish you were. But we just never made it that far. Not even close.

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I Promised I Won't Forget

Having this blog, this record of some of my thoughts and sentiments that are both delicate and explosive, is both a blessing and a curse. 168 more words

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Without a Hero

We all have our heroes- those to whom we cling to, the people we look up to, the personages we hope to come and save the day. 143 more words

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