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I wouldn’t have had regrets if you’d been the Summer to my Tom. I somehow wish you were. But we just never made it that far. Not even close.

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I Promised I Won't Forget

Having this blog, this record of some of my thoughts and sentiments that are both delicate and explosive, is both a blessing and a curse. 168 more words

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Without a Hero

We all have our heroes- those to whom we cling to, the people we look up to, the personages we hope to come and save the day. 143 more words

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In Memoriam: Fallen 44

To the lionhearted men who looked death straight into the eye and gallantly offered their lives, thank you for your great sacrifice. The entire Filipino nation has been immensely disheartened to hear of your passing. 126 more words

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An Open Letter to Pope Francis

Dear Pope Francis,

While the odds that my letter would actually reach you are quite slim, I am hoping and praying that it would find you well in case it ever would. 566 more words

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“Yes, terrible things happen, but sometimes those terrible things – they save you.”
—Chuck Palahniuk

Because they happen for a purpose. And that purpose is to our advantage. 90 more words

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To 2015!

2014 undoubtedly was a roller coaster year, but I’d rather not sort my moments into either just good or bad. I’d like to believe that everything came my way because they were supposed to, and they all had their own purpose. 62 more words

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