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When It Rains

*cue Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol*

As I lay curled up in bed, embraced by the coldness the rain brings along as it continuously kisses the pavement outside these four walls, serenaded by the rhythm of every drop that seems to complement whatever music is playing, my heart began feeling some kind of peace. 80 more words

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The Most Amazing Thing

When I knew I had to stop going to school, I thought I lost everything. I have always believed that all I had was the chance to become a mechanical engineer, the chance to make myself into someone I could be proud of. 246 more words

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Bending But Not Breaking

School resumes tomorrow. But it won’t for me.

I admit that I was completely devastated when I knew that I won’t be coming back this year. 114 more words

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Mirror, Mirror

Warning: Suicide trigger

When you look into the mirror
What do you see?

Eyes red from an eternal weep
Dry lips sealing secrets deep
Do they betray the darkness you keep? 156 more words

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It Isn't Just a Bad Day

I thought I could write best when I’m at my worst.

If that was true, words would’ve flooded this blog since weeks before. But no. Nothing comes out. 92 more words

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So Long


So, how are you feeling today? How are you feeling lately? I never got the chance to actually know how you felt. I never knew when you felt happy, when you felt overwhelmed by deadlines and exams, when you felt sad, when you felt empty. 308 more words

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Easter Sunday

There’s healing after every pain.
There’s sunshine after every rain.
There’s laughter after every tear.
There’s courage behind every fear.

Easter reminds us of our Lord’s victory over death, over sin, over doubt. 8 more words

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