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If I call you today, will you be able
to pick up the phone, fleeing your

cousin’s watchful eyes? A room
crowded with people: does it hinder… 37 more words


sorry the loneliest thirst

I wait
in silence
sorry the loneliest thirst
given man
to grieve
so I whisper
all the excuses
I was made
like molten rock
was cracked… 47 more words



I could
tell my side
of the twist and turn
the bitter pill
spoken upon my skin
like all the others before
claiming innocence
and in the wrong place… 24 more words


Farewell, My Friend!

My friend has been lost forever,

He has been lost in the edge of the road,

My world is full of silence,

Though I am in the crowd… 113 more words


You must continuously look out for new challenges
so to grow. Else stagnation creeps in very gently……

Sreejana Chettri.