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Frankenstein: Tales of a Gothic Experience

In today’s Thought Bubble, I will discuss the phenomenon of mourning vs. melancholy that appears in Frankenstein. When Frankenstein learns of his mother’s decease, he exhibits a melancholic response– a need to become the object of the loss.  158 more words


Horrere... yet another side project. WIP

Following on from the work on “The Kings Leap” (see previous post also), I was asked to contribute some work to a new comics anthology that involved… 108 more words


Updates Galore!

What better way to kick off a shiny new website than with some news!

I have booked my flights to Leeds for Thought Bubble this year on a sort of last minute whim. 227 more words


ThoughtBubble: How to be more green...only for woman

A new week, a new ThoughtBubble! This time the Author is our colleague Simona!

How to be more green…only for woman.

When I started to attend this course I start to become more and more aware about some topics and also wondered how I could be more green in practical aspects. 376 more words


Portal Gun - Electronics

The circuitry of the gun was by far the hard part and most complicated. However, it doesn’t need anything more complicated than a basic knowledge of secondary/high school electronics/physics. 1,494 more words

The Portal Gun

Or to give it it’s full name, the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device. Here’s a reference picture of it:

And here’s ours!

Let me start by saying I would have got absolutely nowhere without these two instructables: … 1,103 more words

I am Dee

Who is Dee?

  • I spend too much time on social media
  • I buy too much make up and skincare
  • I like to stir haters
  • I love to gossip…
  • 147 more words