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From the pile: Silent Dragon

It’s time to start digging though the pile, going through all those books you bought with the intention of starting right away but they got put on a pile and ended up living there. 675 more words


Thought Bubble 2015 Roundup - Comic-con, Comics and Collaborations...

Okay, so its a little late… but here’s my (Gareth’s) Thought Bubble, Nov’ 2015, roundup…

Straight to the point, I loved it

But I’ve loved it every year I’ve attended/exhibited… that includes that year Sarah, Andrew and I just came as punters. 1,469 more words


Why do books suddenly appear...?

Reading back on this blog, I find that titles of books and anthologies appear – full of promise. They linger – flirting for a while. And then they disappear, like a boyfriend who simply won’t return your calls. 579 more words

Rants And Raves

Can Your Insurance Do This?

Check out this latest flyer from a well-known insurance provider that came through my letterbox. So applied comics have gone mainstream, have they?

I’d be curious to know exactly what it is Direct Line thinks they are tapping into by using comics like this. 49 more words

Applied Comics

GUEST WRITER: Thought Bubble 2015 - An Alternate View

As someone who’s relationship with comics is bordering on the obsessive, it’s fantastic to get the chance for a fresh perspective on the medium from someone without as much experience. 1,275 more words

Rick Remender

Digging Deeper

A very quick thanks to everyone who contributed to a great Comics Forum session on comics, politics, community and heritage today. Lots of interesting discussion, and lots of new things to think about. 47 more words


Thought Bubble Festival 2015 - Part 2

Thought Bubble is a festival focused on comic art that has been running for a substantial number of years now. In the folly of my youth (and partly because I previously lived in the south of England) last year was my first exposure to the experience. 860 more words

Thought Bubble