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No Thanksgiving on Jupiter

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you all have a great day! Great food and great socialization are soon to come. And good luck to y’all who are hosting this year. 1,215 more words

Thoughtful Thursday

Thoughtful Thursday: A Piece of Me (Part 2)

Hello lovelies! On this part of A Piece of Me, I thought I would share something with you that I made in college with my mawmaw. 210 more words


Thoughtful Thursday: Anchor Yourself

Today’s Thoughtful Thursday post comes from a quote that Real Simple included in their Daily Thought (a favorite email blast of mine!). My mom actually saw it first and sent it to me before I had even checked my email. 670 more words


Christmas Decorations Before Thanksgiving

Sunday afternoon, Dart and I popped some popcorn and decorated our apartment for Christmas. I know that some of you are probably calling me all kinds of bad names right now. 503 more words


KitKat Green Tea: Yay or Nay?

Here’s something I discovered on our last visit to Singapore: KitKat Green Tea.  The pack has been sitting in the fridge almost untouched save for 3 pieces taken for the sake of curiosity. 26 more words

The Anything-Goes Bin

Thoughtful Thursday: A Piece of Me

Hello lovelies! I love each and every one of you guys! You are the reason that I do what I do and love it. I thought I would open up a new side of me and give you a look into a side that most people do not see. 11 more words


Thoughtful Thursday

Keep Morocco Tidy! Thinking about the equivalent British campaign, seeing this Berber touch to the campaign made me smile. Also very happy to see Morocco taking tidiness seriously – they’ll get there, although it might take another decade. 45 more words