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XX. The Bicameral Mind

HBO has cultivated an arsenal of TV shows that rival movies. We have to thank Breaking Bad on AMC for revolutionizing TV dramas and changing how we view it. 837 more words

Royal Ramble

There’s nothing quite like a piping hot meal in wet weather, especially in a foreign land. Often, these turn out to be some of the trip’s best meals. 1,074 more words


To be Selfish, or Sensible?

As I sit outside on the 3 steps that make up the back porch, I come to an objective notation of my current state. Which consists of me looking like a disheveled mess with my eyes puffy, my cheeks tear stained, and a half burnt cigarette in between my right hand fingers. 631 more words


Poem: Dear Grandma

Dear Grandma,

I miss you

I think of you everyday

your loud laughter

your eye-crinkle smile

even your house

that smelled a certain way

the holidays are near… 243 more words


Amidst the Rebrand

I’ve been pretty absent this year and there’s a lot of excuses I can make for it, but at the end of the day there really isn’t a reason for it other than I just was unmotivated. 566 more words


Project Happiness 365: Day 360

We bought booster packs today. We got some cool cards. One of the best ones was Planeswalker. It was quite exciting. Our friend is here now for a game of Magic and dinner. 9 more words


I  Showered 

It started with the music…
I know for certain you’re trying to find the significance in that. I know. Oh but dear, if you were me… 239 more words