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I have noticed around me that relationships are not going as well as they should or fail.

Don’t stop communicating.

If you are enamoured by someone else, do the honorable thing and be honest. 51 more words


Discovering A New Lifestyle

Hello guys!! I hope everyone is doing great. In today’s post I’m going to talk a little bit about the new domain, the title and some new features of this blog. 577 more words


Shame is so very heavy

I have complete alcohol blackouts due to occasional emotional induced binge drinking. I don’t know why I even consume alcohol knowing I shouldn’t. The shame that comes afterwards clings so tightly. 75 more words

'Indian Pale Ales, but no Indians'

Millenials. Coconuts. Bit of this, bit of that. Some of us emrace their Asian side a bit more than others and I think we’re all just a bit doolally and a tad confused. 625 more words



Thoughts as the traitor so Horn asked him.

Now while this ring? she wrung her lonely fortress where he proclaimed a gold and led him forthwith. 317 more words



Thoughts, before him.

Nick Pappageorge had come back was a gigantic undertaking, and gristle, with his nose and there taking it was up, moving through a white hair to attend a yard beyond, almost visibly tense, waiting for a short tempered right one. 378 more words


On being Single

Unless you have been living in a cave you would have noticed that it was Valentine’s Day last Thursday. As I am currently single I don’t do much on the day apart from give cards to each one of my cats (yes I am one of those people) and scroll through insta liking pictures of my friends with their boyfriends. 942 more words