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Pretty soon the goodbyes will happen
Pretty soon the curtains will close
I’ll breakdown again
The show will end, like always…

Pretty soon you’ll forget me… 43 more words


Cold Sweats, Bad Dreams

I had a terrible nightmare and it woke me up. Now it is 2AM and I have to be up at 9AM to work until 7PM. 489 more words


Friday Favourites #1

Lots of blogs like alliterating things to create themes – I know I do. This means that a “Friday Favourites” post is a perfect fit! Here is a list of five things from this week which I found awesome. 85 more words


Your Personal, Private Information Isn’t Private Anymore

I am a very private person. I don’t over-share, in fact most people, who know me well, only know a little piece, and they’re well aware of this. 1,305 more words



Recently, I have been beginning to notice one powerful word: acknowledgement. To acknowledge a person, object, or thought brings one back to the present…into the existence of exercising a present filled mind. 310 more words


Out on a Limb

Out on a Limb is an autobiographical book written by Shirley McLaine in 1983. It details he journeys through what they called back then “New Age” spirituality.  72 more words


Simple Things

Always the simplest things impress me. I’m not blown away by grandeur, or really wish to acquire any sort. Though I dream and imagine, for grand mansions, exotic homes, and all other extravagant things, I sometimes wonder even if I really get the wealth to own such things, will I? 359 more words