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I canceled therapy on Tuesday. She never called, but I did not leave her the opportunity in my message to call me back. Let the past bury its dead. 317 more words

Belly Flop from 100 feet.

Imagine how you would feel after that landing. We are imagining this so there is no way we will die from this stunt.

Bloody sore and upset i am sure. 184 more words


Roller Coasters and Tumble turns.

Oh boy oh boy oh boy what a past few days and weeks it has been.

I have been doing a lot of research on my biological father and have been in contact with a man who i believe to be my biological father’s brother. 412 more words


Food and Thoughts: 10.27.2016

This morning started off a whole lot better than it did yesterday. I was able to get up around 7, and get moving. I’ve always really had problems, unless I am traveling waking up before the sun comes up. 356 more words


A Faerie Song


Picturesque hills;
Rolling green;
Gliding hawks; mountain mist;
Whispering winds flirted with me,
And, frolicked on snow spattered peaks.


Beneath me lay the city in all its glory. 319 more words


Pre-slumber rambles

Just watched The BFG and it.is. DELIGHTFUL Roald Dahl is honestly Britain’s national treasure. The movie hasn’t gotten much praise but I remember loving the book as a child(I mean, is a childhood deprived of Road Dahl even a childhood?) and I’m left here like, what, 9 years later absolutely distraught lamenting the departure of my childhood imagination. 416 more words