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Friday Thoughts: Time

What a strange little thing. At the most basic level it is a term that represents the units used in measuring the passage of time. Whether it is seconds or centuries, it is measuring the passing of moments. 313 more words


“Life? ‘Course I’ll live it.
Let me have breath, Just to my death,
And I’ll live it.” – Maya Angelou

                                                        *           *            *

You tear at the corners, rip it open, just to see what color the stuffing is. 236 more words

Tyler Strittmatter

Truth: something many speak of, but few dare to embrace.

Truth: something many speak of, but few dare to embrace. Whether it is in the food we eat, our behaviors, our past, our relationships, the environment, politics—there are many things we choose to accept that are… 749 more words


Living poetry: Philosophy of life ⚖️🎐

Life takes away the beauty

From anything that exists.

It takes back from you

All that you have been given.

Only to teach you that gratitude… 29 more words


27 Today!

Over a year living in sweltering megapolis of Dubai, another birthday is happening today. I’m definitely closer to my 30’s but who’s counting? Also admittedly embracing my millennial being, I believe that I’ve always been expressive to various social media platforms – writing more posts than I should, curating my feed more than I should, spending time on WordPress, Pinterest, and Instagram more than I should – that one look at my profile, you’d know my year’s highlights. 422 more words


I wish

I wish I was a cloud

Drifting to you whenever


I would take the form of rain

And comfort you by caressing your cheeks… 51 more words


bird sense

No one cares about birds on days when there are stories about harassment and assaults going back to age three (#metoo). But I did, and… 490 more words

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