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Daily Shorts - Doubts

What do you when there is something that brings you great joy, but also has moments where it brings you a lot of misery? What do you when you have doubts about it? 71 more words


Three Benefits of Asking

I normally hate asking people for anything, especially asking for help, as it had always been instilled in me that you should aim to do anything and everything to fix your problems in life or in learning by yourself first before you ask for help. 438 more words


Accepting Beauty Standards

I first thought about writing this post after reading some random post on yik yak (I’ve got a lot of time on my hands at the moment, sue me) about how “ugly faces can look pretty in pictures, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s an ugly face” (or something like that).   802 more words


Thought of the Day

Your personal manifesting power depends on your beliefs.

Your personal LoA use depends on your ability to believe, both in yourself and your desire.

What you believe, you will manifest.


Every Sand Ashore is Another Reason I Love You

Yesterday, I returned from a trip where I found wind in my hair, sand between my toes, and cool waters drenching me. I watched the sun set over the horizon as oranges and pinks lingered in the sky, lavenders and other beautiful hues filled my vision. 304 more words

Anxious to talk to you

The nerves fire off warning shots, listen. Yes?
Oh, well, in mine eyes the camera jitters quite violently, blurring the spectacle of life.

If you miss much I miss it all, or most, not to curse this momentary lull with interjections of mine suffering but; no one’s listening. 34 more words