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11 Surefire Ways to Win My Heart

Seduction At Its Finest

1. Bust out questionable, strange dance moves in the corner of the room, by yourself. I will probably look at you. Make eye contact with me and then wink. 516 more words


With A Little Luck

One of my goals this year is to find a four-leaf clover. Yes, I know. Whatever. When I was younger I found one and pressed it into a book. 195 more words


My Workflow


To achieve an efficient way for me to complete my work/task with my laptop. Simplicity and flexibility are the main criteria in my workflow. 364 more words



Hello awesome readers! My apologies for not writing much lately! haha i’m sure you missed me soooo much (sarcasm intended). Anyhoo, I’m finally on summer vacation (okay i’ve been on summer vacation for approx a month now hush).  84 more words


The monologue

Well… shit. It wasn’t that good. So today’s task was divided in two. Physical excercise and the monologue. I nailed the first part, even tho I fell backwards. 38 more words


De Ushuaia a la Quiaca

I’ve found myself tearing up alone at odd moments throughout the past few days. A trickle of tears and I quickly wipe it away. All it leaves is a shimmering trail on my face, but deep down, it further rips apart this wound I feel inside… 351 more words


Fiction Beginnings Again (after months apart)

I haven’t written fiction in a while, and so the challenge is daunting. I’m starting slow: short stories (revamps of fairy tales and taking minor characters of novels I love and making them central characters, exploring their histories and richness, meanwhile reimagining them) and eventually I’ll be able to write the stories I have inside of me as novels. 79 more words