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Let's Talk Book Budgeting

Inspired by this post by  John Guillen, I thought that I might talk a bit about how I budget for my book habit (I won’t call it an addiction). 830 more words


All Is Well

Mark had a hip replacement surgery yesterday. This decision of whether to have the surgery or not has been weighing heavily on our minds since January. 251 more words



It’s never easy to say goodbye
Sometimes you have to tell yourself a lie
That maybe one day you’ll see each other again
Whether it be a lover or a friend… 102 more words


What Equality is to Me.

I have been watching the news more often lately due to the fact that I will be able to vote in the upcoming presidential election. though I do not know yet who I will be voting for, there is a subject that touches right at home with me. 470 more words


Beyond the surface

First off, I’m a huge fan of humor. I like to laugh, and I like to make others laugh. Laughter’s good medicine, they say, so I’m all for it. 149 more words


Manga Overload (Q. 3: Favorite Mangaka)

GAH, if I really had to pick someone…I’d probably go with Sui Ishida because he doesn’t have a lot of manga for me to choose from, haha. 449 more words


Channel Your Energy To The Things You Love 

I’ve noticed, especially in myself that sometimes when you hold in speaking about things that bother you it is easy to be more passionate/zealous in your expression of the things you hate rather than what you love. 69 more words