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i shaved my legs today.

Often times I get down on myself, because I have these grand plans for my day where I’m being productive, getting all my work down and then some. 572 more words

Thoughts About Life

28 Healthy Habits You Can Start Right Now

How are your New Year’s Resolutions going?

A lot of people laugh at this question nowadays because by now, many have given up on them. 311 more words

Thoughts About Life.

Nothing but Net(flix)

In January, I had a whole list of resolutions in my head, which is unusual for me. I’m not much of one for resolutions, but this year is different, for whatever reason. 1,511 more words

Thoughts About Life

Thoughts about Life

Never tell your dreams to others, because even your best of friends can able to betray you.

Let's talk emotions

With Valentine’s day approaching, it seems like a great time to talk about emotions. I’m currently taking Brene Brown’s “Brave Leaders” course online and it is amazing in so many ways. 649 more words

Thoughts About Life

Memento Mori

Memento mori, a Latin phrase which means “remember that you have to die” or “remember you must die,” or “remember you too will die.” It is a reminder that all of us will die… when the right time comes; a phrase that is being used as reflection about mortality and the transient nature of life. 387 more words

Personality Development

Almost 60 and Everything is Not What I Expected

I have this big birthday coming up. BIG. One that my mind is struggling with. Mostly because I cannot believe that I am already this old. 590 more words

Thoughts About Life