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T&i :- Just A Thought About Email

I don’t know about you but I hardly use email any longer. Sure, when you order things online they send out an email with purchase details and serves as a receipt in most cases. 317 more words


Is The Book Or Film Better?

The number of scripts I receive for consideration or review every year is astounding. Each of the major studios receive about 100 scripts a day and 99% of them are not worth reading. 969 more words


Rants of Retail!

I have a part time job in a clothes shop, where my role changes throughout the day. This means I get to experience different aspects and areas of working in retail and although I am extremely grateful for having a job, especially since it’s not a hard job, there are still downfalls. 1,061 more words

Thoughts And Ideas

3DART :- Elementaly Issue

We’re living in a world where inner peace and quiet is constantly being disrupted. It’s no wonder we have so many ADD kids and adults. Learning our coffee habits and drinking more caffeinated beverages than ever, where are we all headed? 191 more words


Understanding the Visual Draw of Men

We’ve all heard that men are visual. We’ve even heard that they are more visual than women. We’ve also been told that this difference is significant. 930 more words


9/11, Disaster Response, and Kids?

I wasn’t sure when or how to start my first blog post, but I have to start somewhere.

Today, 9/11/2018 is 17 years since the tragic 9/11 terrorist attacks on the United States. 701 more words

3DART :- Vanished

Twas the night before Saturday a wild night indeed. There were many there amongst us disguised like you and me. A turkey an eagle, who knows feathers were ruffled and that was the main course. 64 more words