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How Now 

Life continues to provide inspiration for Hermes925. I had intended to keep Jaime’s affection for the girl on the team unrequited, but I think instead it’ll be a short intense relationship that ends when Jaime discovers that she’s dating Psy-Man also. 462 more words


Making Progress

I spent all day yesterday applying for jobs. Including a couple from the newspaper. I even decided to put in a claim for jobseeker’s allowance. Today I woke to an email asking me to come in for an interview. 471 more words


Work, work, work!

I decided to spend half my day looking for a job, and the other half working on Hermes925. I feel rather accomplished since I have managed to do just that. 708 more words


Divine Invasion (story idea)

I’ve been staring at the screen most of the day wondering what I was going to write today. I had an idea or two, but none of them really grabbed me. 660 more words


Writing or dating?

I’m currently faced with a slight dilemma. I already know what the answer has to be, but nevertheless the decision is a tough one. For those who have read some of my older posts on the same theme, you may be sick of me bringing this up again. 855 more words


Where your attention goes..........

“There is a simple lesson that most agree with, but do not abide by and it is this: Do NOT give attention to those things that are negative in nature, for the attention OF it brings more energy TO it. 934 more words

Thoughts And Inspiration

Developing a Trigger-Guard

A Facebook friend has her own blog. It’s called LiberalWoman101’s Blog. She writes well and is particularly fond of writing essays. She’s even thinking of going back to school so she can write more essays! 954 more words