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Untangling my Brain

I’ve never been a particularly organised person. My ex-wife was very organised, but try as she might she could never get any of the systems to stick. 749 more words


Death Sentence

I’ve mentioned something about the benefits of thinking negatively put I handed put a couple of important pieces together until this week. I hit a low, like you do, and was beginning to contemplate an exit strategy. 2,225 more words

Thoughts And Inspiration

What Would Jerry Do?

I’m not saying I’m a ‘Jerry’, but if I was writing ‘Rick and Morty’, after separating from Beth, Jerry would’ve started wearing black eyeliner and writing bad sci-fi based on the adventures he never got to have! 484 more words


Getting Back to Writing

In an ideal world, I wouldn’t have to work at all. I could just write at my own pace and people would be so impressed that they’d throw money at me like confetti! 588 more words


Chicago - Rooftops, Rainbows, Moscow mules, and falling asleep at the bar?

From the looks of this blog’s cover photo it may not look like your typical Chicago Skyline ¬†– but what it is, is a site from my girlfriend’s, brother’s apartment rooftop just outside the city. 871 more words

Thoughts And Inspiration

Why am I even trying?

Yep, it’s going to be one of those posts.

Things are going fairly well at the moment. The new job as a night-porter is just what the doctor ordered. 929 more words


Play catch up with me! BONUS - 10 ways to make life seem a little less hectic.


Hello! – Do you even remember my face? If not I’ll¬†insert it below

All I have to say, is it’s been a minute – August has essentially come and gone and I have NO idea where it even went. 1,260 more words

Thoughts And Inspiration