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Too often, patience is something that is overlooked. Not many people today can say they are patient with the way things are. They hassle around trying to find the short cuts in everything and find themselves in a situation they don’t want to be in. 518 more words

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Darker interior spaces

I know it might be a little late to write about the trends for 2015, but I have never been that into trends, and I just loved this colour palette. 119 more words

Interior Design

Design for the environment with Cradle to Cradle principles

For those of you who are interested and concerned about the environmental problems we are facing, I really recommend taking a look into Cradle to Cradle. 276 more words

Interior Design

it's been awhile...

Hello there,

I have not forgotten about this wonderful blog I’ve got going on. I’ve merely hit pause for a few (okay, more than a few) months. 452 more words


This particular short film spoke to me as I sat in my university lecture this morning; this message is unique in it’s outrageous truth. We spend too much of our time in front of computer screens, wasting time on our iPads and becoming increasingly exposed to foul content on social media and various links to malicious sites via Facebook and other social trends. 78 more words


Wake Up & Dream

You’ve opened this document up and there’s a reason for it. You have shown the first quality of being a dreamer. Your dissatisfied when you wake up, with the way things are, you’re not content with your life and the things within it. 332 more words

Thoughts And Inspiration

Power of positive thinking

When you hear the word POWER the first thing that usually comes to mind is those who make your decisions for you. Power should be something you have within yourself, when you learn to take control and love yourself, you have more power and respect for yourself. 255 more words

Thoughts And Inspiration