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Compassion is a Verb

“Compassion is a verb.” Thích Nhất Hạnh

This is truth. Simple. Powerful.

A verb is an action word. It is not a “sit back and awww when other people express love and compassion for another” word. 298 more words

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Dear Mom, thank you.


There are no words to describe the gratitude I hold in my heart for everything you’ve done, the selfless attitude you possess, and the endless love you devote to the people in your life. 780 more words

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Life Changer

This blog is not just about compassion for others, it is also about compassion for self. I have often spoken of events I have experienced in this life that taught me a lesson and led to growth in some way. 1,789 more words

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Why is Self Compassion so hard?

I was born in the 60’s, raised in a middle class, southern family. I was taught morals, manners and the value of hard work. I opened doors for people (still do). 626 more words

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Random Thought

Can we PLEASE remove the word STUPID from our vocabulary?

How can you live a life of compassion and empathy and still judge others in such a harsh way (not even knowing what they are going through or have been through)? 27 more words

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Crystals for Compassion

I have been noticing a disturbing trend of late. It has smacked me in the face and the heart space with force. Maybe it has always been here and I was just asleep or maybe practicing compassion has opened my eyes to it. 813 more words

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True Empaths Practice Empathy

I often see posts about empaths. You are empathic if…….

You MUST protect yourself, etc.

These always tick me off.

First of all, I am not one that chooses to use labels. 1,376 more words

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