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Life Goes On

I’m feeling pretty good. Despite a couple of downers. It occurs to me as I’m writing that these mood cycles, whatever they are, allow me to see situations I’m in from both a positive and negative perspective, allowing me some insight that not everyone can perceive. 840 more words


Redefining "Thankful"

It will never happen to me.

They’re normal thoughts that inevitably cross our minds when we encounter or hear of a tragedy, accident, or unfortunate event that happens to someone else. 1,603 more words

Thoughts And Inspiration

Around And Round We GO

For those of you that managed to catch the previous post before I deleted it, I’m feeling much better now. I had hit a low patch which may have been triggered by this self-help book I’m currently trying to write. 695 more words

Thoughts And Inspiration

Leveling Up

I feel like I don’t write enough lately. At least not in anyway that people can easily track. The life-work balance is, as predicted, tricky. I find that when I have a day off, I don’t want to write. 974 more words


The Fifth and Final Go Around

And just like that, my six year journey within the Miss America Organization has flown by.

Six?  Why six you say?  I’ve been competing in the MAO on a local level since I was 17-years-old beginning with Miss Wisconsin Rapids my senior year of high school.   913 more words

Miss America Organization

A Redefinition Of Success

I want to write my book, because I want to. I like the story and I want to see how it plays out. For a while though I haven’t been thinking of it that way. 799 more words



Instead of writing I’m watching Mr Robot. It got me thinking about something that has popped into my head before. We all have shit that we think makes us weird, makes us different, and we try to hide it to fit in. 669 more words

Thoughts And Inspiration