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Daily Prompt: Illusion

What if it is all an illusion, a dream, an altered state of being? Could the life I am living be nothing more than a flash back, a deep thought or a remembering? 45 more words

Callie MM

Unexpected Hope

Today I was working a breakfast shift at the Whitewater Hotel. I grumble about having to work here from time to time, but I still like it. 837 more words


Writing through the Block

Sometimes I’m kind of an idiot. There are several stories I should be working on, but I just can’t find the motivation. I actually have the next part of… 1,010 more words


I’m back

Updated. It’s been quite some time since I last posted something here. Perhaps a bit of an explanation is due. About six years ago, I formally began the process of discerning my call to become an ordained deacon in the Catholic Church. 565 more words

Thoughts And Inspiration

The Power Of Negative Thinking

I was beginning to worry about my writing. I’ve been doing a lot of talking about writing in my rapidly growing(“, he said smugly, “) Facebook group called ‘ 1,331 more words


Feeling Down, Finding Goals.

I actually managed to get the first draft of the story I had been working on for the UbiquiCity project right on the deadline. The conversation I had with the team that day (despite technical issues) was awesome. 1,471 more words


It'll Come

I have some pretty big plans for my life. Maybe you already know this, but just in case you don’t, and because I want to talk about it anyway, I’m going to tell you all about them. 744 more words