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Happy History

I was teaching Russian History today and I am not going to lie, not much of it is what one would call ‘happy’. Russian History is mostly studying about the downfall of a royal family who had ruled the country for three centuries, starvation, cold and just general mess ups in government. 878 more words


For the young brave-hearts in Zaatari Village in Jordan

All of us are now pretty aware of the Syrian conflict. Since last year, the Syrian conflict is not getting as much coverage as it used to. 333 more words

Thoughts And Reflections

Jesus Rescues Broken Worship

I knew I wouldn’t be joining a group for corporate worship today, although that is what I usually do on a Sunday Morning.

But just since last Sunday, I am looking at life through a new lens. 435 more words

Thoughts And Reflections

Why I deleted my Instagram account


Today I deactivated my Instagram account. With the intention of deleting it. It is one of my “wants” for 2018 (as I don’t make new years resolutions, I usually write down things I want to do, or hope to do). 692 more words


a letter to my university

In the spring of last year, all of us who decided to defer our enrollment at Princeton  received such a letter from our Dean of Admissions: 916 more words

Thoughts And Reflections

The other me

Hi, let me introduce you to my calm, confident and rational self.

It’s exams season, and in Italy exams are almost all oral, which means that we have to go in front of a professor and answer the questions by voice very quickly. 441 more words


I have tattoos and purple hair - not an invitation to touch

Over the summer, there was a story about Madeline Anello-Kitzmiller grabbed at Rhythem and Vines festival because she was topless. Annello-Kitzmiler and her friend Jolene Guillum-Scott are organising a Glitter March in Auckland to raise awareness of consent and is already… 271 more words

Thoughts And Reflections