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So what?

I started reading a great new teacher resource that has already presented me with a few solid ideas to not only improve my instruction but also help my colleagues expand the influence of meaningful literacy in their classrooms. 958 more words

Thoughts And Reflections

May I Listen In?

It seems like a bold request that I am making directly to all three Persons of the Trinity.

I am risking this question because of a comment where prayer was described as joining a conversation that is already taking place between the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. 368 more words

Thoughts And Reflections

Tributes to a valued Museums and Galleries colleague

Following the death of Fraser Cowie, we have had further sad news over the past week with the loss of another valued colleague.

Ethel Stewart passed away at the end of last month after a short illness, having served for more than 10 years as an important member of the Museums and Galleries team. 94 more words

Thoughts And Reflections


Miracles do happen everyday.   The fact that you are still breathing, it is a miracle.  So many random acts of universe happened while you were sleeping and yet you are still alive and kicking.    202 more words


Lord, Make Me Pure But Not Yet

“Lord, make me pure, but not yet.” This is a famous line from St. Augustine’s Confessions. In today’s Gospel we see Jesus walk on water out to the Apostles stuck in a boat being tossed about by a strong wind, by a storm. 237 more words

Thoughts And Reflections


Is this Gold?  Can this be Gold?  Tell me.  Gold or Not?

What is more eye-catching and thought provoking to people’s minds than wealth, power and prestige.  207 more words

Thoughts And Reflections

Quit Making Excuses

In today’s Gospel, Jesus feeds the 5000 with just five barley loaves and two fish…plus there are 12 baskets of food left over. This meager start, the five barley loaves and two fish come from a boy. 393 more words

Thoughts And Reflections