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Brain, Sweat and Tears

Part of sustaining a good life seems to be about staying, wherever possible, healthy. You’ll have heard it said before that your body is the only home that you will always have and as much that statement makes me want to roll my cynical eyes upwards, they inevitably have to come crashing back down to look at the cold hard truth of that statement. 2,528 more words

Beginner Bread for Grown Ups

“All in” has in the past been my mantra and just like “Perfectionism” it seemed like a good thing. A brand to be proud of. Something that meant I was really trying. 1,039 more words

Thoughts From Home

All Dressed up with Nowhere to Grow

I may not completely know what I’m doing but I do have a Greenhouse, some seeds, soil to put them in and a little bit of knowledge I’ve pilfered from people who are willing to share it. 1,077 more words

Thoughts From Home

Growing Up for Grown Ups

I’ve got six short months until my 30th Birthday. It’s not a number that fills my heart with dread, but it does make me take stock of how things are chugging along. 734 more words

Thoughts From Home

Dear America,

I’m sorry – for your losses. No, thank you – for refreshed perspective on values. Asking “who am I?” is one of the most daunting doors to open, not because it’s hard to answer, but because inquiry and curiosity are artforms of courage. 999 more words

Thoughts From Home

Cool, Compassionate Thoughts

I feel preemptively fulfilled imagining that I could take at least one conscious breath and mindfully observe one heartbeat every day of the rest of my life… 601 more words

Cafe: Rumination

Peace Within.

Writer’s note: I’m not certain (ha! what is certainty?) whether this piece is complete. I would love some comments and questions about what could tie it together. 960 more words

Thoughts From Home