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Is it nice to call someone a false prophet or a false teacher?

I don’t know whether it’s nice. But sometimes it is necessary, and oftentimes it is the most loving thing one can do.

The Bible has some pretty serious things to say about false prophets and false teachers: 1,491 more words

Thoughts From Scripture

How Not to Become an Old Biddy

After I was married but before I had children, I worked for some years at a fabric shop. We had a variety of customers of all ages, but some of the ones that stood out to me were the older ladies. 1,941 more words

Thoughts From Scripture

Just to Leave in His Dear Hand

I was looking for this poem to share with a friend a few days ago, and I had thought it was on my blog somewhere. I couldn’t find it, so I thought it was high time to add it here. 331 more words

Thoughts From Scripture

Are We Responsible for God's Reputation?

One of the things writing does for me is to help me think things through in ways that I can’t always do mentally. With writing I can take each strand of swirling thoughts, lay it out in black and white, follow it through to completion, go on to another, put them all together in some order, and then stand back and take a look at them. 2,008 more words

Thoughts From Scripture

Book Review: Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room

Forgive me for spending the first week of the year catching up with Christmas reviews. As I said yesterday, I don’t usually have the computer time when I finish these to talk about them, and when I do I feel it’s probably too far past Christmas. 671 more words

Thoughts From Scripture

At the Close of the Year

Excerpts from “At the Close of the Year”

 ~ by John Newton

 Let hearts and tongues unite,
And loud thanksgivings raise:
‘Tis duty, mingled with delight, 120 more words

Thoughts From Scripture