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I was well familiar with the story of Peter’s long night of fishing with no results. After he had come in for the day and Jesus used his boat to speak to the people, Jesus told Peter to put out his nets again. 898 more words

Thoughts From Scripture

Rethinking Spiritual Gifts

Lately I’ve been rethinking what I thought I knew about spiritual gifts.

Spiritual gifts are those particular abilities that the Holy Spirit gives people when they are saved by which He wants to work through them to edify the body of Christ. 836 more words

Thoughts From Scripture

When I Don't Know What to Pray

Some people may look at my life and think that I’m perfect, that I’ve got it all, or that I’m “Wonder Woman” because of all the stuff I’ve been through. 366 more words

Life Contemplations

See the Destined Day Arise

I shared this hymn a couple of years ago, but it is on my mind this season as we particularly remember in gratefulness Christ’s death on the cross for us. 188 more words

Thoughts From Scripture

Hearing Hard Things

The new, popular doctor has a specific trademark: he never tells anyone bad news. He never makes patients uncomfortable with invasive tests or procedures, never makes them take unpalatable medicine, never advises them to change their ways. 950 more words

Thoughts From Scripture

Our trials are not just for us

Some sermons, the gist of them or a particular point or illustration, stay with us forever. One such message for me took place some 25-30 years ago. 872 more words

Thoughts From Scripture

Still a sinner though a saint

I was in an unfamiliar grocery store that happened to be on my route home, just to pick up a few things, a bit agitated trying to find what I needed in a store with an unfamiliar layout. 1,213 more words

Thoughts From Scripture