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Day by Day

This hymn text has ministered to my heart many times over the years.

This is a lovely arrangement of this hymn, with a little bit about the background of it: 196 more words

Thoughts From Scripture

When the Cross Is Too Great

As I was compiling our church ladies’ booklet for this month, I came across the following in my files. It made me think of a couple of women in our  church whose husbands have passed away in the last few weeks as well as one couple whose wayward son has spent time in prison and is still unrepentant. 188 more words

Thoughts From Scripture

Hallelujah! He Is Risen!

 If in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men most miserable. But now is Christ risen from the dead, and become the firstfruits of them that slept. 71 more words

Thoughts From Scripture

See the Destined Day Arise

See the destined day arise! See a willing sacrifice!
Jesus, to redeem our loss, hangs upon the shameful cross;
Jesus, who but You could bear wrath so great and justice fair? 137 more words

Thoughts From Scripture

Happy Valentine's Day!

We had our Valentine celebration last night – mainly because the heart-shaped mini meat loaves I usually make for the day take longer than is feasible for a Sunday dinner after church. 339 more words

Thoughts From Scripture

4 Reasons to Face the New Year Without Fear

At the end of Sunday School this morning, our teacher shared a few notes from an old message by Adrian Rogers. Rogers has been with the Lord now for a number of years but occasionally I hear parts of his radio program… 457 more words

Thoughts From Scripture

Happy New Year 2016!

A New Year Wish

What shall I wish thee this New Year?
Health, wealth, prosperity, good cheer,
All sunshine- not a cloud or tear?
Nay! Only this: 29 more words

Thoughts From Scripture