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Going to a church with problems

Over the last several years there has been much discussion about people leaving the church and speculation about why.

I’ve seen a number of blog posts and articles the last couple of years written to people who have left church completely because they’ve been hurt by one. 1,775 more words

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Those Perfect Friends

A recent conversation with a young mom friend brought back to mind a struggle I had years ago. We all have those friends, the ones who seem to do everything and do it well, while we’re struggling just to keep our heads above water. 946 more words

Thoughts From Scripture

Principles For Interpreting the Bible

Have you ever wondered why two people can take the same Bible passage and come up with different meanings for it? Have you ever heard anyone say, “Oh, you can make the Bible say anything you want it to say,” especially when you’re trying to bring spiritual truth to bear on a situation? 1,747 more words

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Nursing Wounds

All of us have wounds of some kind. Oh, not just the physical scars from surgery or childhood scrapes (my husband has a couple on his forehead from when his siblings played “magic act” and he, as the youngest, had to be the… 1,373 more words

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But That's Not My Spiritual Gift!

Some years ago it was all the rage to do spiritual gift tests. Spiritual gifts are those particular abilities that the Holy Spirit gives people when they are saved by which He wants to work through them to edify the body of Christ. 908 more words

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You Are Always Good

I love this song. The tune was written by Jonathan Hamilton, son of Ron and Shelly Hamilton (of Patch the Pirate fame, for those who know of him.) Jonathan died as a young adult, and… 50 more words

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Receiving Criticism

I recently heard it said of someone that he doesn’t receive criticism well. And I thought, not many people do.

I have to admit, when someone points out something in my life that needs possible correction or attention, my first response is not, “Thank you! 1,279 more words

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