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... Blocked

Writer’s block

a dam, cementing every opening

every window, every crack


the dragons that fly within

their menacing wings bashing the gates;


the scurrying villagers, the shining knights… 76 more words



I am the perseverance that graces my mother’s crown, a woman who lay her life and aspirations to raise her bundle of children. I am her sweat and tears, her tired eyes as she adorns the dining table with her handicrafts, building a home worthy of raising the future influential members of society . 369 more words

Thoughts In My Head

Good Morning :)

I have finally applied for my diploma (who would have thought after graduating I would have to apply and pay $150) and I am registered to take the professional knowledge state test Feb 10. 502 more words


There's No Goodbye, Just Hello

The year 2017 is about to end and I know I’ve been in MIA for such a long time. This is my longest in my entire social media life.  242 more words

Thoughts In My Head

Thinking About Thinking About Stuff

Cogito Ergo Sum

“I think, therefore I am.”

I recently sat through a talk where the speaker used what seemed to me a most pretentious label ever self-ascribed by a person to himself. 794 more words

Thoughts In My Head

I’ll Be Back...

… very soon. ^^

I was MIA for quite a long time. But I’ll try to be active again.


I have noticed my life is like a ladder, every challenge I achieve gets me one step higher. It’s one step at a time.


Oluwakemi xx