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Value of Lost Ones

People say we never know the value of what we have got until we loose it but in reality, We always knew the value, Its just we never thought we will loose it. 340 more words

Thoughts In My Head.

It isn’t you…It’s me…

They are a million ways in which a good friendship can break. And I’m here to tell you about one of the worst ways. The way in which none of them did anything wrong and still a good friendship had gone to waste. 485 more words

Thoughts In My Head

Maybe Hitler is having the last laugh from up there...

​Every news of an attack (no matter the country, people, race, color, sexual orientation or religion) makes me wonder if we survived the horrors of two world wars to only recreate it in the worst possible way…


I Was Away and I am Back

I was gone for a month for my annual leave and I left without notice unless we have a direct contact. *snickers*

Whoops~ Enjoying a cup of coffee before my departure, enjoyed my view with the Palm Jumeirah along the window and yay, me and my sister, prevacation weight. 113 more words


Celebrating Flaws

I celebrate my unskilled hand at art. Tell me who gets to decide what is perfect. Things are flawed. People are flawed. The entire world is flawed. 128 more words


A Taste of Joy

Joy – almost indescribable because it is:

~ more long-lasting and less circumstantial than happiness

~ more stable than giddy elation

~ more passionate than quiet, half-hearted smiles. 246 more words



The month of May is the Handwashing Awareness Month and this year’s theme as per the CDC, “#SafeSurgicalHands.” As part of the health care team especially the surgical team, this is the most important step for us. 147 more words