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Good Morning :)

I have finally applied for my diploma (who would have thought after graduating I would have to apply and pay $150) and I am registered to take the professional knowledge state test Feb 10. 502 more words


There's No Goodbye, Just Hello

The year 2017 is about to end and I know I’ve been in MIA for such a long time. This is my longest in my entire social media life.  242 more words

Thoughts In My Head

Thinking About Thinking About Stuff

Cogito Ergo Sum

“I think, therefore I am.”

I recently sat through a talk where the speaker used what seemed to me a most pretentious label ever self-ascribed by a person to himself. 794 more words

Thoughts In My Head

I’ll Be Back...

… very soon. ^^

I was MIA for quite a long time. But I’ll try to be active again.


I have noticed my life is like a ladder, every challenge I achieve gets me one step higher. It’s one step at a time.


Oluwakemi xx


When This Thing Hit You Hard

I’ve been LSS with this song for a few days now and it just hits my heart. haha!

It’s just all about an unrequited love. It’s in Korean though. 56 more words

Thoughts In My Head

A Not So Fortunate Event

Can I still run? These are the words that were on my mind the past few days.

When this is one of the things that makes me happy and active. 364 more words

Thoughts In My Head