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Looking Back And Looking Forward

No year will never be great. I just can’t imagine that it’s been three years (almost!) since I was away from home celebrating Christmas and soon the New Year. 146 more words

Thoughts In My Head


They make you feel like you’re worth something in their lives and soon you start to resonate. They make you feel special. They make you feel like it’s okay to not be okay all the time. 95 more words

Thoughts In My Head.

A Mixture of Thoughts and Anxiety

I have to pop my pill. It’s been some time the last time I took it. I thought it was resolved. Working out in the morning helped a lot but this time it was something. 57 more words

Thoughts In My Head

"The Julie and Julia Project"

“Julie and Julia” is a book published in the year 2005 and was made into a movie in the year 2009. That’s the movie that I just finished watching and I must say that it was worth each and every second. 548 more words

Thoughts In My Head


One of the things I’ve ever wondered is why is it that we as people go through these daily motions of life? Why do we continue to go to school, and work, and do what we are told, and listen to people without question? 677 more words

Be Yourself

The Mind Museum

We were planning to visit National Museum but we realize we lack of time and my aunt recommended that we go here in Mind Museum. We enjoyed our visit here though we were not that thrilled (me and my younger sister) as we are expecting more. 64 more words


Value of Lost Ones

People say we never know the value of what we have got until we loose it but in reality, We always knew the value, Its just we never thought we will loose it. 340 more words

Thoughts In My Head.