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See Mrs.Mattox when I wake up in the morning knowing you wake up also I tell God thank you because you allowed us to see another day together as 1. 278 more words

Thoughts Of A Man


Understand the reason it falls

understand the reason for laws

understand the reason it has lessons

understand the reason for seasons

understand the reason in reasoning… 95 more words

Thoughts Of A Man


Your the flower that starts to grow
Your my shine that glows
your my wife, my life, that complete me with Christ
Your my sunrise and sunset that I see everyday that is beautiful… 231 more words

Thoughts Of A Man


Behind the trees theres reasons
Where wind cant find its season
A storm will find a path to cross
No matter how rough or soft… 19 more words

Thoughts Of A Man


Bloom Bloom  Bloom

Close your eyes and picture a happy place

somewhere that’s quiet and no one else¬† face

Take a walk with me alone the blue sea… 111 more words

Thoughts Of A Man

The first meeting.

The scene was clear then you walked near

smiling and watching my chocolate style

asking question hoping for a blessing

speaking conversation to realization

just to gain trust to get a relation… 37 more words

Thoughts Of A Man

New Chapter

Been a while since I wrote

but I do have a lot to share with this new note

The tone is very backspaced and things you will embrace… 66 more words

Thoughts Of A Man