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Sweet Slumber

‚ÄčI labor in the night
Sleep is my daily plight
I try with all my might
I always lose rhe fight

I spend daylight perplexed… 40 more words



We meet someone and says we was a match made in heaven

but we be so blind in that new fresh thing that we have… 126 more words

Thoughts Of A Man

Blind behind your own wall.

In all journey you have set backs

most of us become strong because of what we learned

some just don’t get it they just remain hidden… 161 more words

Thoughts Of A Man


In the minds of a uncontrol man

Nice and clear as the white sand

Thoughts reminding of what was

Of the past and what occured… 110 more words

Thoughts Of A Man


See Mrs.Mattox when I wake up in the morning knowing you wake up also I tell God thank you because you allowed us to see another day together as 1. 278 more words

Thoughts Of A Man


Understand the reason it falls

understand the reason for laws

understand the reason it has lessons

understand the reason for seasons

understand the reason in reasoning… 95 more words

Thoughts Of A Man


Your the flower that starts to grow
Your my shine that glows
your my wife, my life, that complete me with Christ
Your my sunrise and sunset that I see everyday that is beautiful… 231 more words

Thoughts Of A Man