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Why the Tarte Shape Tape foundation has ruffled so many feathers

As we all know, with any community of people there is bound to be a difference of opinion and sometimes conflict; the term ‘drama… 861 more words

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What is a beautiful Latina?

As a child I remember wanting to wear makeup so bad, I would see my mother apply her Maybelline liner to her eyebrows and her burgundy lip liner from MAC and I would sit there drooling and gazing at her. 346 more words

Thoughts On Beauty

My Foundation Dilemma

Ugh, the stress. The Fenty beauty line came out with foundations, now Huda Beauty came out with foundation.

Color matching foundation in the worst. You cannot simply look at a foundation and guess the correct shade, you’d be a genius if you can. 361 more words

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Hairy Nose Trend

Never in my wildest thoughts would I have thought I’d blog about a hairy nose trend.

Yes, a hairy nose trend!

I swear Instagram beauty tutorials have no limit. 190 more words

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Extreme Makeup Trends

As long as people are buying makeup, there will always be different trends that come and go. Some are welcomed with open arms and embraced while others are given a wide berth and avoided like the plague. 780 more words

Makeup And Beauty

A Beauty Revolution

The strict rules that once existed in the beauty and fashion industry are being blurred.

When we think about the beauty industry we usually think of 5’7 models with chiseled cheekbones and size 0 waists. 245 more words

Thoughts On Beauty

Does Makeup Snobbery Exist?

Does makeup snobbery really exist?

Does snobbery really exist in the makeup and beauty industry? I would say a definite yes to that question. As a species, us humans have the innate desire to be better than their fellow man, it is sad but true; Darwin’s concept of ‘survival of the fittest’ really does ring true in the makeup world. 1,087 more words

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