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Blooming Beauty

Relativity is a risky sensation, which transforms its design then and there, without any caution. Beauty is the most relative entity in existence. It has not got a fitting definition and can never get one as well. 419 more words

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Sacrifices and the Pursuit of Beauty

After spending an hour fixing my eyebrows and crying a bit over it, a thought occurred to me : do women know what they sacrifice for the sake of beauty?  427 more words

Perspective And Philosophy

To me beauty isn’t something we capture with our eyes. It is something we find within our hearts.

Orion, on a rainy fall morning

Dustin Hoffman's Epiphany

On the theme of beauty, my mom shared on her Facebook page this short video interview with Dustin Hoffman. In 1982, he acted in a movie called Tootsie. 99 more words

A Fresh Face!

Ok…let me begin by saying straight up that I’m not a Spa kinda gal! No, really…I love the ‘after’ of it, it’s the ‘before’ & ‘during’ that I’m uncomfortable with :P There’s no polite way of saying this (although Mark Haddon might know one, but I digress ;)), but I’m a prude! 1,151 more words

Happiness Central

What's "beauty"?

Much as I hate to admit, women can’t run away from the fate (or curse) of trying to look beautiful.
Look at all the profitable businesses out there, most of them targeted this weakness of women, eg: skincare, make-up, slimming, weight management, clothes, accessories, plastic surgery… You name it. 32 more words

Thoughts On Beauty

Winter moisturisers - tried and tested

How quickly it happens… one minute I’ve a lovely golden glow (not from this fair island of ours of course) on my cheeks with only a tube of Garnier’s BB Cream in my make up bag, the next I’m back to dry patches and red blemishes. 552 more words

Thoughts On Beauty...