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Why Not Five Stars?

(Or rather- why not 5 bananas?)

I’ve been doing this a while and one question I’ve had a few times when I post a 4 banana review is: why didn’t you give this 5 bananas? 761 more words


Mother, Where's my country?

Looking for Light in the Darkness of Manipur

This is a very heavy book, I want to say sad, yes, that also qualifies as a decent adjective for this book, but I still prefer heavy. 978 more words


Sunset in Central Park

Frankie Cole never thought love was for her because of her parents divorce. She threw herself into work as a designer for gardens. That was her true passion.

219 more words
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Sleepless in Manhattan

Paige Walker had been the sick girl in her hometown. Paige wanted a fresh start in New York and she was making it but then her dreams will be crushed.

391 more words
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Theirs to Take

Theirs to Take is the forth story to the series Blasphemy by Laura Kaye. This is a series all about the BDSM world that Laura Kaye has created. 183 more words

Thoughts On Books

Thoughts on Books: Pachinko by Min Jin Lee

Pachinko is one of the best and most accomplished novels I’ve read in a year already full of amazing novels (some of which I have written about here). 654 more words

Thoughts On Books

Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story?: Classic vs. Contemporary Curriculum

Today, I listened to the CBC’s Cross Country Checkup [listen here], which this week posited the question: Should high school reading lists be more relevant to today’s kids? 844 more words