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The Heiress Effect

Miss Jane Fairfield was out to make herself look foolish so that no man would want to marry her, which would protect her sister. Jane had become very good at that task until she meets Oliver Marshall.

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A Kiss for Midwinter

Miss Lydia Charingford has lived through her own scandal and had come out with no one knowing anything. Then she will meet up with the man that had been in that room with her parents five years ago who knew the truth of her pregnancy.

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Hard to Be Good

Jeremy Rixey was a fun loving guy but found himself overwhelmed with all that had been happening to his brother and his brother’s teammates. He will find that one person will give him some peace, Charlie, who had suffered his own tragedy.

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Hard to Come By

Derek DiMarzio and his team are going after a lead which has them going after Garza. They know the best way to get to the ex-soldier is through the man’s sister, Emilie.

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Still August

“August came to Florida every year, but it felt like the end of the world every time because of how empty the streets and sidewalks became — everyone stayed inside. 691 more words


Dearest Rogue

Lady Phoebe Batten needed to live her life but her brother the Duke of Wakefield kept her from the life she wanted because she was blind.

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10 Favourite Bookish Feelings

This blog post is a (belated) response to Ashley’s brilliant video: 15 Of My Favorite Bookish Feelings, which is itself a response to Hank Green’s video: … 1,188 more words