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Perfect 10

Katrina was trying to figure out her new phone when she made a big mistake, she linked her bootybook app to her webpage. This mistake let everyone see how she judged the guys she had causal sex with.

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I Kissed a Rogue

Sir Brook Derring was considered a hero but all Brook did was his job. Brook will have to find another person but this time he will not be happy with the person he has to find.

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Mid-way Thoughts

I’m roughly halfway through, and I have to admit, I’m a little disappointed how little of the book is actually from Winter’s perspective. With her tenuous grip on sanity, she’s such an *interesting* character. 15 more words

Marissa Meyer

Garden of Lies

Ursula Kern owns Kern Secretarial Agency with a couple of employees. When one of her employee ends up dead and Ursula knows it wasn’t suicide. She will go in search of answers from Anne’s last employment, she will find help from Slater Roxton her last employer.

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A Traffic Jam of Words

Well, that’s a nice and melodramatic title. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), it’s also pretty accurate.

I’ve been wanting so badly to get back into writing lately, and I’m making some of the right steps–my friend Sally and I are starting to work on projects together (well, we’re showing each other our projects), I’m getting back into reading more and taking more time for words, I’m listening to writing advice podcasts (hello, … 332 more words

Marissa Meyer

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

When I heard that Harry Potter was being continued I was hesitant to buy the book. I had loved Harry Potter and I really didn’t want more because I was satisfied with what I had. 316 more words

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A girl grows in Brooklyn

“This is memory.” ┬áSo says the narrator of Jacqueline Woodson’s Another Brooklyn (HarperCollins, purchased e-book), her first novel for adults in 20 years. As haunting as her memoir in verse, … 405 more words