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Maddie Fitzgerald will find that her life is in danger again. She had done what she could to survive and now it looked like she would have to disappear again, but the FBI agent Sam McCabe was not letting go.

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Trouble is a combination of two books written by Linda Howard. Midnight Rainbow and Diamond Bay are the first two books from the series Rescues. 279 more words

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Prize writers

“What you do to children matters. And they might never forget.” That’s the simple but hard-won message of Toni Morrison’s God Help the Child (Knopf Doubleday, digital galley). 646 more words


Until There Was You

Posey Osterhagen’s life was about to change when the boy she had loved at sixteen came back to her home town. She will find herself falling once again for him but know that in the end he would break her heart.

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Whispers At Midnight

Carly Linton was back in her the home where she moved to when she was a little kid. With the help of her friend they were opening a bed and breakfast for the town but a burglar will make things difficult for them.

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The Ugly Duckling

Nell Calder was an ordinary woman who was a wife and mother but she will find herself in a horrendous situation. Her family will be attacked and killed at a party.

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Merry Christmas, Baby

Chloe was always considered the wild child but then was tamed, to a point, when she found Sawyer and they married. Now years later Chloe finds herself pregnant.

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