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Rebel Without a Cake

Rita Lucero was preparing for Halloween when she will get an offer to make the cakes for one of the biggest events that they would get.

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The Cakes of Wrath

Rita Lucero will be forced to go to a community meeting as she has a temporary seat on the board. Things will start to escalate when Rita will be almost hit by a van.

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Arsenic and Old Cake

The last thing Rita Lucero wanted to do was go to an inn and spy but she was doing it for a friend. Rita and Gabriel will pose as a couple on their honeymoon to try and find out if their friends long lost brother had really surfaced.

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My year of reading women: everything I read in 2016

During 2016, in response to Kamila Shamsie’s similar call to publishers, I committed myself to only reading books written by women. Although I wasn’t blogging last year, I did make a note of all the books I read, and I thought you may be curious to see my final list. 419 more words


Cake on a Hot Tin Roof

Rita Lucero did not want to host the Mardi Gras party but was forced into the role. She will work hard to make the party a success but when one of the guest winds up dead a whole lot of trouble starts for Rita’s family.

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Why I Read YA

I’ve been asked before (very politely) why I, a monkey in my twenties, would read something clearly not aimed at my demographic aka YA. This is especially relevant after I read several naff YA books in a row. 694 more words


Partner Games

Clementine and Georgie were twins who were in the World Race games. Clementine was the nerdy twin and Georgie was the model. The two could not be more unalike but they would do anything for each other.

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