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"If you don't like it, you don't have to read it."

I’ve heard this a lot. Or maybe, read this a lot would be more accurate. Whenever someone has something negative to say about a book they’ve read, this is the go-to response: “You didn’t have to read it.”, “No one forced you to read it.” Or anything along those lines. 111 more words

Bookish Thoughts

First Star I See Tonight

Piper Dove was trying to make something of herself and bring back Dove Investigations. She will get a job but will be found out quickly, though it will turn around when he hires her.

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Thoughts On Books

Mastering Her Senses

Quinton Ross loved his job at Blasphemy but he wanted more. He wanted a partner in and out of the club. Quinton will find that with Cass but he will have to first help her fight her phobia.

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Thoughts On Books

Bound to Submit

Kenna Sloane has been dealing with her own personal demons and she needs a way out. Kenna will take a chance and step back into her old world with the Blasphemy club.

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Thoughts On Books

4th of May - Dodenherdenking

The fourth of May isn’t just Star Wars Day. In fact, I didn’t even know it was Star Wars Day until about two years ago. I’ve never watched the movies. 272 more words

Personal Update

My YA: teen reads from the mid-noughties

The current hype over the Netflix adaptation of Jay Asher’s Thirteen Reasons Why feels quite odd to me. I haven’t watched the series (nor do I intend to), nor do I intend to read the book, mostly because I first read it back in 2008 or so. 685 more words


Hard Justice

Justice Wallington was a hired bodyguard and was not looking forward to protecting a spoiled rich brat. Though when Justice meets Fallon he will discover that she is anything but spoiled or a brat.

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