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Wicked Sexy Liar

London Hughes was happy with her life. She surfed, tended bar, and hanged out with her roommate. Then things change when she meets Luke Sutter. They will have a one night stand followed by a couple more times but London will know it wouldn’t last because of Luke’s reputation and her trust in the opposite sex.

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Dark Wild Night

Lola’s dream was to write her own story and she finally had accomplished that task. Though now her life is in chaos as her comic book is being made into a movie.

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Dirty Rowdy Thing

Harlow Vega liked to experience life and took all that it had to offer especially having fun with guys but since her quickie marriage she hasn’t been successful.

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Sweet Filthy Boy

Mia Holland was done with her college graduation and with two of her friends they went to Las Vegas to celebrate. Mia was ready to let loose which meant a possible one night stand.

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In all honesty, all books are cliches. Who cares if one reads some book that’s full of it. It gives them joy or feeds their overly cliche obsession. 272 more words


Ecological Theme in the Novel Roadside Picnic and Semipalatinsk Nuclear Weapon Testing Field

Heads-up: this post is a bit of a melting pot of different references and languages (it is written in English but refers to some materials in the RussianĀ language). 1,103 more words

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Wedding Night with the Earl

Adam Greyhawke had vowed to never marry again after he lost his wife and child. He never wanted to feel that pain again. When he sees Miss Katherine Wright he immediately wants her but will keep his distance, though he will be tempted to be near her.

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