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Gone reading

I’m on summer vacation, and it’s lovely, with family weddings, old friends, South Carolina peaches, and books, books, books.

Oh, The Essex Serpent (HarperCollins, digital galley). 535 more words

Fantastical Settings

Hello Fiction Lovers!

For the past few days I’ve been thinking about the settings in many of the books I’ve read lately. All of them featured the classic European-esque setting full of fields, castles, and lords/ladies, or the normal urban fantasy setting of a Western city. 347 more words


A Buckhorn Baby

Amber Hudson has been dating Noel for a while and she wants more, but she wants Noel to declare himself first. She had tried everything but nothing was working.

279 more words
Thoughts On Books

Book Review: "The Heart Goes Last"

The Heart Goes Last

By: Margaret Atwood

Page length: 380

Rating: 2 stars

Before I go into any details, you must know something. I have only ever not finished a book once. 744 more words


Brown Eyed Girl

Avery Crosslin was a wedding planner who was trying to make her business profitable. When she lands a big client she is hopeful this will skyrocket her career.

371 more words
Thoughts On Books

Smooth Talking Stranger

Jack Travis was astonished when a woman and a baby showed up at his office claiming the child was his. Jack knew he was not the father but instead of sending them away Jack helped them.

370 more words
Thoughts On Books

Blue-Eyed Devil

Hardy Cates was a self made man and always wanted more and he did all he could to get it. Then he found a woman, Haven.

300 more words
Thoughts On Books