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The Seductive One

Brenna Marcelli passion was the winery but for the last ten years that life had died thanks to her ex husband. She wants to now prove herself that she is good enough to run a winery which will lead her to her family’s nemesis to ask for a loan.

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A Marcelli Wedding

A Marcelli Wedding is a collection of two books, The Marcellie Bride and The Marcelli Princess by Susan Mallery. These are the last two series from the series Marcelli Sisters of Pleasure Road. 370 more words

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E. L. Doctorow

“You may think you are living in modern times, the here and now, but that is the necessary illusion of every age. We did not conduct ourselves as if we were preparatory to your time.” 620 more words


The Sassy One

Francesca Marcelli had a goal to get her degree in psychology which had her doing a social experiment. One of her experiments will lead her to Sam Reese.

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The Sparkling One

Katie Marcelli is a party planner and is landing a big job. The problem was the man who hired her, Zach Stryker, was too good looking and looked liked he was going to become her sisters Father-in-law, and he wanted nothing more to stop the wedding.

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A Creed in Stone Creek

Steven Creed is an attorney who will find himself becoming a guardian of an orphaned five year old boy. He will move to Stone Creek to be near his family and to make a home for himself and Matt.

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Highlander for the Holidays

Jessie Pringle had survived a brutal attack and came out of the attack with scars on the outside of her body and inside. Jessie moved to Maine to start a new life where she was not the victim.

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