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Because of Miss Bridgerton

Billie Bridgerton family were good friends of the Rokesby and everyone always assumed that she would marry Edward or Andrew. No one would expect George as they never worked well together.

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Private Lies

Jax Monroe was pissed at her soon to be ex husband, the man she had thought loved her, but when she found him cheating she knew it was all lies.

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Gillian's Island

Gillian Marlboro is the maid of honor in her sisters wedding. Gillian loves her sister and wishes her the best but it was a lot of work.

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New Orleans

Rose Thayer was the maid of honor for her best friend.  She arrived in New Orleans expecting the usual wedding events but she will find herself being sent to the bachelor party as a stripper to find out if the groom will cheat.

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The Nemesis Affair

Liam Kelly was a retired rugby player and he needed an outlet. With the help of his friend he put out a job application for a professional nemesis.

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'Tis the Season to Be Kissed

Tamara was spending New Years Eve alone at a friends cabin as she didn’t want to make a mistake and sleep with a guy which she had no future with.

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The Rogue Not Taken

Sophie Talbot hated society while her family loved it. She just wanted to get out especially when she insults a duke. Sophie will runaway which will have her sticking close to Kingscote.

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