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Because You're Mine

Lady Madeline Matthews hatched a plan to get herself out of a marriage to a man who was older than her father. She was set out to ruin herself and knew the perfect man to do the job, Logan Scott.

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Somewhere I'll Find You

Julia Wentworth and Damon Savage had one thing in common, they were married to each other and had no desire to be. Their parents had married them off when they were children and as adults neither were wanting to be saddled with a spouse.

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Prince of Dreams

Emma Stokehurst was in love with one man but she could never have him which had her turning towards another. She does not claim to love Prince Nikolas but he allowed her the life she wanted.

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Midnight Angel

Tasia was able to escape her prison and flee from Russia to England. She will find help in her distant cousin who will get her a job as a governess.

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Then Came You

Lily Lawson was reckless and wild and loved to shock London. Her next task was to stop her sister from marrying a man who would not make her happy.

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Only With Your Love

Celia Vallerand was on a ship with her husband who will be killed by the pirates. She will be abducted by these pirates and will fight for her freedon, but there will be no stopping these pirates.

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in the reading room: a few short, random thoughts on The Wicked + The Divine: The Faust Act

I bought this book right off the shelf back in February. I’d never heard of it, but the concept seemed so fun that I just couldn’t resist. 432 more words

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