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Sorry, no you don’t get to dictate taste…

That’s quite the accusatory title, isn’t it? But of course, I don’t mean *you* per se- just the *you* who tells people what they can and can’t like-  796 more words


Cures for Hype!

Hype kills books– how many times have we heard that? There’s a lot of truth to it to be sure. How many times have we all picked up books that had a HUGE buzz about them and ended up disappointed? 874 more words


Catching Captain Nash

Captain Robert Nash was presumed dead for the last five years but he was back home and wanted his life back. He will come home and find his wife was about to be engaged to another man.

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Vampires in America Vol 2

Vampires in America, The Vignettes Vol 2 is a collection of stories from the series. D.B Reynolds had written Vol 1 several years ago which were very enjoyable.

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Predictably Irrational - Dan Ariely

Modern research into behavioral psychology has cemented the understanding that humans are not rationl beings. We do not act in rational ways.

It is interesting to note that much of economic theory and research prior to this understanding was based on the belief that humans do make rational decisions, and all economic models predicted outcomes based on the assumption that humans would always act in their own best interest. 2,055 more words



Raphael has decided it was time to bring the fight to the Europeans. He needed to send a message especially after the most recent attempt to harm his vampires and his Cyn.

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