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Family matters

Thanksgiving, 1948, and Iowa farmer Walter Langdon and his wife Rosanna’s eyes meet over the crowded dinner table: “they agreed in that instant: something had created itself from nothing — a dumpy old house had been filled, if only for this moment, with twenty-three different worlds, each of them rich and mysterious.” 560 more words

Midnight Ride

Tyler Jenkins was working as a ranch hand but will quickly find he will be doing twice the work when he starts to help out a widow.

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Double Dare

Louisa “Lou” Honeycut could not marry a man she didn’t love, so she ran as fast as she could. Lou will need a way to get faraway from her father as quickly as she could, which will lead her to taking an adventure.

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Natural Born Charmer

Dean Robillard stopped when he saw a woman in a giant beaver costume which lead to him giving her a ride. Though Dean will not be able to get rid of Blue and soon will discover that he might want her to hang around.

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Match Me if You Can

Heath Champion wanted a wife and decided to hire a matchmaker to make it happen. Though when Heath set out to hire a matchmaker he wasn’t expecting to hire a second matchmaker, but he found himself not being able to say no to Annabelle.

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This Heart of Mine

Molly Somerville has had a crush on Kevin Tucker for many years and she will finally do something about it when they are both staying in the same house.

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Nobody's Baby But Mine

Dr. Jane Darlington wanted a baby desperately but most of all she wanted her child to be normal. That was why she was looking for a man who was not too smart.

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