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The Valentine

Blair Hansen-Lowry was in love with her husband but insecurities were still present with Blair especially with Valentine’s Day tonight. She will want to do something with her husband but when his plane is delayed things will go from bad to worst.

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The Gambler

Libby St. Clair was expecting the curse to cause havoc on her wedding but everything was going perfectly. Libby will find herself running from her own wedding into a car that was outside the church.

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The Player

Blair Hansen had loved one man who broke her heart and made her wary about trusting. Then five years later she found a man that she going to marry though he was someone she didn’t love as she didn’t believe in it.

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Viscount of Vice

Henry Flynn, Lord Chesham, was a man who led a life that was of pleasure and foolish antics. Flynn will find himself changing when his life gets complicated, his missing brother will be found.

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Confessions of a bookblogger #7 - I don't really like bookish goodies

Yep, I’m not the biggest fan of bookish goodies. Sure, there are things that I like, but mostly something related to books won’t really make me happy. 182 more words

Bookish Thoughts


Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld is an adaptation of Pride & Prejudice. My first reaction when I heard about this book was to jump for joy. 246 more words

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Thoughts on Strangely Beautiful

I finished Strangely Beautiful by Leanna Renee Hieber a little over a month ago and I just have to say, it is amazing. Both parts are wonderfully written, well thought out, and all around, pleasant to read. 134 more words