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Motivational Ponderings

You guys, I just found this super sweet comment on an old post.

You guys are the best! Constantly inspiring me. So, I wanted to take this post to rejuvenate all of us and get us feeling #inspired for the coming week. 120 more words


WEEK 15 -- NCAA, Indiana, Baseball, and Potential Presidential Candidates?


Is it just me or was that a great tournament? There seemed to be little or no controversies over this and that – the referee work got minimal complaints, there were a good number of upsets, and hey, those final four games were as good as we’ve seen. 576 more words

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Is pickle a fruit or vegetable? It is an honest to god question. I don’t mean the English word pickle in different languages. Like the… 254 more words

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Sitting Upside Down

There I was, in my favourite coffee shop, drinking coffee and reading a book like a proper  coffee shop cliché, when a man and two boys, around 4 years old wandered in.   332 more words

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Week 13 - Uncle Dan, in the anniversary month of his leaving us

Here’s to our Uncle Dan – Dan Ruud. He left us too suddenly back in 1989, at a very young age. We miss him yet today. 748 more words

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Week 11 – Minnesota has a 2 Billion Dollar Surplus.  Now what?

Here is what seems to be a recovering economy, the state of Minnesota will be sporting a healthy 1.9 billion dollar surplus.  That is good news – at least in the fact that not so long ago, Minnesota was in a pretty large deficit.  537 more words

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WEEK 10 -- Billboard Brain/Posting “SHARES” on Facebook --- is this YOU?

Subtitle:  No one cares who puts up the billboards, and no one will care if you share something if all you do is put your name to it. 438 more words

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