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Sun Rays

How are you? How’s it going? It’s been awhile, hey!

Nothing eventful has happened since my last post, although I was quite ill last week, and was battling a horrible sinus infection. 444 more words


Regarding the whole transgender bathroom issue (and the ramifications thereof)

Let me take you back four months to Christmas Eve. Raise your hand if you spent a lot of time worrying about the issue I mention above. 326 more words

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Community Theatre as a gift ...

I have been given a gift.

That gift is community theatre.

Upon the upcoming opening of SPAMALOT here in Brainerd, allow me to describe that gift. 555 more words

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Tina Fey’s first shot into dramatic film making

Uninteresting? Yes. Unsatisfying? Yes. This movie was like reading one of those books where you’ve read over half of it, waiting for it to get started, so you don’t want to put it down because you have time invested in it – but then you get to the end and realize you pretty much SHOULD have put it down at about page 15. 392 more words

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March 11th Training

  • Front Crawl (hands and feet, no knees on the ground) for 10 strides
  • 10 traditional pushups
  • Crawl 10 strides then do 9 pushups
  • Follow this format all the way down to 1 pushups, always doing 10 strides with the front crawl…
  • 40 more words
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March 7th Training

This will be your first repeat. Go back and time yourself through Day #1’s routine for 20 minutes. You should already notice some improvement.

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March 2nd 2016

Jailhouse Pushups x 10

Downups (not burpees – don’t do the pushup at the bottom) x 10

rest 30-45 seconds

Repeat cycle for 9, 8… down to 1. 29 more words

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