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You're Enabling Me By Clicking On This

I come to you all in my time of need and seek forgiveness and understanding but mostly your attention. I did something last night I need to get off my chest. 539 more words


Week 34 - Protesting and Demonstrating with a Purpose

I have been a teachers’ union member and have gone to school board meetings when it came to protesting teacher cuts or some other educational issue. 359 more words

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Got Heart? Revisiting an old article 5 years later

sometimes people, EVERYONE, needs some motivation to get their shit together. Life throws monstrosities our way every day. Sometimes we take them in stride and sometimes we don’t. 1,012 more words

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Week 33 Stephanie and Michael and Vance and Steven

Once upon a time, about 30 years ago, I handed an alto clarinet to a new girl in the school.  Julie enjoyed band, (she did pretty well with that horn, as I recall) and we got along well – to the point of where we kidded each other.  646 more words

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Science of pizza being a vegetable

The science of pizza being a vegetable is a highly debated topic that exceeds the reach of our universal ancestors from the past and is clearly a more debated topic than subjects like evolution, the idea of god, the Big Bang. 924 more words

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Week 31 OUTRAGE!


You could make your own list. This one is just a start.

Lions and Dentists
Abortions pro and con
Walleyes and Lake Mille Lacs… 455 more words

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Week 29 - Book Review on Colin Powell ... and why he (or someone like him) should run for president

A Book by General Colin Powell

As I have been taking in the already overloaded and overdone presidential pool that is expounding itself before us, I decided to read about someone other than the standard presidential molded candidate. 482 more words

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