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The necessity of decency in teaching - and elsewhere.

After 34 years of teaching, there’s a whole lot I learned about the profession. Here are three of them.

If I insult students with handicaps . 42 more words

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For at least one day, on our own Independence Day, let’s focus our attention on the word that comes AFTER those hyphens that are so popular nowadays. 272 more words

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Trump and Clinton? Really?

Two years ago, it would have been ridiculous to consider that Hillary Clinton would emerge as the ‘old-school” establishment candidate.

Two years ago, Donald Trump was a mere TV name with some celebrity from his business dealings. 753 more words

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Meanwhile, Downtown at Mac’s Bar . . .

… an effort to write what could be a monologue in a play . . .

Siddown and listen, willya? Look, it ain’t rocket science at all. 539 more words

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MONEY MONSTER; a movie review

Starring George Clooney, Julia Roberts
Directed by Jodie Foster

Take your bigmouth TV economic show-off, add a quick thinking director of that bigmouth TV economic show-off, and multiply it by a very angry, armed small time investor, and you get this movie. 343 more words

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Sun Rays

How are you? How’s it going? It’s been awhile, hey!

Nothing eventful has happened since my last post, although I was quite ill last week, and was battling a horrible sinus infection. 444 more words


Regarding the whole transgender bathroom issue (and the ramifications thereof)

Let me take you back four months to Christmas Eve. Raise your hand if you spent a lot of time worrying about the issue I mention above. 326 more words

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