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Celestial Admin

A friend and I came up with a concept for a comic recently, while watching Supernatural. So far, its an untitled project that follows the lives of angels and demons who work in administration in Heaven/Hell. 79 more words

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Hit the Lights - Training in the Dark to Improve Reaction Time

Ever tried to jump up from a dead sleep in the middle of the night and run as fast as you can to the bathroom in someone else’s house? 854 more words

Watters Performance

Dr Sketchy's Stephen King Cabaret

Tonight I went to see Dr Sketchy’s Cabaret in York, which is a live drawing event that I think happens about four times a year. The theme this time was Stephen King. 366 more words

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Whoever you are, go out and buy yourself a copy of Binti

Today, I had a long train journey and period of travel to complete. This offered an excuse to buy a new book. I am a big sf&f reader normally, but have been disappointed by recent selections of books from these genres. 422 more words

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Due to a number of reasons, but mainly due to falling in with a group of lovely internet creatives, I will be participating in both Inktober and Nanowrimo this year. 1,027 more words

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Buckbeak's been put to Death

Just a quick practice sketch today. I don’t really enjoy drawing landscapes, but was rewatching the Prisoner of Azkaban last night and felt like drawing. In this scene, Hagrid has just learned that Buckbeak’s been put death due at least in part to his actions.

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Argus Art

So, this post is for a Warcraft drawing, for a prompt-based competition I can’t participate in because its in America :( I drew my entry before I read the rules, but that’s ok because drawing it was fun anyway and it only took an evening. 460 more words

Thoughts On Stuff