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Science of pizza being a vegetable

The science of pizza being a vegetable is a highly debated topic that exceeds the reach of our universal ancestors from the past and is clearly a more debated topic than subjects like evolution, the idea of god, the Big Bang. 924 more words

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Week 31 OUTRAGE!


You could make your own list. This one is just a start.

Lions and Dentists
Abortions pro and con
Walleyes and Lake Mille Lacs… 455 more words

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Week 29 - Book Review on Colin Powell ... and why he (or someone like him) should run for president

A Book by General Colin Powell

As I have been taking in the already overloaded and overdone presidential pool that is expounding itself before us, I decided to read about someone other than the standard presidential molded candidate. 482 more words

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You know it has to be pretty unique for individuals to have two separate places to call home. The idea of home varies from one person’s perspective to another. 798 more words

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Week 27 - To My Son on his 27th Birthday

I have seen this guy his whole life. I have seen him grow from that little baby in that first very hot summer (when he was just a few weeks old, we put him in the baby seat and took him to cool off in the theatre while we watched DIE HARD ) . 350 more words

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Week 26 - Heroes and things

When I was in college, Arlo Guthrie had a song out called ALICE’S RESTAURANT. It was cute and fun and satirical. Many of us could still quote lines from that song. 925 more words

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When You Hate What You Love

If you’re sensitive to strong language, stop now. So, here’s my rant for the day…  Those of you close to me know that I’ve been working with a local pro fighter, helping him to get ready for his fight on June 20th in Las Vegas on the Porter / Broner undercard by handling his strength and conditioning work during the 16 week training camp. 677 more words

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