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Week 13 - Uncle Dan, in the anniversary month of his leaving us

Here’s to our Uncle Dan – Dan Ruud. He left us too suddenly back in 1989, at a very young age. We miss him yet today. 748 more words

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Week 11 – Minnesota has a 2 Billion Dollar Surplus.  Now what?

Here is what seems to be a recovering economy, the state of Minnesota will be sporting a healthy 1.9 billion dollar surplus.  That is good news – at least in the fact that not so long ago, Minnesota was in a pretty large deficit.  537 more words

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WEEK 10 -- Billboard Brain/Posting “SHARES” on Facebook --- is this YOU?

Subtitle:  No one cares who puts up the billboards, and no one will care if you share something if all you do is put your name to it. 438 more words

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The IMITATION GAME – A brief review and the social question “IS THIS HOW WE TREAT OUR ACHIEVERS?”

(only because I want to discuss the ending, and that’s not possible without giving some things away) 829 more words

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WEEK 7 – The Lynch Attitude, The Grammy Awards, and Boston

Marshawn Lynch and Kanje West and the guy from the Red Sox

The attitude continues as we have others who are gladly carrying on the soul of Marshawn Lynch and his ever so kind attitude towards the fans that he displayed at the past Super Bowl events. 428 more words

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So you may have noticed I haven’t posted a post in quite a while. That’s because I decided to take some time off and concentrate on working on the plethora of writing projects languishing in my computer. 615 more words

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Marshawn Lynch, Meet Ernie Banks. Learn from him.


This week, Baseball Hall-of-Famer Ernie Banks died at the age of 83. He played for the Chicago Cubs for his entire career.

This week, Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch very reluctantly appeared at an event as part of the Super Bowl in Arizona. 375 more words

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