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Indie Author Day

Next Saturday, October 8, 2016, is Indie Author Day. Libraries across the nation will host events related to authors who publish through small independent presses and self-publishing. 208 more words

Writing Spot

Can You Maintain Your Identity As A Writer?

It’s all right there––in your head. Your dream project, your book. You know what you will say in it, you know what it will look like. 493 more words

Thoughts On Writing


It has been a very long time since I wrote a post for this blog. If I go back to this time last year, My life was turned upside down. 256 more words


Art is Long and Life is Short . . .

How do you handle waiting while you are working on your art? (And believe me, it is art if you are dedicated to your craft.) I handle waiting by continuing to write, even without knowing if my effort will pay off. 165 more words

September 26, 2016

Two things happened today.


I finished my personal challenge of writing 20,000 (good quality) words in four days. It hasn’t quite made up for the fact that my WIP was stalled for weeks before that. 265 more words

Thoughts On Writing

Writers and Social Media


Writers and Social Media

This is a contentious topic – all the social media gurus out there are telling you to promote yourself, to network, and keep sending your message out there, ‘cuz it helps develop your brand identity and sooner or later somebody’s gonna listen. 1,354 more words

Liz McAdams

Ask Jen- September 25th

Hannah asked “How do you come up with collection names?”

For general things that don’t have a theme, it’s normally just the most interesting poem title that I use, but if it has a theme, I can normally come up with something a bit more interested that will describe what I’m writing about. 229 more words