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No Talent? Too Old to Write?

I read the most disheartening article about writing today — a rarity among a supportive community of writers out there who write valuable posts on writing.   434 more words

Thoughts On Writing

Temelephas is Plodding On!

After years of writing and editing … banging my head against a wall and editing some more, Plod On, Sleepless Giant exists. It is no longer a dream, or a figment of my imagination, lurking in the back of my mind. 294 more words

Thoughts On Writing

The Twisted Path

For almost the last three weeks I have been very ill. Something that doesn’t happen often! I was only permitted back to work this Wednesday gone. 409 more words

A Memory of Reading: The Elemental Masters - The Fire Rose

The Fire Rose, the first book in what would become the Elemental Masters, by Mercedes Lackey, is one of my most cherished books of all time.  407 more words

Thoughts On Writing

And back to normal

The day after I get an acceptance from a literary publication, I get another rejection which I expected. Back to normal indeed. Or back to jadedness?


Writers Should Network

I know that I should network to advance my writing aspirations. But knowing doesn’t mean doing, at least for someone like me, whose default is looking inward, not outward. 483 more words

Thoughts On Writing


After so many rejections, when you get an acceptance, sometimes you just want to cry because you feel like someone finally gets you.