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The Little Story That (Almost) Could(n’t)

This is a story about a story that was accepted three times but almost but not quite ended up nowhere.

My flash fiction piece, “Apparition on the Threshold,” was born out of an exercise in my… 854 more words

Thoughts On Writing

imposter syndrome

Do you know what imposter syndrome is?  I don’t know a single creative who isn’t plagued by it at some point in their career, if not through their whole career. 349 more words


The (Absolutely Not) Melodramatic Poem

I had an assignment in college many years ago to write a poem and I struggled.  Oh boy, did I struggle! I never considered myself a poet.  225 more words

Shop Around the Future

You know I am hand lettering fan, and I love to make handmade cards (former life, remember?) Today, I started thinking about the beauty in handmade.  592 more words

Guest Author - Auston Habershaw (again)


Auston, aside from having the most Bond villain name ever, is a fellow Harper Voyager author. If the name sounds familiar, and how can it not? 1,174 more words

Thoughts On Writing