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Thoughts on Completing My Novel’s Second Draft

It took an entire year.

In not even counting the two months where I purposely did no writing at all, it took an entire year to write the second draft of my historical fiction novel-in-progress, which amounted to a complete rewrite of my first draft. 1,541 more words


The Dark Art of Newsmastering

My main paid work involves writing blog posts by rewriting original content, usually accident reports from different online newspapers.  It’s the same thing a newspaper does when they take copy from the Associated Press or other press syndicates and turn it into a story that matches their editorial style. 370 more words

Cherry Blossoms

The above is our second and shy third cherry blossoms this spring–less one petal. The first blossom fell to the recent cold front that also sent blizzard Stella roaring into the northeast. 432 more words

Thoughts On Writing

where do we go from here?

I’m sure a lot of writers get repeatedly asked the question about where our inspiration comes from, how do story ideas start. I can’t answer for others, but for me they literally come from everywhere. 301 more words


When Is Determination Insanity?

A popular saying is that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Then what would you make of Jack London who suffered 600 rejections before getting his first story accepted? 81 more words

The Parable of the Madman

If prose is the meal, poetry is the dessert. Nietzche’s writing might not be true poetry but it is poetical. I read and I am in awe. 581 more words

Applying to More Literary Reviews

The creative nonfiction essay I’ve been submitting to various outlets (internal link) has again been rejected. That makes six rejections so far. Today I submitted it to six more Reviews, three of them open call, two of them contests, one of them an award. 105 more words