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Google Makes You Think You Are More Popular Than You Are

Google’s search engine may place your posts and pages higher in returns on your machine than anyone else’s.  If I search for “creative nonfiction,” for example, I find two of my posts listed on their first page of returns. 126 more words

Love Your Writing

I have a confession to make: I like the stories I’ve written; the short stories for my current project, my random drabbles, the novel I’m working on, pieces I’ve written for writing challenges. 470 more words


Fanfiction Vs Plagiarism – The Epic Battle (/Discussion)

Going into this post was a bit like staring down a can of worms that didn’t even belong to me. I had no business taking it, no desire to touch the thing and cracking it open will probably be considered grossly out of order. 816 more words


Sunday Sessions #06 - When my hands starting getting twitchy...

Welcome to Sunday Sessions, where I ponder some aspect of writing that has popped into my head over the last week or so. I’ve had to put my own writing on the backburner the past couple of weeks in favour of much less pleasurable things like job applications. 508 more words


The Forms of Anime Reviews

Reviews come in many shapes and sizes, but they’re often written in prose.

I don’t think that reviews should be constrained to a certain form. I do agree that some forms may be better for communicating your points in some posts, and that some ideas are better than others, but there are so many different ways we communicate–texting, Twittering, billboarding (are those two words?), Yelp reviewing, and all that–which all highlight what we know about the world, so why not try experimenting? 238 more words


The Mystery of it All

Gazing at the Spring 2017 issue of the Writer’s Digest Yearbook: Writing Essentials, I was struck by the young lady pictured on the cover. (passive voice, I know). 1,077 more words

Thoughts On Writing

The Bible According to Quentin Tarantino

Director Tarantio is known for reimagining many things, perhaps most famously for his reimagined ending of World War II in Inglorious Basterds. But I like the most what he did with the Bible in Pulp Fiction. 750 more words