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I have a confession.  I have almost made it to the ending of my book and my life got super crazy and I used it all as an excuse to not write.  245 more words

Where Do Non-Fiction Writers Go to Pen Their Great American Novel?

I thought once I got my book contract (internal link) I’d be ushered into the world of midnight coffee shops and cafes, the province of creative types discussing Flaubert and Nietzsche. 269 more words

Inspirational Writing Quotes #1

I’m gathering inspirational writing quotes and compiling them into collections. Here’s a slideshow of collection #1!

(Note: You can view these quotes in video form on my Facebook page here:  29 more words


Email to a Teen Writer: You Won't Be a Starving Artist

I got a lovely email with thoughtful questions from a young writer today. I thought I’d share her questions and my answers for anyone interested. 1,401 more words


Going. Going. Gone. My Muse is acting like a yo-yo that has been shot into outer space and has lost the energy to return to my outstretched palm. 190 more words


What Will God Do When You Die?

Ranier Maria Rilke (internal link) was not the first to suggest that perhaps God depends on us as much as we on him, but Rilke was certainly the most gifted when it came to conveying that thought. 119 more words

Plum Crazy

Violet or as we more commonly call it purple is not common in nature and this brings a special meaning to the color.  It is considered delicate and precious most often seen in flowers.   499 more words