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Flash Fiction for Carrot Ranch

I’m trying to leave my novel alone for a few weeks so I can read it with “fresh” eyes and polish it. Again. This polishing will be the fourth draft on… 328 more words

Personal Journey

Fact vs. Fiction

The first time I remember sitting down to write outside of school, I was nine and I filled an 80-page Hilroy spiral-bound notebook from front to back. 752 more words

Thoughts On Writing

The Lowest Form of Poetry

A limerick is a strictly structured device used to deliver the most appealing nonsense and the most amazing precision. It has been called, without hostility, the lowest form of poetry. 548 more words

Children's Books From Around the World

I love children’s books, even as an adult with no small children of my own, I often times walk through the sections in a traditional bookstore dedicated to the genre. 60 more words

Thoughts On Writing

What is success in writing for free?

I’ve been lucky as a writer and I’ve been too sensitive. I was lucky in that my first few stories got good ratings even though the writing technical was awful. 415 more words

I Hurled My Youth Into A Grave

Robert W. Service was a little like Kipling (internal link). They were contemporaries, although continents apart. Both adventurers, they lived the life they wrote about. … 665 more words

Sherman Alexie and Me

Sherman Alexie is an American Indian. He’s also a writer. My Native American roots have given me an almost non-existent nose, high cheekbones, and a convenient dearth of body hair. 527 more words

Personal Journey