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Hello (again)

Hello world of blogging,

I’m back, again. Maybe this time I’ll actually stick around for more than two or three posts before vanishing for a year, popping up to make another two posts, and then vanishing again. 762 more words


Writing Woes

I think all the writers out there will feel my pain in a moment here, but I must admit it’s my own doing. Hence why I am not raging at the moment in this post… 354 more words


We’re buying a h-h-house. *Waves hands in the air like a mad woman*

Just realized the chaos that ensues. Imagine the cartoon that’s stuck its finger in a light socket. 85 more words


Writing...Love...Bad Boys...and Cervical Screening...(It's Not Depressing- Honest!!)

I’m writing this post in response to something I read on the writer Kelly Martins Facebook page last night. I was shocked by its honesty; the raw emotion behind her words poured through and made me think. 951 more words

Aspiring Writer

It's All Coming Back to Me Now

Only a few life altering events that happened since last I wrote: my best friend Melissa Weaver (now Baker) got married (giving your best friend away is actually a lot harder than a person would think), I got a new car (because I have awesome people in my life who were giving their car away), lost some weight because I got to start exercising again as per the doctor’s decree and started a new medicine that doesn’t make me sick, had baby kittens born under my house, started using Snapchat, and last but not least my writing is coming back to me. 442 more words

Thoughts On Writing

Should writers watch word count?

A recent Microsoft study concludes that the average human attention span has fallen from twelve seconds to eight since 2000. Apparently that’s less than the attention span of a goldfish. 402 more words

Thoughts On Writing

Storymakers 2015: recipes for sauces of awesomeness in writing (character, conflict, stakes)

LDStorymakers Conference was this weekend, and it was fantastic. I wish I could download everything I heard and saw and share it with everyone–it was inspiring and enlightening and invigorating. 671 more words

Thoughts On Writing