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New Flash Fiction: The Daytime People

Today I had a flash fiction piece published in a new online journal, Edify Fiction. It’s called “The Daytime People” and was directly inspired by an afternoon I spent observing people in a fast food restaurant here in Tucson.  101 more words

Thoughts On Writing


There’s an interesting and illuminating article in today’s New York Times about one writer’s successful struggle to land a variety of high profile gigs. Key to his story is how many writing assignments he did not get. 227 more words

BEDM: A Reader Who Writes

Recently, I’ve been getting more into writing again. When I was younger, I used to write quite a lot, be that fanfiction, short stories or even just diary entries each day or week. 751 more words


I'm Going On A BioBlitz

This summer the U.S. National Park Service is holding a BioBlitz at Great Basin National Park in northeastern Nevada. This three day event this year will focus on lichens. 200 more words

What If Civil War Monuments Were Books?

There’s a deeply disturbing trend to remove Civil War monuments and to rename parks, schools, and streets whose subjects are no longer in favor. Librarians and scholars, on the other hand, celebrate banned books, publications so controversial in their time that people weren’t allowed to read them. 154 more words

Thoughts On Writing

What Is Literature? — Continued

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It might be said that literature aspires to something higher, art perhaps. Artistic merit. Perhaps.

None of the reporting I’ve done, the blogs for trial lawyers that I write, none of the magazine articles I’ve ever worked on could be considered literature or art. 370 more words

A new way to write...

Why is it sometimes so hard to write? How come that the demon inside my head telling me that every little word I write down is just another word in a long line of wasted energy in something nobody will read anyway? 593 more words