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Quotation Quest: Fairies and Their Dimunition

A quotation which I cannot find now has long stayed with me. As I can best recollect, the saying was that elves and fairies still exist, but they’ve become smaller and smaller as people think about them less and less. 361 more words

Fiction reveals truths

How does a good fiction writer reveal the truths that reality obscures? There are two ways: by what she tells us, and by what she leaves out of the story. 183 more words


Why's and Woes of Today

Quotes and Thoughts from a writer who thinks too highly of herself.

Part 1. The Why’s of Today

Why do I want to be a writer? 317 more words


Don't Wait to Write

This is an amazing TedxTalk it will encourage you as a writer!  When I first saw this, it sure did get me to make some very clear and specific goals. 27 more words

Are you paying attention

As a writer, I have an obligation to pay attention to the world.  I have a duty to report the findings to my readers in my written words.  459 more words

Now that I think about it…

Let’s dive into something fun, shall we?   The topic, writing introspection. The only thing that can kill your story faster than too much character introspection is a data dump.  796 more words

I am so over it!

Hey there, I hope your weekend was fantastic! Earlier this week someone asked an interesting question that left me mulling it over, and asking how I would answer it.  347 more words