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Plot or Characters – Which Matters More?

Hi, everybody!  Today I wanted to address the topic of Character-Driven stories versus Plot-Driven stories.

In general, a Plot-Driven story is one in which the plot events are the focus of the story.  864 more words


Continuing Work at Catalogs.com

In between other writing assignments and classes, I continue to write articles for Catalogs.com. This is a content generation site, what some might call a content mill. 36 more words

A Plea to Magazine Publishers

I’d like commercial magazine publishers who don’t respond to e-mails to pull any submission guidelines from their websites. There’s no reason for that information to be there when the publisher has no intention of responding. 123 more words

Thoughts On Writing

The Writer, the Novel, the Ending

Two guests from afar.

I want to talk about “novel endings” but first a bit of history. Back in the nineties, I taught a course in Modernist Literature. 621 more words

Thoughts On Writing

Third Person Narration, Present Tense

Tycho’s Lament. With Apologies to F. Scott Fitzgerald.

He approached the plastic food bowl warily, as if it were an unexploded bomb. His nose twitched, seeking out acceptable airborne molecules. 1,432 more words

The Art of Avoidance

Work on novel.

A girl has gotta eat, right? Better make some lunch.

And you can’t write while you eat, so maybe just one episode of  279 more words


Poets&Writers is to the literary writing community what Writers Market is to the commercial writing community. The two sites overlap in their mission here and there but the comparison mostly holds. 79 more words