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Harvest Moon

The moon over North Alabama, October 6, 2017.

The earth rolls eastward, away from the moon, the lovely full moon. All night long, it illumes not only the vast plains of middle America, the mountains east and west, the lakes and the valleys, but also, the small spaces of my back yard, the rose bushes in the front, the steps, the floor of our bedroom. 312 more words

Thoughts On Writing

Should You Market Yourself As A Niche Writer?

Is there any advantage in selling your writing by specialty? In other words, instead of advertising yourself as a freelance writer, would it be better to emphasize the work you do best or most often? 340 more words

October 2nd Edition of "Tolliver Tales"

Tolliver Tales Aug 2017 copy

In this edition I relate (as best I am able) my approach to creating plot for books in the Zack Tolliver, FBI series, and how it differs from others of a similar genre. 12 more words

Thoughts On Writing

Writing Recipe - Summer to September

This past summer I drudged up the courage to go to my first writing conference, the Pacific Northwest Writers Association Conference in July, 2017.

It was crushingly amazing. 823 more words


The pros do it too

I finished Dick Francis’ “Driving Force” two days ago. I noticed at some point he used “heard” instead of “herd”. Even bestsellers by veteran authors have tiny errors. 21 more words

Out of the Mist

Alabama fog in September

Recently I’ve been “out of it,” as it were. In a fog. Trying to find my way. One morning I decided to watch a motivational video on YouTube. 712 more words

Thoughts On Writing

Fact vs. Fiction

Meet Me Back Here Edition 

Although Meet Me Back Here, Alright? is a fictional story, inspiration came from countless tiny moments which dotted my young life, giving colour to the characters, settings and plot points of the book. 1,615 more words