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Sally Ember--*CHANGES*, Conversations between Authors

I was really nervous taking part in *CHANGES* with Sally Ember this morning. I had never done anything close to a live show, whether it be a television, internet, or radio program. 231 more words


Money and Art

It’s a pretty taboo topic for many.  I’m pretty open about my salary.  If you ask me, I’ll tell you because I work for a public university and you could just look me up if you wanted to. 2,280 more words

Thoughts On Writing

The Value of a Writing Group

I have three friends who like to write, just like me, but have trouble making time for writing, just like me.  Therefore, we have created our own “Inkling” type group.   365 more words

My Writing Journey


This article is for readers and, of course, writers who are readers, as all writers must be. So perhaps this article is for everyone, other than those who disdain either reading or writing (poor souls). 647 more words

Thoughts On Writing

Daily Word Count Goals

I read the other day that most writers aim for between a thousand and three thousand words a day. And normally I would’ve agreed that it was a great goal for writing. 399 more words


More thoughts on writing

Writers. I consider there to be two major classes of writers and then two sub-classes of writers.

First, there is the writer who can only write from an experiential perspective. 808 more words

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Leave a little

I just now came down out of my rooftop hammock where I was alternating between rereading some vintage ’70s Heinlein and thinking about the nature of my last post – Was it complete? 491 more words

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