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The Weird World of Writing Ideas

Sometimes a writer’s brain is a strange one. So without further ado, here is my list of top five strange writing ideas I’ve had in the recent and the not-so-recent past. 290 more words


Sidewalk Writer: An Introduction

Every year I write a page of New Year’s Resolutions.

I’ve learned to keep them simple and small.  Yet despite my care in crafting them, I have never fulfilled all of my resolutions (the exercise regularly goal keeps destroying me). 279 more words


A Shout Out to the Nice Guys

So book two is in editing, and while I waited I am starting book three. I am excited to be working on the final book in the trilogy, because the love interest is based on a guy who really gets off and pleasing women, and it’s going to be a lot of fun to write him. 45 more words

Thoughts On Writing

A Complete Failure: My Three Year Attempt At Novel Writing

Three years ago I started writing a novel.

It wasn’t my first as I had written another really bad one about the Holocaust, but I was more optimistic about this one. 496 more words

Why An Audio Book?

The hot topic in my writing circles lately is audio books. I sense a fascination among my fellow authors. Several have made them, many want to make them. 663 more words

Thoughts On Writing

English is a Thug

I used to be a teacher in South Korea. This is harder than it seems. The Korean language is very logical. In fact, it’s made of an interlocking alphabet of completely phonetic letters. 138 more words

Thoughts On Writing

The (Mostly) Boring Writer's Life

While waiting in a coffee shop at the hospital for a loved one to be discharged, I moped over a smoothie that life wasn’t nearly as exciting as an episode of… 202 more words

Thoughts On Writing