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A Shameless Plug for Pinterest

I’m not much of a social media fan.

I do have an account on Facebook, but I don’t post much and I rarely read others. 326 more words

Margaret Perdue

Breathing Life into My Story

This is the year I finish at least one fiction manuscript, and thereby live out the fraction of those thousands of lives. Some of the lives available to me include… 210 more words

Writing Life

Just how BIG is a big word?

After a recent discussion on the use or non-use of BIG words in writing, I had to stop and think…what exactly do we mean when we say BIG WORDS? 410 more words

Thoughts On Writing


After publishing my last post, The Author and Reading, I resumed work on my current novel, Fool’s Journey. I was working on the scene is one where our sleuth, Josephine DuBois, first views the victim at murder scene. 263 more words

Ribbing your spouse about having sex with someone else

I just can’t imagine someone joking about their spouse having sex with someone else. It’s pretty common in the stories on LitE. I read a couple of examples recently: 300 more words

Writing & Careers

It’s true that creative degrees usually get picked on, at least in my experience both as someone who studied creative writing AND as a college recruiter who interacts daily with college-bound students and their parents. 551 more words

The Author and Reading

“The greatest part of a writer’s time is spent in reading, in order to write; a man will turn over half a library to make one book.” 154 more words