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Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.

-Og Mandino

Mental Health


Written by Jacob Ibrag

Stories so flawless or so she

preaches. She blows smoke and

we inhale it. It’s her world and we’re

the static characters. 57 more words


Milk Chocolate Eloquence

Throw open autumn. They have

returned, August sun in their faces.

And you, who have accomplished

little and not much, who are struck

that a gift of tangelos are love’s flame, 63 more words


{Thoughts}: Today

In the city of broken hearts, I watched an aircraft rise up, up, and toward the clouds. The clouds were heavy and gray, pregnant with rain. 218 more words


Let's Talk Lingerie

To some, it signifies sexual liberation or not liberation and to others its a friendly or not that friendly support for the wooblybags. Some are OK with talking about it and others well, not so much. 870 more words

Meeting new people.

Meeting new people is the most amazing thing ever. Just getting to know another person and learning all the things that make them… them. I just love learning new things from other people. 148 more words