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Talking out our insecurities

“Lindsay, everything cool I ever had, I have no idea, I’ve never seen it again. I have nothing, basically. … You know, it’s actually a good lesson.

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Life, Pretty Much

One Day

One wooden log at a time

I’d build a cabin

And call it mine

It’d be shaded by

Beautiful aged trees

To shelter and embrace me… 60 more words



A stone carved a rune for fortunes to be told. A stone carved into my heart for feelings to be sold.A stone carved memories into the tree for time to stand still.A stone carved lines on to the road for travellers to follow the unknown.A stone carved blood onto my forehead for anger to be known.A stone carved ripples on the waters for how farther to go.A stone carved into me for I feel alone.



Cosmos are cosmic!

Once, when I was in Korea, a friend brought us to a flower festival in Jeongeup City, a two-hour drive from Jeonju. To be honest, I was not expecting much. 213 more words


Chafar ó Tolerar

Escrito por Autor Invitado, Marci Ramirez | Guest Author
Traducido por BENJAMÍN D. KNOTT

Los cuadros vívidos que pinta Salomón describiendo las cosas que ocurren en la vida me han sido de mucha ayuda. 521 more words

The Blindside

The fight I lost.

The time for poetry is no more. The time for patience is long gone. I try to keep calm, but that is almost impossible to do as I watch every piece of the puzzle I once was disappear with every heart break. 243 more words


Silent prayer

Silent Prayer

Mouth is quick
But heart not able
To follow
To put tongue
In hand

Oh my Creator
Let my thoughts be water
And words be sun… 40 more words