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Mahal ko o Mahal Ako.

Mahal ko o Mahal ako?

Nakita mo ang pamagat?

Hindi tandang pananong kung hindi, tuldok.

Sapagkat tinutuldukan ko ang mga katagang ito.

Hindi ito ‘yung kanta ni KZ Tandingan. 425 more words


Health Obsession

It seems we’ve become
A society focused on health
Not necessarily good health
Maybe obsessed with health

All the drug commercials
With more side effects mentioned… 266 more words


I am inimitable / I am an original

This past week has been a learning opportunity and I thought I will pen down some thoughts while I am still at it. This week, I discovered a piece of work that has a similar concept to  1,065 more words

How it went?

I loved you yet you made me feel that I wasn’t good enough
I chose to to be strong yet you dragged me to a never ending pain… 154 more words

Evening thoughts... 

“Joy descends gently upon us like the evening dew, and does not patter down like a hailstorm”

Jean Paul, German novelist (1763-1825)

Daily Life