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What a gift...

Several weeks ago, my husband and I gifted an acquaintance of mine with a practical item they very much needed. It cost us several hundred dollars but we felt it was an important gift to give because this person had just gone through an extended time of unemployment and financial difficulty. 388 more words

Repetitious Redemption

Society throughout the historic narrative, as well as each individual comprising it, seems to experience a constant cycle of redemption. Through ignorance, man errs. And upon learning of his mistake, man strives to make amends. 165 more words


Not the façade - beneath

Sometimes I wonder, does anyone really see me? Not the façade – beneath the flesh, behind the eyes. Look into my eyes, I dare you. Look deeper. 321 more words

On A Wing and A Prayer


You are sitting on an airplane travelling to your next destination.  Your seat is in the first-class section.  The flight attendant hands you your hot towel and takes your drink order.   378 more words

Daily Word Prompt

Quiet Morning

Anthony woke up at 8:30 this morning and somehow fell back to sleep around 9:45. I thought for sure he would wake up the minute I laid him down, he didn’t. 209 more words


Rewind repeat

I don’t like




My mind



like a disturbed



Then I miss



Trouble returns,



The Occasional Poetry Of Peter J. Thomas

Food for thought 

​I had to write this. Yes.

I don’t get people. I don’t get society.

We seem to have a particular definition of right and wrong, of good and bad, of beauty and nasty. 231 more words