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Sadness; Happiness

“You cannot protect yourself from sadness without protecting yourself from happiness.” –Jonathan Safran Foer


Home is Not a Place...it's a Feeling.

When I was in my adolescent stage, back in high school and in campus, I hated the idea of staying home during the weekend. I would rather be somewhere with my friends, never cared how much stress I gave my father. 298 more words

Live And Learn

Cie Baper

YK, Valentines Day 2016.

All I know is that she makes me smile; without her presence besides me, without contacting her through advanced human technology, without even purposely thinking about her, she could make me smile even though I’m on the verge of breaking down. 697 more words


Resolution Tracker- September '16

I spent this entire month studying and I had exams. I still feel worried when I look back at this month, I am so impossibly relieved my exams are over and done with. 287 more words


Different Worlds

She is a human. He is a fictional one.

She is real and lives in the real world. He is fictional and lives in the fiction world. 537 more words



Is it better to apologize to someone for something they likely don’t know you did (like if it was a bad thought or judgement made but it steered you a certain way regarding them) or allow them to continue not knowing,just let the dust settle and make adjustments going forward to rectify the situation with them none the wiser?

Moments And Musings

One of the best assets I may have isn’t a talent or possession. It’s a decision that I have to make every single day – the decision to be teachable.