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Things I Don't Want to Write About

Throwing paint on this canvas

and seeing what it draws
maybe in between the splashes

people will see what I mean

more clearly then if it was just a picture… 303 more words

A Gift, At The End

I’ve talked before about my mother in law, Mamacat, and all I’ve been through in the last couple of years with her. Ever since her husband had his stroke, I’ve been her driver, house hold helper, cook, and, since her health started to fail in the last year, her full-time nurse. 1,323 more words


I'm drunk

So, I am sitting here a little tipsy… correction, a lot tipsy. I am sitting here a lot tipsy listening to the song Work Song by Hozier (Because he is a fucking BOSS). 123 more words


Busy Bee

June. What a month. It seems like it’s been nothing but busy from the start. Between starting my career (YAY!), volunteering with foster care kids at camp, and working a second job, it feels like I’m on the go every moment of every day. 275 more words


Simple things to do!

What do you want to do?

This is perhaps the most commonly asked question to us, by everyone around us!
Some of the other close relatives of this question are…

66 more words

should i be embarassed?

Hell no. hell freaking no. never, never ever NEVER.

ladies, don’t ever be embarassed of doing something u agree is right. women have been the subject of violence, bullying and belittlement since the beginning of time. 103 more words