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Sights of Madeira: the Bride's Veil

It is a very interesting and yet, a quite obvious metaphor, to name a waterfall. I had never thought that a waterfall could resemble the veil of a bride, but someone did, particularly for this one. 97 more words


5 Lessons I Learned From A Breakup

Source: Medical News Today.

Hey, folks.

Earlier this month, I went through a romantic breakup. It was what I consider my first-ever, “official” relationship, and it was a tough call to have to let someone go. 1,550 more words


Year 3! I guess I may be deeply wounded.

I shouldn’t be counting anymore and I wasn’t. But this is the cool thing about journalling – you write shit that you felt a year or 2 ago then you check back and realise how much have changed (or have not) and this is how precious time is. 469 more words



우리는 과연 깨달음이 있을까

항상 같은 실수를 반복하고 또 반복한다.

깨달음이란 절대적인것일까?

나는 그렇게 생각하지 않는다.

모든 일은 항상 똑같이 일어나지 않는다. 비슷하더라도, 그게 다 그렇다고 결론 짓는 것은 위험한 행동이라고 생각한다. 21 more words


Why So Serious?

I’ve said it before—I’m a klutz. One evening I stumbled over a stool that was large enough to see, even with my eyesight. I thought to myself, “Being clumsy is no laughing matter.” Immediately a big grin spread across my lips and I thought, “Yes it is.” 188 more words