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The 10 Piece Wardrobe

Earlier today I was reading one of Modern Mrs Darcy’s blogs about reducing your wardrobe to 10 pieces not counting outerwear, sweaters, shoes, and such. This has something to do with the fallout from a book by Jennifer L. 248 more words


The perks of having me as your girlfriend:

(1) You get one hell of a hug buddy.

(2a) You will never be late for screenings of awesome incoming movies because I always make sure to be at the theater at least an hour or two before the screening because…well…queues of people make me uncomfortable so I would much rather be as punctual as possible. 870 more words


M A Y 2 2 - 2 8

Graduation season is filled with bittersweet-ness. Even though I am not graduating just yet, the sentiments still get to me none-the-less. I’ve come to appreciated all the hangouts,¬†friends, and conversations¬†I’ve taken for granted. 166 more words


Perhaps fear is the true enemy of love.

Fear of pain, rejection, being inadequate, or losing someone/something. It’s what holds us back from fully embracing love that often presents itself to us in ways we can’t understand. 85 more words


One Year Anniversary

It has been an entire year since the day the trailer arrived! I may not be as far along as I had hoped, but it’s been great so far and I look forward to the future! 138 more words

Random Thoughts

Just be you

Im finally realizing after so long that I was holding back from being me.

I stopped dressing how I liked dressing because people would say things like “what are you wearing” or “what were you thinking” when I wore my pink, or white cowboy boots everyday. 211 more words