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The Heat Is On

And to think I once thought my PMS was annoying. The cramping, the headaches and downright bitchiness that was the bane of my existence these past decades was a cake walk compared to the hot flashes I’m having now. 316 more words


Being lonely, being alone.

I’m going to say something now that I never thought I would ever say: I think I’m a people person. When university ended for summer this year, I was so ready to have some time to myself and dive into all the things that I love doing, but haven’t been able to do because of the workload as a student. 528 more words

Thoughts on privilege, chance, and being a woman in America

I love books that make you more aware, that open up your mind to the happenings of this unbelievably large world. I’m currently reading a beautifully, tragically eye-opening bestseller called… 658 more words


Seattle, end of November

palid groans of gulls punctuate the silence of shipyards
above currents of prenatal ice blossoms in a bay

like unmixed wine in a frosted bowl… 86 more words

Thoughts #154

“Sit and enjoy the concerto of my emotions and thoughts.”

Manuel Osornio

En Español:

“Sentate y disfruta del concierto de mis emociones y pensamientos.”

Manuel Osornio

I'm Stuck

Feeling like you should be doing more.
Feeling like you are settling.
Not knowing the direction you want to take your life.

I am watching my little sister prepare to start High School in a month; One of my older sister’s just bought a house, the other is looking for a career move, while the other is expecting her second child. 402 more words


Written by Jacob Ibrag

‘Can I keep you?’

She stopped reading

and stared into his mind

through his inquiring eyes.

Brushing his golden brows

with her decisive fingertips. 19 more words