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Late night ramblings (1)

Hope you are all doing fine, so I finished my finals ! They went well and i’m just glad it’s over (Not for too long though but the one week vacation is very welcomed). 665 more words


Let it be Jesus

Tonight was just one of those nights. . . it’s been a while since I’ve stayed up just to talk.

So many times I felt this urge of wanting to talk about Jesus, and I felt that the people around me were just itching to mention Him, but there was a hesitance to mention His name. 467 more words


Logic of 'Love'

In the early morning someone asked me what is love?? Well, I was thinking what should I reply to something very ii-logical… So here I go…. 132 more words


Letter To My Daughter By Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou never cease to inspire and impress. Letters To My Daughter is a book which I had been searching for a long time , I couldn’t get a hard copy so I went online and after so many searches found an e-copy. 1,440 more words



I cannot remember the last time I allowed myself to be happy and that is sad. When I was young, wild and free and inevitably brave, I followed my heart wherever I went but that left me in broken shards. 387 more words


Seeking the Greater Good

It’s a great privilege to journey with my clients through some of the most difficult seasons of their lives: huge transitions, infertility, pregnancy loss, family stress, marital conflict, etc. 328 more words