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endless (haiku 195)

the undulating fabric
that is the being
of an epic


Stop the madness...#184

I do not know if this is possible, however, is the constant attention brought to all of the murders, looting, burning, and calling out of National Guards and National funeral’s are throwing fuel on the fire of unrest in America.  656 more words


Haha maybe its a old le thing but yea kinda sad that i find this true in alot of aspects of life:/


theothersid3 on Black Lives Matter

Overall, there are good white people and bad white people.

Overall, there are good black people and bad black people.

Overall, there are good Hispanic people and bad Hispanic people. 330 more words

About Me

Operation Petunia

Today I started a rescue mission. Outside of our front door is an older, bricked in landing. I am used to pulling out various weeds from the sand between the bricks throughout the spring and summer. 257 more words


Intentions to Console

How great you were

but I only realised it

when you were dead,

it’s there in the pages

you left behind

that no one read. 109 more words


Remembering again No. 75281

Feeling horrible, unable to sleep with my cough, I’m writing some stream of consciousness thoughts down here to distract me and help me relieve the burden of some of my thoughts at the moment. 1,808 more words