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Yoga Selfies

It’s been seven weeks since I taught my last yoga class in New England.  It’s been SEVEN weeks since I taught a yoga class.  That’s the longest I’ve been without a class since getting certified ten years ago.   397 more words


Enough Of The Crumbs!

I am not content with crumbs.

I am not even content with only a couple of slices.

I deserve the whole loaf of bread — baked with Love and to Perfection, slices warmed and served on the finest of china, with butter and jam on the side, a cup of warm beverage, and even a piece of fruit or too — each time, and all the time! 208 more words


The Freedom That Is Our Inheritance

“The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely” – Carl Jung

A truer word was never spoken, a great man, great ideas, one whom I admire to no end. 520 more words





It’s not yet morning

and you are

ready to leave?



I’ve thought on things,

more than you could

ever think.

Wait! 34 more words

Presence Without Absence-Arizona/Spring 2015

The Sufi is he whose thought keeps pace with his foot, i.e., he is entirely present;

his soul is where his body is,

and his body is where his soul is, … 24 more words



There are people in my photo albums that I don’t know. Ghosts, who never alert me to their presence in my home.

When I was a baby so many hands must have held me that they surely smeared my RNA, turning a handprint into a smudge; to interpret, to permeate, to never be wholly in focus and blended like a milkshake. 232 more words