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Animated sound

In the early 19 hundreds Arseny Avraamov among others, were creating machines that would be able to see visual disparity and translate that a tone with its hz and volume determined by height and value. 640 more words


Who are you?

I look in the mirror

But my vision is blurred

I don’t cry anymore

Over him

But sometimes I still lose my mind … 104 more words


My Thoughts When It's 4am and Raining

I have not come to like salt

in saltwater, it splashes and

assaults my face and causes

tears to well, I must face

the faceless demon I possess… 120 more words


Thoughts #27

“दुनिया में हर किसी को हर चीज़
केवल अपने मन मुताबिक चाहिए”
जिसके पास पैसा है या पॉवर है
वो इसमें कामयाब भी हो जाता है ; 19 more words


Is there more?

Can we dig deeper? Can we find the meaning of our purpose?

We are given the blessing of life everyday, how are we spending it? 6 more words


a visit to the Creation Evidence Museum - part one - some thoughts


Located near the small town of Glen Rose, Texas, is the Creation Evidence Museum.  We had passed by this museum in late July, 2018, when we visited the nearby state park that had fossilized dinosaur tracks (which we subsequently posted some images of these).  1,223 more words


And we are on our way...

Back home…

The Footsies and I weren’t too happy to see the sun rise this morning. I don’t want to go back home, period. I don’t understand people that get tired of being on vacation… I think that unless you broke your hip or had an accident of some sort, there is no good reason for saying the words ”I’m starting to miss home!” (Of course, this does not apply to Danes, LOL) 141 more words