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A day in the life - May 22nd (waa)

I always think, “It’s Monday, let’s have a rest day!” Haha. Ha. I always have a lie in, but then activities cause the rest of the day to merge into an indistinct blur. 129 more words


She decided to die

Its about my long time friend who ended her life two days back due to exams tensions that she may not score well


I remember her from a long time… 223 more words


One Way

So I went to take a drug screening today and it got me thinking.  Does the nurse that handles the urine sample ever just wake up in the morning and say, “Gosh, I’m just so tired of dealing with everyone’s piss!” 119 more words


Chicken Parmigiana at the Bellvista Tavern

A couple of weeks ago, I declared that one night each week Dean was to prepare our evening meal.  I don’t particularly care what he cooks, it’s all about me not cooking.   796 more words



Written by Jacob Ibrag

‘I’m not coming,’ he said as she barely

held onto the phone in her grip. ‘I’ll be better,’

she whispered. ‘I never cared,’ call ended.

Photographer Unknown


Love is.....

Love can be defined and determined differently for everyone but for me it’s endless support. Becoming frustrated when you can’t cheer the other up because you know it’s something they have to deal with personally but it still hurts that you can’t help. 452 more words


Nature Ideas

1. Nature shapes culture.

The first thing that comes to mind are the tribal cultures that existed during colonial times. Because of their environment and their need for plants to flourish, traditions and cultures developed that placed nature at the center (ex: the Incans and Aztecs). 203 more words