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حوار مع صديقتى المثالية جدا

تحدثت بالأمس مع صديقتى و احتد النقاش بيننا حيث كانا نناقش قضية هامة تدور حوال هذا التساؤل :هل فساد الدولة نتجية لفساد الأفراد أم نتجية لفساد المنظومة الحاكمة من رئيس و حكومة؟


Lone She-Wolf

She sat in a corner

Isolated from the crowd

Oblivious to the surrounding

Blocking out the noise.

Some ignored the proud damsel

Another called her a shy girl… 35 more words

Isolation Mystery Society

One Year.

One year changes you a lot.

I think as the CNY approaches, I see the same things and the same events happen again and again. But even as the years pass, every single year is different. 538 more words

1 2 3 That's Life!

Are You The Wake? Or Will You Be The Ship?

Most of us live our lives defined by a past that no longer exists. We allow a non-existent past define our present reality and rob us of our future possibilities. 539 more words


the art and the magic

The younger two sons came down with strep throat last week. I couldn’t take them with me yesterday to Wheeling to get my art supplies, as I would ordinarily do. 945 more words


Feeling alive

Some days you can feel yourself lost in a single moment, in a single instant. You can feel the minutes, the seconds going by, the blood rushing through your veins, the warmth of your breath against your lips. 601 more words



I know what you’re going out

to do,

I’ve seen it all before,

you are not the first

to try,

not the first

to lie… 32 more words