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Saturday Song: the musician's mission

Tonight I read this excellent blog post from Desiring God: Preaching Jesus With Our Songs

Here are a few of my favorite thought-provoking quotes:

If Ivan Illich’s words are true, “We live in a world that does not carry within itself the reason for its own existence,” then music must play a significant role in our achieving clarity and inspiration.

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Mini Post: What I Want to See in the Next Elder Scrolls

Now you may or may not have noticed last month’s previous poll asking where you’d like to see TES6 take place, and a good majority of you said “Elsweyr!” which is exactly what I want, basically the polar opposite of Skyrim. 778 more words

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Perspective on what it means to grow up.

The sun is shining this wonderful morning.  A  fifteen year old boy opens his eyes to a messy room.   649 more words

Teenage Conservative View

I want you to be proud of me.

All I want in life is to make someone proud. Iv already made myself proud multiple times, not to the extent Id really like, but it’s happened. 283 more words


when i was in the same room with you i felt like i could love you forever.

the couches sigh

i wish i could feel the same way about myself. 36 more words


Forgotten town

I returned after some needed time out, though it had slipped my mind

I recognised Rutherglen for the sesspit of lies, a forgotten town for forgotten folks… 178 more words


A Mixed Bowl Of Emotions

Here I am. I’m sitting here waiting for an update on your condition. I cried when I was told you were in the hospital and being flown out. 279 more words