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Astoria flake

Maroccan. 35 years old. We messaged for 3-4 days intensely. Really clicked on text. Very interesting conversation for a day or 2… Which turned sexual afterwards… But very good. 267 more words



Written by Jacob Ibrag

‘Split a cab?’ No harm in sharing, but

that’s not where it ended. Six months later,

 we’re splitting a bed. You’re on the edge of it, 79 more words


The War Within Words

Words are everything in my world.

They comprise the books I love reading after a draining day at work. They fill pages after pages of stories that take me from where I am and launch me into another world, someone else’s world. 530 more words


Is being "nothing" counts?

My thoughts are now like :
– What college?
– What major?- What’s for lunch?
-What if i don’t get a scholarship? What if I do? 233 more words

Personal Experience

“Do you want to eat from a farm or from a factory?

Food that is alive or dead?”


Not Enough

Lately I feel like I’ve been caught up in basic social gatherings, even with my birthday, that I feel I’m not doing enough.

My birthday was amazing, as always!, God has blessed me with people care care enough to pay mad amounts of money to eat a nice dinner with me. 374 more words


Top 5 Greatest Dance Songs

In order:

  1. Disco Circus – Martin Circus
  2. Chase – Model 500
  3. Red Atmospheres – The Martian
  4. Come on Closer – Pineapples
  5. Hypnotic Tango – My Mine…
  6. 86 more words