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Let me enjoy the sweet taste of revenge,

And steal a kiss from the




Between the Sunshine and the Snowflakes

Whoever said that March comes “in like a lion and out like a lamb” has obviously never been to Cedar City. We are a relatively small town surrounded by farmland, so lambs aren’t that hard to find, and the closest thing we have to a lion is that of the mountain variety. 824 more words

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A Good Reason

Last summer I biked from Providence, RI to Buffalo, NY along the Erie Canal. I missed my goal by 3,500 miles. I had planned to bike to Portland, OR., which is 4,500 miles. 430 more words

March 2017

Slippie Slide

You know how some Mondays you wake up to grey skies and a sheet of ice on your front step, and you have a million things on your list you’re not sure you can do and everything could be awful… but somehow it’s not? 57 more words


Everything is an Ibaadah

 There are various things we want to achieve. And there is manifold more reasons that stop us from making those wishes a reality. It could be responsibilities that spring unexpectedly upon us or obligations that eventually follow us.  561 more words

What I want people to know.

Hi readers,

A lot of the time, I find myself thinking things but not sharing them with others in fear of offending them, or quite frankly I don’t want to depress them. 626 more words


My mother reacted like me

In a previous post I discussed a section of a podcast I heard. In this post I am going to discuss another section. Nouman Ali Khan spoke about the slander faced about Aisha (RA may Allah be pleased with her.) I shall briefly (as brief as I can) write it here for those who are not familiar. 479 more words