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Life Update

Getting the Keys

After two rough weeks, my two friends and I finally found an apartment in Los Angeles! We have been living in there for the past week with very minimal furniture, clothing, food, etc. 751 more words


Underneath the Surface

You can decorate a painting with glitter – doesn’t make it good.

You can cover up flaws in the foundation of a house with tape – doesn’t make the house sturdy. 98 more words


International Documentation Project Reflections: Week 3

*See last week’s post for details on the last group meeting.

Two awesome things happened. First, I didn’t have to deal with jury duty. It was canceled. 427 more words


The Road to Character

I find it amazing when a book that I see in the airport is actually a book that I think has substance. I found “The Road to Character” by David Brooks,  a great book to read. 1,745 more words


The Girl in the Window

I told myself that I will read more this year because I need some time to myself. So far, I have read two books and I am on my third, which I think is a major accomplishment. 585 more words


What is structure?

When you talk about a wine’s structure, what does that mean?

How do you define ‘structure’, for wine?

To me, it’s the total arrangement on palate and how the wine delivers its character, from nose to finish. 12 more words



A piece of fresh fruit
Divide into equal shares
Some must get the pit