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Stranger Attraction

Summer time. You walk into a coffee shop and order your “usual”. You sit down and wait for your friend to come join you. He is running late again. 456 more words


The beautiful of life.

Earn everything, with effort and commitment: the parasites do not like life, they despise it just because they do not earn anything.


Selfish protagonists

Today I’m going to talk about a character trait, that in my opinion, makes a protagonist a thousand times better. It’s one that I can’t stand in the real world, in fact, I blame it for most of society’s ills today, but it’s one that I feel like every protagonist should be given at least a smidgen of: Selfishness. 442 more words


Spring '85

I can sniff out doom
but sometimes
I can sniff it out
when it’s
not there.

I think it dates
back to the sixth grade… 163 more words


Love Falls (1 min read)

Written By Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Sobia Siddique

Founder & Owner of: Simply Me Blog

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Entertainment and Writing Writer

She listened attentively, holding back the storm that was brewing within. 212 more words


Grow In Darkness !!


Sometime you feel like a dead person,
Who has been buried in the dark and will never see the light.

But actually you have been planted to grow your skills to shine bright !!

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Before I say goodnight...

First of all, you can’t buy your way out of racism.  When you are at a position that you have a safety net in that you can afford to stand up and address societal issues you’re only able to do so because you are not living pay check to pay check.   71 more words