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Read me how you read an open wound
I cut the threads holding my chest cavity together and my heart burst from my ribs,
Angry and beating, an animal caged with broken wings… 31 more words

To my son

To that little boy who will call me mom 8 years from now, I hope to feel your warmth.

To that little boy who will call me mom, I can’t wait for you to enter this world. 153 more words

Dandelion wishes

O where are those days where I used to blow every dandelions seed with the wind to a new destination?
Where are those days where I closed my eyes to make a wish every time my cheeks filled theirselves with air? 65 more words


Hello, I guess?

I didn’t think it would be so hard to begin this thing but here I am, desperately looking for something funny and original to write as a first post in my blog and nothing comes to my mind. 243 more words


whimsy me

Girls with bubblegum colored hair in bright sun dresses twirled in hoola hoops and blew shimmering bubbles out into the wind

I don’t know them or their names but they are beautiful… 35 more words


Through space and time
Miles away I close my eyes
See you standing there shining
Like you always do,
Like you know how
To reach across… 66 more words