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I’m afraid it’s all gone.

Once you realize it, it will have been too late and the person you were has long since departed.

I’m really sorry that it had to be this way. 107 more words


Dreaming of Love

A sweet little thing I wanted to note for posterity – I dreamt of love, teen sort love with a lot of handholding, lot of flirting and a lot of shining eyes. 86 more words


Book Review:- Heavy Equipment

Hello to all bookworms out there, today’s blog update will be a book review on an English novel titled Heavy Equipment. It was written by an author named Skye Warren. 282 more words


Every Dog's A Healer

In times of despair, people normally seek their families, friends or lovers for comfort. But for some people, they have their four-legged best friend who, without the capacity to understand a broken soul, still has the healing power just by their mere existence. 163 more words



you ruin

every good

secret i have

but i try to

ignore it

it’s better to

just grit my teeth

than to let you

bite back with

your half-wit.


My morning ablaze

That sorrow ablaze in the morning

Zeppelin rocking out in me head

That blunt set in the haze

Ahhh!! That sorrow ablaze huh!

So much to do but that dull morning is just so clad with thoughts… 66 more words