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Birth Date

There are records in a village of Mexico that state that a girl was born. A home birth, common to the land. No gender reveal, no birth announcement, no baby shower, no pictures on social media or elsewhere. 290 more words

100% Mental Golf: Rounds 20-26

Played seven rounds of golf since the last blog, and I am floundering a bit, and it may have been because of the last blog.  Lets get to the numbers: Fort Cherry 85   Scenic Valley 78   Ponderosa 77     Fort Cherry 79    Scenic Valley 77    Ponderosa  78    Scenic Valley  78.  474 more words

Possibilities + My Tangled Thoughts

It’s a few minutes past my birthday as I write this, and to be very honest I don’t have anything concrete in mind right now. They’re all random thoughts like, how I smiled silly when I saw The Ultimate Crush’s IG story, how I am going to wake up early in the morning because my cousins and I are going to the beach and I have a few hours left now to sleep, how come it’s always too cloudy at night, now that my family finally moved in to a new house and the windows in my new room invite everything, both pretty and ugly, when they’re wide open, and many more. 654 more words

Random Stories

(A brief) Moan about moans over Guardian article on Song of the South

I have a quite battered copy of Disney‘s Song of the South which I taped off the TV when living in Dublin some ten years ago. 676 more words


A tremulous chill
Has descended upon my house
Down to its old bones


Google Hangouts

Do you use Google Hangouts?
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Casting Judgment

Happy Friday!

Like most bloggers, I struggle with what to write, so I will sometimes look up writing prompts to try and get some ideas percolating.   383 more words