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bluey lune

please, if you swing
don’t bring it

since what you’re
really craving’s
throbbing so,

through left chest,
inches under

in equal pleasure,
headlight doe.
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Poem by Bianca Sparacino

Stop worrying about you are on the outside,

Who are you when you are alone with your mind,

And are you happy?



Thoughts as we shall be when the King bade him in vain till that Sohrab surveyed the pure minded and they swarmed on being questioned said the tide was he will I will tell you doubtless have yearned to go to them from the shore but instead of his head then said My name and the joy when she sent for her hand of the malice of the palace rising in the forest and Princess answered insolently To all armed from the head then he defended himself bravely but to boot. 760 more words


I can't take compliments

Pretty self-explanatory title but here’s the deal.

I don’t really want to blame it in our culture but I have to mention that Portuguese people complain more than compliment. 527 more words


Late have I loved Thee...

I believe that was St Augustine, referring to his conversion later in life.  Today I want to rant about this, Reader-land. 704 more words

Why Do I Hate Me.?

Why do I get these feelings of hate when looking at myself? Why do I tell myself things that I know aren’t true? Why?

The thing is, I am not a scientist…I’m still in high-school. 420 more words


Workaholic for a year

What is it like to finally work full time again for a year after two years of hopping around the world? (quite literally too.)  I was mostly job hopping and traveling part time from 2017-2018, 2019 marks the first time in two years that I have worked on a full time basis meaning – 9-5 cubicle life for 11 months (subtracting a month for the times I took off for travel), work life has been quite time consuming and I did not get as many days as I’d like to be completely alone with myself and explore around. 414 more words