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I Still Wish to Review People - a Callback to a Former Self

The desire has not subsided. While the thought may leave my consciousness, the passion for personal analysis resonates with a powerful glow. 689 more words


Love and time - an investment Or a gift?

I always talk about giving your love and time for free rather than investing it. Because, there are some people who are poor by heart and they need love affection and time to heal. 323 more words



Glimpses—from fighting

what your heart screams ‘gainst your soul

left or right; both wrong. ©


Getting a life

So on this now. For a change. But sat at home typing this on a blog isn’t going out dancing. Maybe tomorrow? Or not. Maybe some day after my broken collarbone has healed a bit more.

Hope too soon :)



I pray and wish,

there’s nothing you’re keeping away from me.

Because man,

that would hurt me more than anything.

Some things,

would make me a better person,

45 more words

Will You?

Will you lend me your ears to a thousand different stories; to a couple rants; to my hundred different laughters?
If I’m an utter failure in my life, do I still get your shoulders to cry on? 185 more words


FFF Challenge - Libraries

As a child, I spent countless hours at the library. It was practical, for a family on a budget… I could borrow many books, change them whenever I pleased. 80 more words