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WalMart Stores Inc (WMT) price at close, 2020-08-05, is 129.81.

WalMart Stores Inc (WMT) price at close, 2020-08-05, is 129.81.

— Emily Baldy (@emilybalp) August 5, 2020


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August 05, 2020 at 05:17PM


Unbiased Lens

I’m scared of being left alone. I fear the time when it happens.

Fear of Abandonment has been around me for a long long time. … 82 more words


Site Updates

Updates are being made.

I have added a disclaimer page, the legal BS you need to hopefully stop yourself being sued.

My most popular old posts, have been optimized. 165 more words


Mysterious or Mundane?

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The sky struggles to stay blue,
As the wisps of clouds
draw ancient, mystic symbols,
obscuring the celestial, blue canvas.

The gray mountains in the distant horizon… 53 more words


the way you see yourself

The love you seek, is nothing but an illusion. Think about it no more.

The love you get, is nothing but what you need. Treasure it more. 77 more words