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Somewhere down the lane

There came a time in my life when I do not want giveup, I wish  to holdon, I want to make everything alright. However, in the end all I have to do was to giveup. 425 more words


a different chapter

before leaving for work every morning he leaves me a mug of black coffee and a slice of toast with honey spread by the bedside table. 768 more words


What is spirituality? - Don't confuse it with religion

Not sure what spirituality is? Well firstly, it’s different to religion. Read on to find out about the types of spirituality that exist and the reasons why some people decide to live spiritual lives. 506 more words



There is no doubt that people today have access to computers and they can gain all the information through information technology. With the emergence of new communication technology, every field has been enriched by additional forms of knowledge and interaction. 393 more words

How Freedom of Religion Works for Everyone

Freedom of Religion only works if it works for everyone. Thankfully, here in the United States, it does just that. Feel free to thank whomever or whatever you choose. 527 more words