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Despre zoomenie

Citeam zilele trecute despre incendiul care a avut loc la clădirea aparţinând Circului Globus. Un adăpost unde se aflau nişte biete animale, dintre care 11 nu au mai apucat să iasă de acolo. 672 more words


...Take A Stand

Today people all over the United States and around the world took to the streets. Armed with purpose and homemade signs, they stood together and made their statement. 96 more words



Cheers to another surprisingly good week!

I had another two interviews with universities I applied to, and they were worlds better than my first one! I’m still in shock at the praise I received from my interviewers, and the conversations I had with them make me really excited at the prospect of having similar conversations in a college environment. 356 more words

Walk confidently in God’s love today!

In Mark 4:35-41 Jesus and the disciples were out on a boat crossing the sea of Galilee when suddenly a storm arose. The disciples were clearly worried, frantically trying to get control of the boat, whilst Jesus slept. 762 more words


Second-Hand Book Stores & Star Wars

So I’ve only recently discovered a pretty decent Second-Book Stores in my city and I have to say; I am hooked. I never took an interest in thrift stores of any kind because most of the ones I had been to don’t have anything I want. 151 more words


My First March: Better Now than...

How would you end the title to this entry? Would you insert ‘never’? How about ‘later’? What are your thoughts on ‘yesterday’? I tossed those and other words around my mind, pushing myself to really reflect on what I was going to do this morning, and what I ended-up doing by this evening on Saturday, January 21st. 480 more words