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Whoa, Chill!

So this random stranger suddenly freaked out and called me a Bitch, asked me to take off my hijab

But the thing is, I don’t take advice from bad-mouthed people…

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A road to nowhere...

This road leads to nowhere…

But someday it might reach

Somewhere never imagined.

At times, I don’t mind not knowing

Most of the times, I do. 32 more words


Is a Game Borrowing from Other Games a Bad Thing?

Watched a bit of the Homefront: The Revolution demo (admittedly skipping around a bit), and I liked what I saw. I clicked on the article because the descriptor mentioned the demo was reminiscent of Far Cry, which I am playing right now and quite enjoying. 292 more words


kødets lyst


Lysten til kød, kødets lyst
Med tungen på dit bløde bryst

Sanse det søde
Mærke det begynder at gløde

At tage for sig og mæske sig… 30 more words


dreaming and not dreaming

Sylvester came back to me in a dream.

He said, “I’ve been with you all along,” and then I turned to face him and he was gone. 30 more words


Moss and Lichen

Forests and graveyards are awesome places to find moss and lichen, and weathered and overgrown tombstones are particularly fascinating. They make me think about the fact that these stones will last longer than their owners have lived on this earth, and even though they will stay in their place for a long time they will also fade eventually. 26 more words



Staring out the window
Wondering about my life
What it never was
And never will be

Wandering through my mind
Thinking about the time 72 more words