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Defintion: Gretchenfrage

Gretchenfrage (noun, German): A question asked for the purpose of finding out someone’s real intentions. Originally used in Goethe’s Faust by a female character asking the protagonist (who was in league with the Devil) about his views on religion to find out the protagonist’s true intention.

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Reading recap of the week

Μια δύσκολη βδομάδα πέρασε, με πίεση,νεύρα στα κόκκινα, deadlines, ασυννενοησία,απογοήτευση κι άλλα πολλά ασήμαντα και σημαντικά…..πολλά ολοκληρώθηκαν και κάποια πήραν το δρόμο τους, όποιος κι αν είναι αυτός. 19 more words


It's Never Too Late

Sometimes you know you’ve been sitting on an apology for too long. You know it’s futile to even attempt one, beyond a point. Still, it’s important to apologize at a moment when you have the chance, when you have the required courage. 33 more words


Late night thinking

Okay, even though I wasn’t driving around most of the day and the group meetup for working on homework was canceled along with knowing that I won’t be able to play with a friend and also finding out that the friend I actually want to hang out with won’t be able to make it to an event I had planned for weeks, today was productive. 227 more words


Parents and teachers meet
Is the worst day of a student’s life.
Leading to widespread disaster
And only lots of suicides.

Gods are prayed, temples are worshipped, 154 more words



Vėl namie įsijungi seną stalinę lempą, vėl žybčioja lemputės, kvepia smilkalais, lovą užtiesi dryžuota patalyne… Sugrįžau! Ir kambarys atgijo.

Vėl nauja pradžia. Man nauji metai prasideda rudenį, o ne pasibaigus fejerverkams. 75 more words



Hey guys

So, I was meaning to write this two days ago but I guess I kept putting it off, for whatever reason.

Recently, ive become more aware of this feeling of disconnection and of feeling disconnected from other peoplw and the things around me. 273 more words