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Making the case for curiosity

I think the idea of being curious is something often associated with childhood. You think of being at a young age where you have lots of questions and so you ask them not really thinking about whether or not you should. 197 more words

Timed Focused

Timed Focused


Life is a vacant space,

Go ahead and focus on the past,

Soon the future you will erase.

The present is all that truly lasts.

Why the Back To School Debate is Completely Missing The Freakin' Point

I’ve been seeing this conversation pop up frequently on Twitter, on Reddit, all over the place.

Granted, I often see it in the context of American schools, whose approach to distance learning was apparently very different from my school board, but it’s no less charged a topic up here. 2,147 more words


Pretences of Piety

Don’t you find it frightening (and infuriating), for example,

Just how many Qur’an teachers and self-proclaimed Maulanas have abused little girls in their own homes? 1,275 more words


naive relationships

weren’t we naive? talking on the phone every day, hours into the night, knowing that our end was to come. said if we ended it, everything would be the same we just wouldn’t call as much. 125 more words


Thoughts on "Knight's Fall"

DNF at 55%

Wow I’m about to get mean here, but…

I can’t finish this book. I just can’t. I’m a little more than halfway in and I’m swinging between bored and unable to believe how unconnected the plot is. 421 more words


Bastille Day 2020

Source: Pinterest.


Today marks the 231st anniversary of France’s independence day. It’s officially known as “la Fête nationale,” and commonly-referred to as “ 376 more words