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How I Imagined Being an Adult Would Be

When I was much younger, I had an idea of how I thought that life would be once I was a “grown-up.” I think everyone does. 859 more words


Thoughts #847

“The feeling of discontent that lies deep within me when I see the world around me, comes from the understanding that I, in some way or another, have helped create this turmoil. 31 more words

Put your iPod on shuffle and write 10 songs that pop up- A rerun

5 years ago I was doing a 30 day challenge of getting to know me, the author and creator of this crazy beautiful blog, and in one of the challenge posts I had to shuffle my ipod and name the top 10 songs that come out. 196 more words


Let It Go - Part 1

When I was a young girl, my grandmother had a handheld mirror that I admired. Now, mind you, this mirror was not beautifully crafted. It didn’t have jewels all over it. 681 more words



The spirit

That lives inside this soul

Is taking form

From birth

I was confounded and constrained

Pushed and pulled—

Shaped by human hands to fit their mold. 138 more words



It is bone-dry Thursday. No toys, no masturbation. It tends to make me both a bit stir crazy and productive.

I am in the kitchen, writing and working. 89 more words

Daily Life

Questions of love: boxing.

can’t you accept me as I am?

love me anyway?

you want me in a box
be this do that
don’t tell me anything… 64 more words