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Meaning Behind The Logo


as we all know the function of heart is to pump blood throughout our body carrying oxygen and nutrients to body at the same time also carrying metabolic waste such as carbon dioxide to lungs which eventually breathe out of the lungs. 266 more words



Part of me knows the world is becoming too much and part of me wonders how that’s possible when I am safe with a roof over my head and food to eat and entertainment to consume. 321 more words


Stop the bad press: Southampton is something special

Last weekend, as I scrolled my Twitter feed through bleary eyes first thing in the morning, one particular post caught my eye.

It was this article… 1,588 more words


Chaotic Heart❤

These times feel so unreal, unbelievable. Silence in the air, in the atmosphere , in the open,  yet chaos inside, noises in the mind and restlessness in the middle of the night. 98 more words

Sick Puppy

I’m too emotionally exhausted to function. Too much has been going on for the past month or so. My parents have quite thoroughly replaced me and my little brother with my (newly discovered) older half-brother and his fiance (which I suppose doesn’t bother me much, since we were never close). 858 more words



    The weather today doesn’t help, the sulking clouds defining boundaries.

    I am between things, neither here nor there, in limbo. My time in Mexico has ended but I haven’t arrived back in the UK. 73 more words


    Lyrics Day Ninety Six - 'Running in the Rain'

    Hey everyone,

    I think I might have spoken about my experience of running before, and perhaps even running in the rain, but actually it just happened to me an hour or so ago, as I ran around my town after work – I was lucky enough to be caught in the rain, too. 272 more words