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Happy Easter!

Back in March I had mentioned that I had decided to be vegetarian for Lent this year. I really wanted to challenge myself as so many things have changed for me during this time in my life and I wanted to give myself something different to channel my energy into. 194 more words


Where do you draw the line ? Day 27 / 365

For centuries there have been two school of thoughts on “How much exactly do you share?” And I don’t mean only in terms of personal lives but primarily with respect to anything “good” that has happened to you or is going to happen to you. 324 more words

Cyranny's quickie!

I think we all checked out at least one blog, just because the blogger’s original name caught our attention… Please name one?  (But I am sorry, no one can top… 21 more words


Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all my readers and followers wherever you are in the world!

It seems like this Lenten time has gone quicker than ever before and this year is going even quicker. 199 more words


Little Life Hacks - Moms Superpowers

So as we enter the toddler phase. We have had some bumpy ride times. I have learned a couple of tricks on the way to save the day. 365 more words


Taste of dreams...

Childhood is measured out by sounds and smells and sights, before the dark hour of reason grows.

I don’t remember what the life I once dreamed of tastes like, not most of the times… But a strange thing happened: I wake up today with too much gravity, wanting to sip on stars and galaxies, reminiscing… 359 more words