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Sick Puppy

I’m too emotionally exhausted to function. Too much has been going on for the past month or so. My parents have quite thoroughly replaced me and my little brother with my (newly discovered) older half-brother and his fiance (which I suppose doesn’t bother me much, since we were never close). 858 more words



    The weather today doesn’t help, the sulking clouds defining boundaries.

    I am between things, neither here nor there, in limbo. My time in Mexico has ended but I haven’t arrived back in the UK. 73 more words


    Lyrics Day Ninety Six - 'Running in the Rain'

    Hey everyone,

    I think I might have spoken about my experience of running before, and perhaps even running in the rain, but actually it just happened to me an hour or so ago, as I ran around my town after work – I was lucky enough to be caught in the rain, too. 272 more words


    The void

    It’s been around 10 days since my break up.

    I have been handling it very well. I’m taking my time, talking to family, a dear friend and my therapist. 103 more words


    Good Night

    There’s something special about night.

    What’s so special about night ?

    The most special part about night is it will bring your memory to your mind. 285 more words

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    Those Were The Days

    I’m a huge music buff and absolutely love most of the tunes from the 60’s. I often wonder if I was born in the wrong era, although I do love my own generation (the 80’s and 90’s.) My affinity for the 60’s, however, has never wavered. 691 more words

    Mental Health

    I have Facebook, Twitter, And Instagram. I rarely post photos on my facebook, from time to time will post a photo to Instagram, but really use Twitter just to read stories on, I am getting Old! 88 more words