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Little Things

Running in the rat race, we forget to stop and think about those little things of life.

STOP, this word is actually forgotten by many of us, we work, eat, sleep and repeat all these things as a part of a daily routine every single day of our lives.

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Creative Writing

We have an Alexa...

And I’m kinda creeped out by it! I feel like it’s always listening. At the same time I really like it. It’s fun to ask it the weather or to easily set a timer when I’m cooking. 55 more words


The White Horse Inn

The White Horse In was established in 1850 by  Lorenzo Hoard. Visit the inn’s website here. This place has been redone inside and is really gorgeous, the food is good too. I recommend a visit!



Apakah menjadi tak terlihat itu menyenangkan?
Apakah menjadi suara yang terkecil menyebalkan?
Apakah menjadi mati rasa itu lebih baik?


Why Gustave Guillaumet didn't whitewash Algeria

If you ever find yourself visiting Paris and you are keen to hit the top museums and art galleries of this beautiful city, when you inevitably arrive at the Musée d’Orsay, I advise you not to visit… 950 more words


Haiku of Inner

An inner me, young,

holding on to toys from past.

I cannot let go.


The Secret to Making the Best Hot Dogs You Will Have Ever Had in Your Life

I grew up eating hot dogs and hamburgers like crazy during the summer. My dad was quite the chef, but he was always working as the owner of his mining parts company and never grilled. 498 more words