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I watch a magnificent whale in the waves and am moved only intellectually: This is wonderful, I think calmly—almost indifferently; but confronted with a simple wild flower on an unassuming mountain slope, I am overcome with emotion: This is too beautiful to endure, I exclaim!


Throwback Thursday Poetry: Thoughts Inside

i’ve no self-esteem
i’m beginning to bleed
inside to out
i’m always in doubt
of myself
and everything i do
no one will help me… 117 more words

James Pack


“How are you?”

It’s a simple question consisting of three words. And these three words, when put together, can either make or break you. It’s a simple question which everyone can answer, but it all comes down to how genuine you will answer it. 258 more words



It would be a lie if I tried to say that I write “only for myself”.

In fact, I dare say that most people who write and share their writing on some level do not write exclusively “for themselves”. 509 more words

I'm Not Sure What I Believe About God

I’m Not Sure What I Believe About God

When I was a young boy we went to church on a regular basis: every Wednesday night, every Sunday and every Sunday night.  517 more words