Katawa Shoujo Review, pt. 1 — Shizune Route

So, last week, Katawa Shoujo finally had its full-version debut. It was the Original English Language Visual Novel That Could — one of those rare times when the stars aligned right, the auras were attuned, and there were just enough people to spur each other towards a distant finish line. 973 more words


Some Words on the State of My Thoughts

For those meager few of you still listening in, waiting for the ghost of some insight or amusement from me, there’s a reason why I haven’t been writing in here as much – for months on a stretch. 280 more words


I had this long and rambly thing written up about WOTC's changes to tournament Magic...

…but realized I could summarize it better.

Tournament Magic is what makes me care about the game. Period. If it wasn’t for the competitive scene, it’d be like yet another Steve Jackson game and expansion. 493 more words


Street of Gilt and Shame

Corporatism is evil. Full stop. It isn’t that the Free Market is a corrupt cesspit of murderous intentions. It isn’t that government interference causes poisonous and self-destructive eddies of incentive warps. 484 more words


From Kanto to Unova: A Pokemon White Review (of a sort)

As with many folks in my generation, Pokemon was a major (MAJOR) part of my childhood. Its initial blitz and dominance of youth culture during the late ’90s wasn’t isolated to the isles of Japan – it was bloody… 1,279 more words


Updates and a Response

Wow, haven’t updated in a while. Um. No real excuse – I’ve just not been feeling like writing much. Happens once in a while – sometimes I go on productive streaks, sometimes my muse takes an extended vacation. 442 more words


If It Looks, Feels and Smells Like Shit: Response to "The Misandry Bubble"

It was pointed out to me that the author of the targeted article doesn’t perfectly fit the WEIRD profile.

He is, in fact, “merely” EIRD. 2,845 more words