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A Thousand Words: Boston’s Pinterest Board

Pinterest is a place to assemble a variety of images that you find inspiring. If the city of Boston had its own board, what would it look like? 47 more words

Issue 8

Six South African Slang Words that Should be Used Universally

South Africa is a wonderful and diverse country. I mean, we do have 11 official languages. And at some point in our history, we managed to merge some of them to create a 12th language: SA Slang. 826 more words

Thousand Words

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

“A picture is worth a thousand words” or “A picture is worth ten thousand words” as Fred R.Barnard originally stated almost 100 years ago. 1,181 more words

Visual Media

Harry Potter Theory: Is The Time-Turner a Plot Hole?

I can’t believe I haven’t made Harry Potter Blog yet, and as I am running out of ideas I decided to present this theory to you: What if there was reason that Dumbledore never used the time-turner? 553 more words

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If Dating was Like Reading a Book

I’m sure by now you understand how much I love books. If you don’t, Now you know I do. In fact I’m sure that is why I don’t have a boyfriend. 1,140 more words

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Blogger Stats Book Tag!

Annike: Hey guys, so I was going through a list of tags that we have been tagged in and haven’t yet done (yes we aren’t very good at staying on top of it all) and I came across the Blogger Stats Book Tag which we were tagged in by… 981 more words

Young Adult

Why Frozen Was Such A Success

I absolutely love all Disney films, no matter what shape or form. I don’t care if the ratings are low or it plummeted at the Box office, they all have some sort of charm about them. 691 more words

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