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Orang Itu

Aku akan jadi orang itu…
Yang menjadi penemu atas segala hal yang kau inginkan
Menyimpanmu di tempat masa depan
Mengasihimu sebagai sebuah harapan

Aku akan jadi orang itu… 76 more words

Thousand Words

Tentang Malam

Masa bodoh dengan segala bait puisi yang mungkin nantinya akan kau baca ini
Anggap saja sebuah sampah dari seonggok daging sisa makan para nyonya di pojokan jalan… 98 more words

Thousand Words

The Thousand Words Project Cancelled ..............For Now

Wow. I’ve been busy the last couple months. So busy that most that the majority of the work involving my books has been very little internet stuff, and more jotting down of ideas in notebooks as I’m well away from any internet source. 247 more words


1000 Word Challenge-"Mommies Do Too Lie" J. Conrad Guest

Another submission for the Thousand Word Challenge!

Mommies Do Too Lie

Tina was not yet quite five years old, but she knew Mr. Binkley was up to no good when she saw him in her backyard at three o’clock in the morning. 968 more words

Short Story

A thousand words: 10 Years 1/

I’ve got this inspiration from the lyric of this song. Someone posted this on facebook and the lyric really hit me. The question in the song really make me wonder how much my life have change from ten years ago. 1,123 more words

First Step

Roberto Trotta Quote.

Trotta, R. (2014). The edge of the sky: All you need to know about the all-there-is.