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Too Much.

When your health fails you, you come at the realization that nothing else matter. Not anymore.

Being in pain 24/7 is hard. It would be an hard task for anyone. 283 more words

A Part of "ME" is not longer Natural.

A part of me is not longer “me ” .

A part of me is not longer ” natural “.

People makes jokes. People thinks is ” Cool “. 236 more words


4 days left and I’m at 130 miles, yay! I biked 10 miles yesterday in 42 mins, I think I’ll just aim for 10 miles for the rest of the week and overshoot my goal to be safe. 117 more words

Weight Loss

Week 1- At Home

Day 3 (Monday)- I woke up after a surprisingly good sleep and was really hungry.  I managed to get up and walk about with my sticks (2 at first) and did my exercises – I can move my operated leg out to the side and behind but I can’t get my knee very high in front – no pain, it just won’t move!   719 more words

Blog About Hip Surgery

Day 2 - Going Home

I slept well despite lying on my back with a wedge-shaped pillow between my legs and compression pumps on each leg!  A nurse woke me up at 5.30am (why does it have to be so early??) to check BP etc then left me to doze till 7 when my breakfast of porridge and coffee arrived along with more paracetamol and ibuprofen. 566 more words

Blog About Hip Surgery