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Ticket to Mayhem: Whiplash

Rating: 90%

Released in 1987, two of the three Tonys were back at it with the second release by Whiplash. “Ticket to Mayhem” was my second introduction to the band and I must say, this was a very good follow up to their debut “Power and Pain.” 217 more words

Thrash Metal

Ghoul/Ill Bill split

Right at the top of my list of things I had no idea I needed for this week was a Ghoul/Ill Bill split but holy shit Tankcrimes went and dropped some fantastic stuff right in our laps and I couldn’t be happier. 262 more words

Scotty Floronic

Phantom Self

It’s Friday and today that means it’s Sepultura day!

I saw the band a bunch of times early last year when they supported Kreator and it’s been easily twelve moths since I last listened to their Machine Messiah album. 463 more words

Thrash Metal

Gravehill - The Unchaste, the Wicked, & the Profane (Review)

This is the fourth album from US death metallers Gravehill.

2014’s Death Curse was a very tasty serving of rotting metallic delights, and now the band are back with another mouldy 43 minutes of atavistic death metal. 235 more words


Death To The Architects Of Heaven

And my weekend has already begun. That’s it. The alarms are of and there’s no work until 5am Monday. This time tomorrow my single day at Hammerfest should be well underway. 480 more words


Las Vegas Metal: Famine...the Hunger for the Pit

The boys from Vatican Falling took a break from their docking style circle jerking at practice to chat with me. Death Metal for Harambe activist Dustin and the lovely Adam Ray demonstrated their circle jerk methodology with some carrots before we got down to business. 1,495 more words

The Corral on Spin Cycle - Revisiting Portland's 90's Scene

One of the best BandCamp sites out there is The Corral on Spin Cycle. It is basically one person (Erin Brockway Collins I believe?) that is digitizing all of her old tapes from her local scene and putting them up on BandCamp for others to enjoy. 437 more words

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