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Vendetta-Hate Review

Vendetta was formed in Germany in 1984, as part of the seminal and defining thrash metal movement, that emerged in that country. They released two albums in 1987 and 1988 before the hands of fate forced them apart. 120 more words


Review of Slash 'Em All by Omnislash

Band: Omnislash
Album: Slash ‘Em All!
Release Date: 9 June 2017
Buy as mp3s ($8.91) from: Amazon
Buy on CD ($10) from… 907 more words

Washington DC / Maryland / Virginia Metal Scene

Fury, Dakesis & Sin Theta: Trillians, Newcastle, Gig

On Tuesday (Nov 14th), when I found out that Dakesis is on tour again and they were playing Trillians in Newcastle Upon Tyne, on November 15th, I had to go and see them, as they were playing with Fury (a band that I haven’t seen before) and Sin Theta. 1,321 more words


RETRO TUESDAYS: No Return - Psychological Torment (1990)

When I typically compile lists of music releases I tend to get a bit lost in the dissonance of comparative anatomy. There are a million reasons to put something at the top of a ‘favorite thrash album’ list and the internal battle that ensues is often: “Is this a favorite because of nostalgia, personal relevance, and style or should it rank higher for it’s quality, sphere of influence, and sales?” Well, if you’re like me album sales and production quality do not matter. 574 more words

Heavy Metal

PISSED REGARDLESS Stream New Track "Empty"

Crossover thrash act Pissed Regardless will release a new 7″ in 2018 titled Feed The Birds and it’s gonna crush. How do I know this? Because the band has unloaded a fresh new track titled “Empty” and it ownz. 12 more words


Witchery - I Am Legion (Review)

This is the seventh album from Swedish blackened thrash metal band Witchery.

Hot on the heels of last year’s In His Infernal Majesty’s Service, this Swedish supergroup, ( 226 more words


Music Review: APOSTASY - The Seven Eyes Of God

The Seven Eyes Of God
Catacomb Records

Here we have yet another obscure cassette-only demo release from a band that completely escaped my attention back in the day, mainly because I was stuck with whatever the nearby record stores and Christian bookshops held for music. 469 more words

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