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Someday I’ll switch from writing cozy mysteries about a Yarn Genie so I can write a fantasy about wild fairies and crochet me another set like these.


WIP Wednesday - July 20 2017

This is only my second WIP Wednesday post, and I’m a bit undecided as to how to progress. I haven’t done any work on many of the projects I posted last week, so I’m not sure anyone wants to see them again. 506 more words

WIP Wednesday - First Edition

I’m taking a page from some of my fellow craft bloggers and creating a regular feature on my blog, Work in Progress (WIP) Wednesday. For this first week, I have a plethora of projects to post, so lets get started! 534 more words

Victorian Beaded Purses

Having some fun designing with beads.  These reticules take quite a while to crochet, because the stitches need to be tight enough that nothing can poke out through the holes (even a bobby pin, or the tip of a pencil). 14 more words


Winter Doily Update

It’s been a while since I posted my start on Winter by Grace Fearon from Emilyandthe Handmade, so I thought I would give a short update. 183 more words

Next Step in Thread Crochet: Winter

I’m still looking for blocking pins to block Wendy, my first thread crochet project, but I decided to tackle another one anyway. I have an afghan on the go, but I often like to switch between two (or three) projects¬† so that I don’t get bored. 211 more words


Wendy Doily - Almost Complete

My first attempt at thread crochet is nearly complete! Wendy, the pattern I chose which was designed by Grace Fearon from Emilyandthe Handmade, has been a bit of a challenge at times, but a delight to watch take shape. 309 more words