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This has been long in coming but it is finally here: Lil Pet is off the WIP’s list.

This blog started in part to chronicle my journey in Crochet and to get back to thread crochet and lace, my first loves. 64 more words

Edging into the Past

A few post ago, I wrote about a piece of crochet my mum did in her youth. She has kept hold of another piece from her teens, a practise piece of edging, once again done in impossibly fine thread. 9 more words

My Startiupitis has Passed

The attack of Startiupitis that hit me a two weeks ago seems to have burnt itself out. Now I’m in recovery. I sit around and look at all these starts and feel overwhelmed. 570 more words


Rose Table Runner

A couple of years ago, I made a thread crochet table runner with special significance. But let me back up to share the inspiration behind the project first. 257 more words


Thread Crocheted Dragon Scale Shrugs - The Very First & The Very Last Made

Finally, just over a month and a half of finishing it, the custom Dragon Scale Shrug has been mailed to Florida and given to my Step-Grandmother. 168 more words


One Tiny Finish-Off

So one of those Japanese crochet coasters got done. I like to live dangerously. All of my other WIPs are still WIPing along. But this one got done. 41 more words


Beware the Thread Crochet

Thread crochet will make you go blind and crazy. If I’ve said that once, I’ve said it a hundred times. Beware the thread crochet!

I have done some thread work in the past, but only some. 404 more words