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Not Sure Which Topic To Use For New Thread

I would like to talk about my nephew s heroin addition and not sure where to go to start the conversation.


I can t do this in less than 200 words or all in one go either so here is a thread dedicated to the woman who traumatised me, the woman who gave birth to me. 41 more words

Ties that Bind

Titles: Ties that Bind
Artist: Ron Stafford
Medium: RAW digital print 29 more words


Mending: Tedious but Necessary

So far 2016 is off to a great (sarcastic) start! My hands have been resisting knitting. The pinky that broke last Fall is still acting up. 986 more words


Cruelty And Guilt

Someone else posted a similar thread on here recently, asking what makes a person bad and not just messed up (can t remember who posted it). 76 more words

Interested Why My Thread Moved From Complex Trauma?

not annoyed, just wondering why it wouldn t be considered complex? I was of the understanding it was. in regarding to my sibling was my abuser over a 10 year period. 7 more words

American Politics

The other thread was closed… But just as a heads up for those from other countries… All kinds of crazy OMFG news stories are going to be churning out of our country for the next year or so. 51 more words