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Ask Alissa: On Owning Your Own Beauty Boutique

Please introduce yourself and describe your role in your business. My name is Alissa. I am the owner of the Brow Bar. I started my business at 22 and developed the concept by myself. 768 more words


Waiting for background tasks to finish using the CompletableFuture class in Java


In this post we saw how to wait for a number background tasks to finish using the CountDownLatch class. The starting point for the discussion was the following situation: 961 more words


Sharing primitives across threads in Java using atomic objects

Threading and parallel execution are popular choices when making applications more responsive and resource-efficient. Various tasks are carried out on separate threads where they either produce some result relevant to the main thread or just run in the background “unnoticed”. 730 more words


Software: How to parallel?

Software optimization has always been one of my favourite tasks in software development. However, the hardware you are optimizing for, is a moving target (unless of course you are doing… 2,467 more words

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