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Why Invest in a Pipe Threading Kit - Decorating Buzz

Threading pipes is one of the most common tasks that electrical shops take on every day. It’s rather an arduous task, especially when done manually. The problem with this task is that when it needs to be done, the work diminishes the business’s productivity because other, more important tasks are set aside in order to […]

Eyebrow Threading Denver | Eyebrow Threading | International Eyebrows

International Eyebrows is the leading provider of Eyebrow Threading, Body Waxing, and Facial Services in Denver Colorado. Call 720-271-6683 to book your appointment today!

Beauty is pain!

I’ve been to the gym 3(!) times this week. Never happened before! Go me!!! :)

Today’s visit was not something I had planned at the beginning of the week. 228 more words


Best Threading Service with Best Techniques in Edmonton

Total Beauty knows that people remove body hair from a variety of places, and usually, the frequency in which they do so is a matter of personal preference. 482 more words

Laser Hair Removal Edmonton

Threading the joy of eyebrows

Threading is shaping the eyebrows using cotton string.It is one of the most effective and popular eyebrow and facial hair removal techniques. In last few years treading has become very popular in the western countries.It was invented in the middle east and India as an ancient hair removal technique.Eyebrow threading enhances your beauty and style for all formal and special occasions.Threading is a wonderful technique and is alternative to eyebrow plucking and waxing. 213 more words


Famous Brows

Famous Brows: Brooke Shields

Before there was Cara, there was Brooke, whose bushy, dark, strong brow was 30 years ahead of its time.

Would you rock this style brow?

How to thread your eyebrows?

Eyebrow defines your face until you thread them properly. I do not think People still realize truth of eyebrow threading.  We plucked and waxed our eyebrow since small age of young. 459 more words

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