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A simple tail-stock die-holder

When I had a drill press, then a micro-mill, I used to put round bar in the chuck, put a die into its holder and clamp it in a machine vice and rotate the chuck by hand to thread the bar. 334 more words

Eyebrows: Threading Vs. Waxing

It’s a hard knock life having extremely sensitive skin while simultaneously being invested in (obsessed with) your outward appearance.

Confession Session: I have BUSHY eyebrows and a… 588 more words


Getting a result from a parallel task in Java using CompletableFuture

In this post we saw how to start several processes on different threads using the CompletableFuture class. The example concentrated on methods with no return value. 721 more words


Summary of thread-safe collections in .NET

The System.Collections.Concurrent namespace has 4 thread-safe collections that you can use in multi-threaded applications. The starting point is that you have a multi-threaded app where the same collection needs to be accessed by different threads. 306 more words


Waiting for background tasks to finish using the CompletableFuture class in Java


In this post we saw how to wait for a number background tasks to finish using the CountDownLatch class. The starting point for the discussion was the following situation: 961 more words


Taming the Beast | Eyebrow maintenance | Threading vs Waxing 

As you may be able to tell, I’m on a brows kick! So let’s continue this with a discussion about the pros and cons of threading vs. 676 more words