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Python Beowulf cluster - find a use for those computers that are 10+ years old

“He has thirty men’s heft of grasp in the gripe of his hand, the bold-in-battle. Blessed God out of his mercy this man hath sent to Danes of the West, as I ween indeed, against horror of Grendel”

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Tricks of the Trade: Get summer-ready with these hair removal tips

WHAT hair removal treatments can you recommend for me? I want to be smooth and body hair-free this summer. 

Allowing hair to grow wild and free on certain body parts (think: underarms, legs, bikini area and upper lip) seems downright illegal when you’ve got plans to show some skin.  585 more words


My Brow Routine

I often get asked if I have HD brows and where and how much. My answer is no, I don’t go to the salon and get HD brows. 234 more words


C# - Wait Until A Condition Is True

Sometimes the need arises to wait for a condition or property to become true, this is especially useful for unit / integration tests. The System.Threading namespace contains SpinWait which will enable use to enter a condition that we want to wait on to see if it becomes true. 129 more words


Best Facial Hair Removal Method

Hi Everyone,

If you are anything like me, you hate having the appearance of a moustache! This is is called Hirsutism. Hirsutism is when a woman has excessive hair growth. 162 more words

Skin Care


Locks in java

The following is a simplified code involving synchrnization

public class Counter{

  private int count = 0;

  public int inc(){
      return ++count;
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