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Thread my Upper Lip

As mentioned when I got my eyebrows threaded, this particular version of hair removal is not for the faint of heart. My sister, who was once a long standing proponent of waxing, got her brows threaded exactly once and swore up and down it was the most painful thing she’d ever experienced. 425 more words



Am I being melodramatic? NOPE. So my journey with trying to figure out a way to control the excess hair on my face started in middle school. 640 more words


Cutting a thread up to a shoulder

A problem with some thread dies is that they have such a large “lead in” that they are unable to cut a thread up to a shoulder. 260 more words


First Eyebrow Threading Experience 

What is Treading?

Threading is a fast and gentle hair removal process which originated in the Middle East. It utilises a piece of cotton thread which is twisted back and forth along the skin, creating beautifully groomed brows with enhanced definition and fabulous shape. 190 more words

Blunts & Threads

So I just wanted to write about an experienced I recently had when I went to go get my eyebrows threaded… After smoking a fat blunt. 433 more words


How is thread a part of my self care?

This is part two of my five part series on self care. In my first part you met my wonderful hairdresser Penny Gordon Moore who does a lovely job of keeping my hair current and beautiful every month. 667 more words