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Benefits of Eyebrow Threading

Eyebrow threading has become a sensation amongst the beauty community, overshadowing eyebrow waxing. For those of you who are unfamiliar with eyebrow threading, it is a form of eyebrow plucking that originated from the Middle East and utilizes sewing thread to uproot unwanted eyebrow and facial hairs. 151 more words


Threading with odds and ends

The pile of egg cartons in the material cupboard is reaching avalanch proportons so I have been enlisting helpers to transform them into beads we can use on a threading tray. 87 more words

Tips To Trim Eye-Brows

Well men, got some unruly eyebrows going on?  There is a few ways to get them under control but we are not sure it is for every man and some can be painful if you are not used to dealing with your eyebrows at all.   155 more words


Autumn and Spiders

This week we have been having lots of fun learning about Autumn and Spiders. Have a look what we have been up to…


We have been building our fine motor skills ready for writing by threading beads on sticks and pinching Autumn items to put on the sticky easel. 86 more words

Foundation Stage

Code Review Help: Non-Locking Queue

This is a request for a code review (see below).

Several years ago I wrote a simple XMPP Component Framework in C#.

I had a couple of performance problems back then, one of them I solved by writing a simple incremental, reset-able, non-validating XML Parser. 714 more words


Sharing numeric values across threads using Java 8 LongAdder

In this post we saw how to share primitive values across threads using the various atomic objects in the java.util.concurrent.atomic package. The example code demonstrated the AtomicInteger object which is the thread-safe variant of a “normal” integer. 490 more words


Son of a Batch! AutoCAD Core Console Through Lisp

AutoLisp is a very convenient tool for making custom commands and automating tasks, but there are some trade-offs that are made when working with the convenience of the built in Visual Lisp IDE. 925 more words