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Jack, oh Jack. You are a puzzle to me.

So it has been two months since ‘Jacky’ entered by life.  Some thoughts on my new (not quite beloved) jack loom.

It takes FOREVER to set up.   528 more words


Can't Remember The Last Time You Had Your Brows Done?

Are you having trouble remembering the last time you had your eyebrows shaped?

That means it’s time to visit Brow & Looks Eyebrow Threading!

Let us shape your brows to perfection and give you that ‘flawless’ look you’ve been dreaming about!

To thread or not thread

The two most popular methods of shaping eyebrows around the world are threading and waxing. Threading involves using a piece of cotton thread wrapped around the fingers that makes a loop. 259 more words


Eyebrow Tutorial (Beginner Friendly)

Eyebrows, one of the smallest details on your face that make the largest impact.

Now anyone who knows me knows that I don’t play about my… 308 more words

Hair & Beauty

10 Makeup Tricks Every Woman Needs To Know

Make sure your makeup is just as flawless as your newly shaped eyebrows with these simple makeup tips!

Print even & odd numbers from two threads using C#

One of my friend at work recently asked this question, “You have two threads, one printing even numbers in order and other odd numbers in order. 230 more words


Montessori Inspired Introduction to Weaving



To introduce sewing and weaving it is helpful to start with stringing beads and lacing the dressing frame or lacing cards.

This allows the child to develop their necessary fine motor skills, practice crossing the midline and develop concentration through repetition. 586 more words

Montessori Inspired Activities For Children