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Further software and hardware updates

Over the last few weeks I have been thinking about the overall controller architecture, 3D printing some test Raspberry Pi cases, and updating the Python test software. 889 more words


Taming The Caveman Eyebrows.

Dear Blog,

Being fair-skinned and naturally blonde hair has some advantages, one of which is having very light eyebrows. So, while every one of my friends have gone through every eyebrow phase; waxing, threading, tinting… I, fortunately haven’t had to. 498 more words

Blogs Upon Blogs

La maison des mille cris

Great news: the beautician is back! 

She peered around cautiously as she entered Le Château, as one would if forced to enter an abandoned asylum where a chainsaw massacre had taken place. 238 more words

We Are Not Perfect But Our Eyebrows Can Be


Have you heard the quote – Eyebrows speak louder than words…!!!

Hehe strange but true.

Shape of your Eyebrows can get those brownie points in the game of style. 683 more words

Indian Makeup And Beauty Blog

The Tale of a Hair follicle

One hair. You’d be surprised by what a single hair can do.

It can ruin a soup for starters. You don’t want to see a hair swimming in your clear soup. 442 more words

On Everything Else

Une vision de la beauté

When my local beauty salon closed down due to dodgy unlicensed dealings, I found a local freelance beautician who visits clients’ houses for treatments. Monday was her first visit to Le Château and, thanks to Louis Catorze, it is likely to be her last. 332 more words

Solution of threading

  • making a call to one of the blocking I/O library calls
  • add an event listener to a build-in event
  • create own event emitter and add custom listen to them…
  • 54 more words
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