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Punch Back

What are the important things in your life? Are you aware of what matters the most to you? For some, friendship is everything and for others family. 504 more words


The final journey - part 2

Dressing for the road was a two-minute affair. Slip on a coarse, fairly worn petticoat over her panties and a loose-fitting, sleeveless, knee-length dress over that. 495 more words


Be bold but understand the parameters

The world is changing quickly, and education is no exception. Technology and a glut of data either fill us with hope of possibilities or paralyze us with the burden of infinite choices. 295 more words

Rise And Converge

the lion appears - August 28


the lion appears

large sleepy

eyes gazing

I look back affecting

calm, lean to breathe

into its face

as it opens its

mouth to chew… 57 more words


S.C. students turn in classmate who threatened school shooting

This report is from our sister station WSPA in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WKBN) – A teenager is in custody after Spartanburg School District 6 officials say he threatened to shoot up the Dorman Freshman Campus. 320 more words


With current issues like marriage equality, homelessness, and terror threats - Prioritising is key

Should marriage equality in Australia be at the forefront of our priorities, or should the focus be placed on providing welfare for the homeless, and minimisation of terror threats? 289 more words

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