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How your marketing materials pose a threat | Inman

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Bulletproof Hosting Services that Fuel the Cybercrime Underground

Online crime is a hugely lucrative industry. Even conservative estimates reveal the total cost of cybercrime on a global scale to figure in the hundreds of billions of dollars. 1,000 more words


Buckle your seat belts, I'm feelin' peppy

Hey guys! Sorry this is getting to you so late. We just ran out of Pday.

This week has been pretty…. Adventurous.

It was actually a very good week in terms of appointments. 1,483 more words

Frankfurt An Der Oder

Nigeria president visits former rival Cameroon amid growing Boko Haram threat


YAOUNDE, Cameroon –  The president of Nigeria is making a visit to neighboring Cameroon as the two countries struggle to contain the mutual threat posed by Islamic militants. 103 more words

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Why Right-Wingers Are So Angry That Israel Hasn't Bombed Iran Yet

Why Right-Wingers Are So Angry That Israel Hasn’t Bombed Iran Yet

By J.J. Goldberg June 12, 2015 Via Forward Dot Com

Image: Jerusalem Post

(Does the fault lie within? 1,164 more words


David Montaigne reblogged this and commented:

It may be unclear now what should have been done. Analyzing history is always easier in hindsight. 75 years ago history proved Chamberlain wrong and Churchill right. If peace prevails for decades, then Ashkenazi was right. If Iran nukes Tel Aviv, then hawks like Netanyahu were right. I expect end times Bible prophecy to unfold soon (Antichrist 2016-2019: Mystery Babylon, Barack Obama & the Islamic Caliphate) but years of research and lots of evidence are just coincidences until history actually plays out.

British Airways bomb threat: BA247 makes emergency landing

A British Airways flight from Las Vegas to London has been forced to perform an emergency landing after a reported bomb threat.