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I Have Dog

His name is Frodo and he’s an English Setter, Australian Shepherd mix, but we’ve also heard Border Collie and Great Pyrenees. He’s also had a lot of names, but we have chosen to call him Frodo and this is his next big adventure. 1,936 more words

It's not the most wonderful time of the year...if you happen to be a cat

Sure I was up until 1am today…but I slept in till about 8am-ish. Why not later? Well, today was that magical time that happens for our cats but once a year if we’re lucky….Vet Visit Day! 584 more words

Just Because

One Or Two For Three

I am fairly certain that i know which apartment building me and my mom will be moving into this summer… so long as they still have places available. 237 more words

Random Odd Blogs, Etc.

Humans Are Odd Indeed

Humans.  What odd creatures.  Instead of licking themselves, they choose to sit or stand in water.  They eat different foods all the time, while I’m stuck eating the same thing day after day.   255 more words

Cat The Cat