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The Three Little Pigs - Ensemble

The ensemble of the ‘Three Little Pigs‘, this was how I had imagined it to be served originally. My so called Pork Three Ways. 78 more words


1st May 2015: Jean Sablon - Prenez Garde Au Grand Méchant Loup!

Language – French

Cover of ‘Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?’ (literal translation – Beware the big nasty wolf)

Sorry, this should have been posted yesterday,  but I fell asleep.   94 more words

Three Little Pigs - The Third Little Pig

The Third Little Pig is a Jewel in the Crown, he is light and elegant, dressed in a silky smooth robe. He’s filled with Pulled Pork Wonton with Mushroom, Chestnut and Spring Onions. 251 more words


Three Little Pigs - The Second Little Pig

Our Second Little Pig is a little plump one, he is sweet and soft, he’s filled with Pulled Pork, Applesauce and Ricotta. He comes in day and night moods, during the day he’s cloaked in a Golden coat, during the night he’s dressed in a silk smooth skin. 304 more words


Reflection, Restoration, Redemption and Three Little Pigs

I was talking to a person today who was trying to get a grasp of why people do evil things and why does God allow it. 569 more words


Three Little Pigs - The First Little Pig

The concept for the 3 Little Pigs was to give my little one in one meal 3 different items made with Pork, but I soon realised that its too extravagant and potentially too heavy for one sitting for a 10 month old. 478 more words


How To Use The Three Little Pigs In The Classroom

If you are educating young children about danger and forward planning then at one time or another you may be focussing on The Three Little Pigs… 610 more words